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Pacific Audio Fest 2023, Part Three

07-31-2023 | By Carol Clark | Issue 129

Continuing our coverage.

The Tektons really showed what they can do.

Miller Carbon, Origin Live, Townshend Audio, Soundsmith, Atma-sphere, Heartsound.


Audiophiles we encountered. David, Jay, and Conor. They were having a great time wandering the hallways. They knew us by name! Hate that sort of thing...

Cabasse, Upscale Distribution.

Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier, Ultralinear+ power amplifier, R2R+ ZOTL DAC, pre-production. Daedaus Audio Argos v.3 loudspeakers. Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 music server. WyWires cables. Wonderful sounding room!

Olson's HiFi. KEF, Cambridge, Innuos, Audioquest.

Olson's HiFi. Monitor Audio, Parasound, Innuos, Straight  Wire.

Odyssey, Magnan Cables, Graham Engineering, Symphonic Line, VPI. Very nice sounding room.

Encountered this young man enjoying LTA. He was very knowledgeable, and he loves the Gorillaz!

Olson's HiFi, Golden Ear, PrimaLuna, Innuos, Audioquest.


Audio Note UK.

Olson's HiFi, KEF, Cambridge, Innuos, Audioquest.

Seattle HiFi. ModWright KSA 99 monoblock amplifiers, Transrotor Fat Bob S turntable, SME tonearm, Dynavector, Berkeley Audio Design, Computer Audio Design, and Cardas Audio cables. Another nice sounding room.

Dutch & Dutch. Very impressive. These speakers produce a BIG presentation with bass deep, deep down to shake the room.

Elite A/V Distribution. Furutech, Kuzma, L'art du Son, Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine.

Black Ocean Audio, The [M] Stack. Really beautiful and great sounding loudspeakers.

Black Ocean Audio, The [M] Stack. Really beautiful and great sounding loudspeakers.

Linear Tube Audio, Spatial Audio Lab, Anticables.

Cardas Audio Flashback Lounge! Their door sign promised Rock 'N Roll, Free Beer, Good Times, and Farrah Fawcett!

The door sign failed to mention The Oregon Trail.

The first time we went in they were playing the Boston LP. Other times Josh Meredith treated us to live guitar:

So much fun!


Josh admitted he got this poster with Dave and me in mind. So, of course I had to show off my Joy Division phone case.

J Suhre.