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Impressions:  Select Portraits and Studies from the Munich Show 2018

06-04-2018 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 97

You may have noticed a trend over the years in my response to high-end audio shows. I've gravitated more and more to photographs not of products, but of people.

Less and less of audio porn; more and more of the folks who make up the slightly mad world of fine audio. There are plenty of snapshots of audio gear, most of dubious quality…something like the .MP3 of audio reporting.

I prefer something else, and so do otherwise, since we see what we look for, and hear what we listen for.

Here are the best of my portraits and several of my studies from Munich 2018…

Yellowstone, Wyoming, from 37,000 feet, 2018 (iPhone X study)

Cody, Wyoming, from 37,000 feet, in black and white (iPhone X study)

It's a long flight to Munich from Portland, Oregon...about thirteen hours. I decided to break this up into a flight to Newark, visiting with my good friend Bill Parish on a stopover of 1.5 days, and then continue to Munich with Bill from Newark. From there, Munich is about another eight hours.

Bill Parish. Long Valley, NJ, 2018 (iPhone X study)

Bill Parish and Lance Stern, Long Valley, NJ, 2018 (iPhone X study)

Bill and I are both lovers of fine cigars, and the great times that they mean. There's just something so very sociable in a great smoke…those who love it know what I mean. In preparation for the Munich trip, Bill and I indulged in a number of great sticks. Excellent!

Subway Isolato. Munich, Germany, 2018 (iPhone X study)

Once we arrived in Munich, our initial task was to master the basics of light rail and the subway system. Not too bad, once you had a feel for how it was laid out.

Subway Rider. Munich, Germany, 2018 (iPhone X study)

Thomas Gessler of Audionet, with the Audionet HEISENBERG Reference Monoblock Amplifier

Andreas Koch of Playback Designs:  a portrait

Dick Diamond, of YG Acoustics

A portrait of Jörn Janczak of TIDAL Audio

Mehboob Hamza:  a portrait

Joe, Justin, and Joy Lavrencik of Critical Mass Systems:  a moment

The irrepressible Robert Hagemann, a portrait

Louis Desjardins of KRONOS Audio:  a portrait at dinnertime (iPhone X study)

Steve Rochlin of Enjoy the Music and Meredith Gabor of Nordost

A portrait of Lukasz Fikasz of LampizatOr

Generations:  Lukasz and his son Franek Fikus

René Laflamme of Nagra

Stuart and Linette Smith of HiFi Pig:  a hallway moment

Leif Swanson of Von Schweikert Audio:  a portrait in black and white

Bruce Jacobs of Stillpoints and Dick Diamond of YG Acoustics

Benno Meldgaard of GamuT Audio and Raidho Acoustics:  a portrait

Dirk Sommer of HiFi Statement:  a moment in the halls

Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat Cables

Chris Hollebone and Dominique Brulhart of Merging Technologies:  a portrait

A casual moment with Thomas Gessler of Audionet

Dick Diamond

Yoav Geva and David Komatz of YG Acoustics

Kevin Hayes of VAC:  a portrait in black and white

Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat Cables:  a moment

A portrait of Louis Desjardins of KRONOS

Lyn Stanley speaking and performing in the Playback Designs room

Mehboob Hamza, with gelato:  a study

Bill Parish and Thomas Gessler:  a portrait

A portrait of Mario Dolinar

Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith:  a characteristic moment

George and Carolyn Counnas:  a moment in passing

Damon Von Schweikert and Leif Swanson of Von Schweikert Audio:  a portait

Knut Skogrand of Skogrand Cables:  a portrait

A portrait of Tommaso Dolfi of Gold Note

Fabian Morant and Cyrill Hammer of Soulution

Enrico Datti:  a portrait

Jan Geschke of Audionet:  a portrait

Thomas Gessler with beer (iPhone X study)

Robert Hagemann at dinner (iPhone X study)

Wojtek Pacula of High Fidelity:  a moment with beer (iPhone X study)

Bill Parish with cigar at the Ritz Carlton:  a moment in black and white (iPhone X study)

All photographs Copyright © 2018 by David W. Robinson, all rights reserved.

Photographs are all taken with a Nikon D-850 in FX RAW mode, 45 megapixels, unless otherwise indicated.