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RMAF 2018 - Why We Listen: Music Changes Lives

11-19-2018 | By Carol Clark | Issue 100

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018, I was asked to participate in a panel titled Why We Listen: Music Changes Lives. I didn't realize what they meant is that they wanted me to moderate the panel. To ease the stress of moderating my first audio show panel, I was given the opportunity to choose the topic. As I've always said, I am mostly an audiophile because I enjoy listening to music. Sure, I can listen to gear and hear differences, but at the end of the day I get more excited about the music than the gear. Earlier this year I wrote an article about albums that had meaning to me (HERE), and so I decided I wanted my panel to build on that idea. I wanted people who were as passionate about music and I am to join me on the panel. What followed was a rousing discussion where we touched on all aspects of how music changes our lives.

Moderator: Carol Clark, Positive Feedback

Speakers: Bill Leebens, PS Audio; Angela Cardas Meredith, Cardas Audio; David Solomon, Qobuz