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Impressions:  The Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds, Salina, KS, 2017, a Photo Essay, Part 3 of 3

02-18-2018 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 95

David W. Robinson, Happy Valley, OR, 2015 (photograph by John Robinson)

"For photography is a way to capture the moment – not just any moment, but the important one, this one moment out of all time when your subject is revealed to the fullest – that moment of perfection which comes once and is not repeated."

Edward Weston

Snapshooting is 99.9999999% of what happens on this planet. It piles up like vast mountain ranges of waste, burying the real thing in the mulch beds.

Photography as true art is exceptionally rare, and…like all art…always has been.

What follows is the conclusion of select collection of my Salina, Kansas photographs. As before, they aren't in any particular order, though they very roughly correspond to the progression of events over the three days that I was there. (All photographs and image processing are by me, with the usual copyright protection applying.)

Let the one who has an eye, peel it and see….

Doug MacLeod:  right at ya!

Production discussion at the master mixing board

Gus Skinas, master audio engineer:  a portrait

A portrait of Robert Finley, blues guitarist and singer

Marquise Knox, blues guitarist and singer:  a moment

Gus Skinas in the Blue Heaven Studios with DSD and Ampex RTR gear

A portrait of Robert Hadley, audio engineer, at the LP lathe in the Blue Heaven Studios

Michael Fremer in the Blue Heaven Studios control room

The record-cutting lathe at Blue Heaven Studios:  a study

Robert Hadley:  surfing the chaos in the cutting room!

Chad Kassem and Doug MacLeod

David Clouston in the Blue Heaven Studios control room

Henri and Charlie Musselwhite

Marquise Knox:  a shining moment

Cutting lathe:  a study

Jontavious Willis and Robert Finley:  a portrait

Marquise Knox and Charlie Musselwhite with pork cracklin's!

Wayne Goins and Henri Musselwhite:  a portrait

Looking down from the balcony onto the main floor of Blue Heaven Studios

Marc Sheforgen (left) with unidentified staffer at the Stiefel Theater

C. J. Chenier with his band, whipping up some killer Zydeco!

Zydeco dancing with the vest frottior

Zydeco high-kickin', vest frottior style!

Zydeco darkness:  C. J. Chenier on the move

C. J. Chenier: a portrait

A portrait of Henri Musselwhite