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RMAF 2017 Photo Essay Part 2

10-19-2017 | By Carol Clark | Issue 93

Our coverage of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017 continues.

In this report, all photos by Dave Clark, words by Carol Clark.

RMAF 2017 Photo Essay Part 2

AVM Audio, Music Direct. This room sounded great.

Martin Logan Ltd., D'Agostino, Stromtrunk, AudioQuest.

Fort Collins Audio featured some new products. Spendor A4 loudspeakers, Rega P6 turntable, Chord Hugo, and Cardas Clear Beyond XL. Also on hand QuickSilver Audio amplifiers, monoblock, line stage, and phono preamplifier.

Deqx featured the HDP-5 preamplifier, A250x3 3 channel power amplifiers, ISR Isobaric 3-way active loudspeakers, as well as a demonstration of digital room and speaker calibration. Always interesting, and always makes a difference.

Parasound JC 3 Jr and Tekton Double Impact Monitor with Sanus stands.

Nagra Audio Technology, Wilson Audio, Kronos Audio, Kubala-Sosna, Modulum Audio, Doshi Audio. Stunning sound.

Raidho Acoustics, Scansonic HD.

Sonore by Simple Design LLC.

Bryston Ltd., Straight Wire Inc.

Vana Ltd. Audio Physic loudspeakers. Turntables by EAT.

Nokturne Audio, Lejonklou HiFi AB, NOKTable, Harmoni racks, OFIL stands.

Stunning sound. Clearly all about the music and not about the bits.

To borrow David Robinson's line, the Devore Fidelity room is always an oasis at audio shows. This year they showed gibbon Super Nine and 3XL loudspeakers, as well as Orangutan O/96 and O/93 loudspeakers. The turntable was Spec GMP-8000EX and EMT 997 tonearm, cartridges from Sumile and EMT. Electronics from Sudgen, Masterclass PA-4 phono preamplifier, Masterclass LA-4 line preamplifier, and Sapphire FBA800 amplifier. Box furniture supplied the stands, and wiring from Auditorium 23. All in all, a quite wonderful sound.

Fern & Roby Audio, Linear Tube Audio, Devore Fidelity.

Benchmark Media Systems and Martin Logan Ltd.

Prism Sound, GIK Acoustics, ATC loudspeakers.

Acoustic Zen, Convergent Audio Technology, Sound Science.

Studio Electric, Modwright, WyWires. Very sweet sound in this room.

Alex Sventitsky of WyWires.

Dave McPherson of Studio Electric.

Always good to see Mark Schifter out and around.

Crescendo Fine Audio, Dynaudio, Rogue Audio, Ayre Acoustics, Cardas Cables, and Shunyata.

Wavelength Audio along with Vaughn loudspeakers and Plasma loudspeakers.

Andrew Jones in the ELAC room, one of those individuals who never seems worn down at shows!

ELAC floorstand speakers, sounded amazing as always.

Peter Madnick of Audio Alchemy, showing with ELAC.

Chris Morris of Bluebird Music. What a nice guy, he brings the calm.

Bluebird Music featured Chord, this is the CFA 5000 Reference preamplifier.

The Bluebird Music demo system featured SME Model 10 turntable with 309 tone arm and Ortofon Quintet Black mc cartridge. Chord products included Symphonic phono stage, Blu MKII CD transport, the Dave DAC, and CPM 3360 integrated amplifier. Vienna Accoustics Beethoven Baby Grand loudspeakers, cabling by Kubala Sosna. System total price: $66,607.

Blu MKII CD transport with scaler technology.

Chord SPM 1400 MKII mono amplifiers.

Bluebird also had some SME turntables on display.