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Los Angeles Audio Show Part Three

06-09-2017 | By Carol Clark | Issue 91

Continuing on with our coverage of the Los Angeles Audio Show... Part Three.

Channel Islands Audio had two passive line controllers, the PLC.1 MKII and the PEQ.1 MKII both with AC.15 MKII upgrade power supply. D.200 MKII monoblock amplifiers, DMC.1 MKII digital music console with VDC.5 MKII upgrade power supply. Transient MKII USB DAC, also with the VDC.5 upgrade power supply. Clearaudio Concept turntable. Acoustic Zen WOW 1m interconnects, Epoch speaker cables, and Soulo TL.1 loudspeakers. This system was quite nice.

Closeup of the Acoustic Zen Soulo TL.1 loudspeaker.

Beautiful Channel Islands Audio equipment, detailed above.

Prism Sound, ATC loudspeakers, GIK Acoustics.

Closeup of the GIK acoustics panels. These things are stunning!

Audiophile Direct, Aurum Cantus, Wells Audio.

Grand Prix Audio, Aesthetix, Transparent Cable, Wilson Audio.

Grand Prix Audio, Aesthetix, Transparent Cable, Wilson Audio.

Jim White's son, Ozzy, following in dad's footsteps with Aesthetix. What a pleasant young man!

Studio Electric, Modwright Instruments, WyWires.

Studio Electric, Modwright Instruments, WyWires. Killer sound here.

GamuT and Pear Audio Blue.

GamuT and Pear Audio Blue. The GamuT loudspeakers sounded great in all rooms at this show!

Esoteric, Canton.

Rethm, Aqua-Acoustic Quality, Innous.

The Rethm Bhaava. These sounded amazing! I wanted to go back to listen, but didn't get the chance. Hopefully some day soon. This room would also play anything you wanted to hear, no matter how outlandish. Kudos to them!

The La Scala DAC from Aqua-Acoustic Quality.

Jacob George of Rethm loudspeakers.


The first High Fidelity Services room featured NEAT Acoustics Ultimatum XLS Isobaric Monitors with supertweeters and XLS stands. New Audio Frontiers Legend MKII integrated amplifier. Audia Flight Flight CD Three. AnalogueWorks TT Two turntable with SME 309 tonearm. Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge. Audia Flight FL Flight phonostage. Signal Projects Lynx interconnects and speaker cables. Vibex V3 power cables and Generalife DC power filter. Hi-Fi Racks Grand stand.

Along with The NEAT Acoustics Ultimatum, High Fidelity Services also featured a static display of the NEAT Acoustics Iota loudspeakers with Iota stands, and Iota Alpha loudspeakers with Alpha feet.

A closeup of the AnalogueWorks TT Two.

The second High Fidelity Services room featured Verity Audio Sarastro IIS loudspeakers,  Monsalvat Series PRO-6 6 channel preamplifier with active crossover and built in DAC and Monsalvat Series AMP-60. TW Acustic Raven Phono RPS 100 and AC Anniversary turntable with two tonearms. Ortofon A95 and Cadenza Mono cartridges. Signal Projects Andromeda interconnects and speaker cables. Vibex V3 power cables and Granada Dual DC power filter. Hi-Fi Racks Grand Stand XL. Static display here was the Hanni Mera record cleaner, and Unity Audio Vinyl Wash.

PranaFidelity and Groove Note Records featured the PranaFidelity Bhava with Yukta prototype speaker stand, as well as Vayu loudspeakers. They also had on hand Purna/ma amplifier and Purna/ca preamplifier. Also in the room was a Kuzma Stabi M turntable, E.A.R. Acute Classic CD player, Furutech cabling, and Artesania Audio Prestige rack with KRION turntable platform.

The PranaFidelity Bhava, LAAS 2017 debut. Sounded great!

The PranaFidelity Vayu loudspeakers.

Jeff Rowland Design Group, Antipodes Audio, Verastarr Cables, Exogal.

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, Distinctive Stereo, German Physiks.

German Physiks loudspeakers.

The Zesto Audio room featuring the Andros Tessera phonostage, Leto 1.5 preamplifier, and Eros 300 monoblock amplifiers. Marten Django L loudspeakers. Merrill Williams Audio REAL 101.2 turntable with Tri-Planar U2 tonearm, Benz Micro Gullwing SLR cartridge and Ortofon Cadenza Mono cartridge. Stillpoints ESS42-26-5 rack. Cardas Audio cabling.

Beautiful Zesto Audio tube gear.

Zesto gear on a Stillpoints rack. Stellar sound as always.

Upscale Audio, PrimaLuna.

Cardas Audio, AMG, VTL, Wilson Audio.

Wilson loudspeakers.

Audio Element.

The Nordost room.

Also the Nordost room.

Brooks Berdan featured Magico, Jadis, and Veretere Acoustics.

Jadis tube gear.

The Stein Music room.