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RMAF 2017 Photo Essay Part 3

10-19-2017 | By Carol Clark | Issue 93

Our coverage of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017 continues.

In this report, all photos by Dave Clark, words by Carol Clark.

Focal, Naim, Vicoustic, Audio Plus Services.

ELAC had more than one room at the show, this one featured more affordable gear.

Aurender had the A10 music server on hand along with Magnepan 3.7 loudspeakers, a Hegel H30 power amplifier, cables and power conditioning by AudioQuest.

IsoAcoustics, SPL, XLO Cables, Audio Plus Services.

ListenUp, Audioengine with a UTurn turntable.

Avantgarde Model Zero XD TA Nd UNO XD loudspeakers. From Phasemation model CA-1000 preamplifier, MA-100 mono block amplifers, and EA-500 phono stage. Also featured were Bergmann Audio, Transparent cables, HRS stand, and an Aurender music streamer.

Bel Canto, Tidal, TW-Acustic, and Dynamic Design cables.

The Voice That Is with Tidal Audio loudspeakers and electronics, TW-Acustic turntables, Transfiguration cartridge, Andipodes Audio. Way, way good sound here.

Zesto Audio with a stellar lineup! Featuring Zesto Audio Ancros Tessera phono stage, Allasso step up transformer, Leto 1.5 preamplifier, and Eros 300 mono block amplifiers. Marten Django L loudspeakers. Stillpoints racks and feet. Cables by Fono Acustica. Also way good sound here too.

Merrill Williams Audio REAL 101.2 turntable, Tri-Planar tone arm, Benz Micro and Ortofon cartridges, a Stillpoints rack, all in the Zesto room.

George Counnas with a ready smile and his new step-up transformer.

Merging Technologies.

Audio Thesis with  MastersounD Evolution 845, North Star Design Supremo DAC and Magnifico CD Transport, and Rosso Florentino Volterra loudspeakers.

The beautiful MastersounD Evolution 845, $17,000.

Swan Song Audio horn speakers, and SME 6SN7 integrated amplifier.

GamuT, Pear Audio Blue, Lucky Dog HiFi, and Levin Design.

Detail from the GamuT loudspeakers. Wow.

Pear Audio Blue turntable.

Appropriate room treatment from Audio Skies and GamuT.

Larsen, Pear Audio Blue, Audio Skies, Dr. Vinyl, Levin Design.

Abyss Headphones, JPS Labs, The Evolution of Sound, XIAudio.

The Abyss headphones.

This is my concentrating face, I liked them!

Lumenwhite Kyara loudspeakers. Glorious sound!

Lots of beautiful sounding Ayon gear in this room, this is the Orthos mono amplifier. This room was always crowded, I went back several times to try to sit and listen to the wonderful sounds.

Ayon Audio CD-35 SACD Player DAC/Streamer/DSD with Roon.

Ayon Audio HA-3 headphone amplifier.

Susan and Charlie from Ayon Audio, what delightful people, it's always a treat to spend time with them!

Rogers High Fidelity, Burwell & Sons loudspeakers. Wow times two.

Synergistic Research, in the room with Scott Walker Audio, Magico, Solution, Berkeley Audio Design, and Aurender.

The Synergistic room treatments were on display in one room, the demonstration was in another. It's pretty eye-opening!

And even more Synergistic Research.


More Synergistic Research.

Caught up with our friend Chris Noble while in the Synergistic Research room, good times. And we had time to share a meal.

Ted Denney giving the demonstration. It's truly remarkable, and if you have the chance you should really hear it.

Troy Audio, Triode Corporation, Zonotone Cables, DiDiT High-End, Metronome, Steve Dobbins, Frank Schroder, Ana Mighty Sound, Silent Audio Racks, Charles King.

LampizatOr, Salk Sound, WyWires. This room had great sound!

Fred Ainsley, LampizatOr, what a great guy!