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Pacific Audio Fest 2023, Part Four

08-05-2023 | By Carol Clark | Issue 130

The last few rooms, and some pictures from around the hotel. It's an interesting place.

Dan Wright, me, and Marc Phillips. The ModWright room is one where you can easily sit and feel welcomed by Dan and his staff.

Spatial Audio.

Another shot of VAC.

Conversing with Kevin Hayes.

Not quite sure what these chairs are set up for.

Another odd shot in the same hallway.


You'd be surprised how many people gave grief over red shoes.

Several times throughout the show the elevators broke down. It was eerie entering these doors.

Even eerier when you exit the elevator to find this carpet.

Wine belongs in a glass, not on the floor.

Spider webs!

Secret tunnel.


Beautiful balconies, no chairs on any of them.

John Hughes. I appear nonplussed.

Until next year.