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THE Show 2024: Aperion Audio Comes in on a High Note

06-10-2024 | By John Hughes | Issue 133

This would be the first time I've seen Aperion Audio at a show, and they were first on my list to visit. I wanted to meet the Millennial team behind this fast-growing company that makes a high value range of stereo and home theater speakers and Class A/B amplifiers.

Collin Lybarger, the general manager, was excited to talk about the high notes, really high ones, as in super tweeters. Aperion makes some technically sophisticated yet reasonably priced ones, with an emphasis on reasonably priced, as many super tweeters are quite expensive when you consider that they tweet mostly in an frequency you can't hear!

Aperion Audio DST Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeter sitting atop the Aperion Audio Verus V8T Tower Speaker

I've been using their DST Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeter for almost two years. These top my custom open baffle full range driver system. They replaced a pair of Raven R1 ribbon super tweeters that would be priced about $5000 USD a pair in today's market. The Aperion's are simply better in every way and are $999 USD for the pair. They are 96dB efficient with 4 Ohm sensitivity, with adjustable dials to attenuate output 0-5dB, and an adjustable crossover point between 8k and 16k. In my system when setup at the 16k crossover point at full output they add just a touch of upper treble splash and dramatically add ambience with increased soundstage width and depth. They are so well integrated that I can't actively hear their effect. They do their magic and disappear, and that is what a good super tweeter is supposed to do. It is exactly what I need with my speakers that top out at 14kHz.

At the show they announced something special—a new super tweeter made uniquely for high efficiency speakers. This should make the high efficiency crowd excited (like me!), as there are very few high efficiency options to get that last bit of treble and air. Many full range high efficiency drivers tend to top out over 10k. These new Aperion High Sensitivity HST Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeters look similar in design and features to my current pair, but they are about 30% larger and have an efficiency of 98-103dB with 4 Ohms sensitivity and full adjustability. By the specs they should mate very well with a large range of high efficiency systems. I've requested a pair for review, so I will get a bead on these and report back.

Aperion High Sensitivity HST Dual Firing AMT Ribbon Super Tweeters