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Los Angeles Audio Show Part Five

06-10-2017 | By Carol Clark | Issue 92

Continuing on with our coverage of the Los Angeles Audio Show... Part Five.

ELAC. Stellar speakers for $6k a pair.

MBL radialstrahler loudspeakers, new Noble Line stereo preamplifier, mono amplifier, and CD-DAC N31. Wireworld Eclipse Series 7 cabling.

Perfect8, High End Zone, Ypsilon, Aurender. Rafe Arnott of Part-Time Audiophile checking the gear out.

Perfect8 loudspeaker.

In the Scott Walker Audio room Magico loudspeakers, VAC, and Synergistic Research.

Scott Walker Audio.

Kubala-Sosna, GTT Audio, YG Acoustics, Audionet.

Kronos turntable.

VAC, Von Schweikert Audio, MasterBuilt Audio, ASC Tube Traps. Sadly the music playing was at a rather low volume... am thinking these play big and loud.

VAC, Von Schweikert Audio, MasterBuilt Audio, ASC Tube Traps.

Von Schweikert Audio loudspeakers.

Synergistic Research products in the Scott Walker Audio room. A full line of room treatments, including the Active Ground Block, Black Box, Atmosphere SL, UEF Acoustic Panels. Also cables from Synergistic Research, Galileo, Ethernet cables, and ground cables.

Albert Von Schweikert, Roger Skoff, and Lee Scoggins.

Taking a moment with John Dark.

Alex Sventitsky of WyWires.


Questyle Audio.

Mr. Speakers. It was nice to see a number of kids attending the show with their parents!

There was a good representation of headfi on hand.

Jerry Harvey Audio in the foreground.

Andy Reagan of Jerry Harvey Audio.

Dan Wright and Rose Boyd of Modwright.

Modwright Tryst headphone amplifier with WyWires cabling.

Angela Cardas Meredith and Shellisa Cassoday of Cardas Audio.

The Marketplace, tucked away in a corner.

Danny Kaey with Gaurav Vij.

Acoustic Sounds.

Levitating turntable, very cool!

Nordost cables.

Todd Garfinkle.

Chebon from Mytek.



Victor Goldstien with Silvano Cremonesi of PearlEvolution.

I always look forward to seeing Silvano.

...and then the kiss!

AudioQuest, Audio Research, Vandersteen, Optimal Enchantment.

AudioQuest, Audio Research, Vandersteen, Optimal Enchantment.

Natural Sound Speakers, Audio Tekne tub amplifiers, Natural Sound anti-vibration boards, AudioEnvy cables.

Natural Sound anti-vibration boards.

AudioEnvy cables.

Audio Tekne tube amplifiers.

We ran into Arnold Martinez, and Leland Leard with his wife and son in the lobby.

Michael Mercer, Russ Stratton, and Kevin Venable.

We enticed our neighbor Lance to come along to the show. Went in the Rethm room and he got to hear one of his favorite artists... Author and Punisher. He had a  blast!

On A Higher Note featured Joseph Cali Systems Design, Artesania, Merging Technology, Eclipse TD, and Vivid Audio.

Gorgeous Vivid Audio loudspeakers.

Are we done now? Yep!