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Impressions Photo Essay:  Prelude

11-11-2017 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 94

Impressions Photo Essay

Ye Olde Editor, a portrait. (Photograph by John Robinson; image processing by Ye Olde Etc.)

I made a recent trip to Salina, Kansas to catch the 20th Anniversary Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions Blues Master weekend. My good audiobud Chad Kassem had been asking me to catch this event for twenty years now, and I had always begged off. Too much to do, and adding another trip to my schedule is always a bit of a load. What's more, my dear, lamented audio friend Dave Glackin had always been there to cover the event for Positive Feedback in both our print days, as well as after we shifted to online publication. Dave did such a good job of it that it seemed unnecessary for me to go, as well. (To see examples of Dave's coverage of a Blues Masters show back in 2002 (printed in 2003), see PF Issue 8 HERE; for Dave's 2004 report, check out PF Issue 16 HERE.)

Dave Glackin with his long-time close friend, Stan “The Man!” Ricker, a true master of the mastering arts. This was at the first VSAC show in 2001. (Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

Sadly, Dave Glackin is no longer here, having passed away tragically a few years back…in 2012, to be exact. I wrote his memoriam for the magazine in Issue 60…a very hard thing to do. It was heartbreaking to us all here at PF…I still miss him.

And so, with the coming of the 20th Anniversary show, I decided that I really needed to attend. I'd not only have an opportunity to hear some great blues, and be behind the scenes on the production work (a deep audio passion of mine), but I'd visit all of the places that I've been sending a lot of my money to (!!!) for over 30 years now. That would include the Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions/APO facilities, including their warehouse, as well as the Quality Record Pressings plant nearby.

Chad Kassem at the Blue Heaven Studio:  a portrait. Salina, KS, 2017 (Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

I was there from Thursday, October 26, until very early Monday morning, October 30. This gave me the opportunity to spend nearly four days in Salina, take in the music, meet the artists at the events, make new friends, and…of course…photograph. I made over 600 exposures during the time that I was there, a number of which I'm pleased with.

I'll be sharing these with you shortly in an “Impressions” photo essay, but processing my photographic work takes time. I won't publish work that doesn't meet my standards. You get to wait.

Meanwhile, here's a video placeholder for those of you who missed this very special weekend.

Michael Fremer, Salina, KS, 2017:  a portrait. (Photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

Michael Fremer, editor of Analog Planet is another good audiobud. He's passionately committed to the audio arts, especially those of an analog nature involving grooves, and is internationally known for the work that he has done to keep the home fires burning for LPs over the years. A good deal of the credit for helping to rekindle the current rebirth of vinyl belongs to him.

He was at the Blues Master show, and we got to spend a bit of time together. Music, facilities tours, recording sessions, and some pleasant drinks with friends. Good times!

Michael had his Sony HD camcorder with him, and did an excellent job of capturing the place and mood of this 20th Anniversary Blues Masters weekend. He has shared these on his Analog Planet YouTube channel. Michael was kind enough to give his permission for me to share the YouTube links with Positive Feedback readers. Thanks, Michael!

You'll find them below. If you want to get a sense of what Chad's special weekend is all about, check these YouTube links out.


Michael Fremer's visit to Acoustic Sounds, Analogue Productions, Quality Record Pressings, and the Blue Heaven Studio, day one: 

Michael Fremer's visit to Quality Record Pressings, Blue Heaven Studio and the Stiefel Theater Blues Masters concert, day two: