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AXPONA 2018: A New Location, A New Vibe - Part 2

04-18-2018 | By Gary L Beard | Issue 96

This is Part 2 of my Axpona 2018 Show report...  lots of pics!

Sennheiser HE-1 Headphone System

$60K, but yeah, it sounded great!

Gayle Sanders

Legacy Audio


Constellation Audio and Martin Logan

I loved this system last year, and it was equally enjoyable this year. 

Ruel: Self-powered Line Array. Very cool! How could they make that sound in such a small room? 

New Water-cooled Glass Drivers in the Renaissance Water Fountain. (Told 'ya I was tired!)

The Marketplace 

Get yo' head demo on.

Wynn Audio had some very nice displays, and a speaker demo "room" in the Marketplace.

It was always hard to get a head in this Wynn speaker demo display. 

Lots of records, CDs, SACDs and audio miscellany were for sale. I bought a couple records for myself!

I made a few U-turns in Chicago, but these guys were selling the vinyl kind.

GIK Acoustics Booth  

Cool acoustic treatments for your audio room. Nice people building great products to enhance your audio pleasure!

Cool Pictures, Just Because...

Volti Audio Rival Horn Loudspeaker with Outboard Crossover, and Triode Wire Speaker cables

I have some of this bling in my own listening room!

EAT Turntable

A Dr. Feickert Woodpecker

Listening rooms were located on all four sides of the Atrium on floors 3 through 6.

The XLO-zone. Cables swaying in the Windy City.

Metronome Kalista CD Player

Clearaudio Turntable display

Home Theater demo in the Emotiva room. I'm not really an HT guy, but it was pretty darn impressive.


Andrew Jones explaining his Debut 2.0 speaker designs.


YG Acoustics, Audionet, Kubala-Sosna

Impressive sound in this room. 


Ray Kimber giving me the unintended cold shoulder in the Kimber lounge.

Ah, Schaumburg in the springtime! It was good to be inside with headphones!

Senn HE-1 in the Kimber Lounge.

Beautiful Luxman...

...And Gorgeous Triangle Loudspeakers

Wilson Audio loudspeakers/D'Agostino Audio Electronics in a dark Paragon Room (Sorry!)

ATC Loudspeakers

Well...That was quite an experience eh? If you feel a bit dizzy, then I've given you an accurate portrayal of what the show was really like. I did get the occasional bout of vertigo when looking over the railing into the Renaissance atrium. And the dizzying array of audio was, again, impossible to inhale in less than three days.  As I stated in the beginning, I missed a number of rooms, including some I really wanted to see. I could not, in a timely manner, caption the pictures in my show report with the detail readers deserve, but I am confident that somewhere in the great audio-press cloud in the internet-sky, the information you seek exists. So if one of my photos piques your interest, do a little sleuthing and you'll find the nirvana you seek. As for me, I'm off to wine country for a few days, but I've got a number of excellent review opportunities lined-up from the Really Big Shew of AXPONA 2018.