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RMAF 2018 - Creating the Future of the High-End

11-16-2018 | By Dave Clark | Issue 100

The following video is from RMAF 2018 where we discussed ways to increase the diversity in the audiophile community. Not only shows, but consumers as well. A lot to digest, to distill, and to build upon. Look for an article summarizing what we discussed soon, but till then.... stop denigrating people (age, gender, etc.) for their choices in music and/or audio components (it is what they like and can afford), be inclusive not exclusive (that also includes product design and pricing), stop stereotyping (age, gender, etc.), and let people play their music and not the same audiophile approved tracks year after year, show after show... . Try reaching a more diverse audience and things could turn out better for everyone.

Moderator: Dave Clark, Positive Feedback

Speakers: Adrienne Alterman, YG Acoustics; Andrew Jones, ELAC; Kathleen Thomas, Bowers and Wilkins