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The 2023 30th Anniversary Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society: A Photo Essay

12-12-2023 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 130

Ye Olde Editor presenting the first LAOC AS MUSE Award to Abey Fonn…in ink outline, no less! (Photograph by unknown; image processing by yours truly)

The weekend of December 2-3, 2023, saw the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society (LAOC AS) hold its 30th Anniversary Gala celebration. Following is a collection of photographs that I made during the event. Lots of audio friends; many opportunities to exercise the photographic arts. The images speak for themselves.

The Board dinner on the evening of December 2 saw some 37 in attendance.

Quite the gathering…

Across the table from me:  Paul Seydor of TAS.

Down the table:  John Atkinson of Stereophile in Gleam mode

Around the corner, Bob Levi, LAOC AS Chairman of the Board

A portrait of John Curl, winner of the LAOC AS Fourth Counnas Innovation Award, in ink outline.

Left to right, John Atkinson, Bill Lowe of AudioQuest, and Michael Fremer in vigorous conversation

In which Allen Tayor (right) makes a presentation of some fine wine to Dr. Colic (left) of Audeze. Between are Carolyn Counnas of Zesto Audio and Bob Levi.

Also in attendance:  Richard Vandersteen of Vandersteen Audio

Chip Moore of the LAOC AS…hale fellow, well met!

Allen Taylor, President and CEO of the LAOC Audio Society.

Michael Fremer and John Atkinson:  a portrait in fresco.

The general Gala Banquet occurred on Sunday, December 3. Guests from all over the region and the US were in attendance.

For the first time in several years, the Gala looked the way that it did before COVID struck in 2020. A full house with over 200 in attendance, LPs for sale, and food and drink flowing.

Two views of a full house…

Two well-known audio designers at the dais before the formal presentations:  George Counnas (left) and John Curl, in serious conversation.

Roger Skoff and Dean Seislove, two PF regulars.

George Cardas, a study in dry brush.

A portrait of Abey Fonn of Impex Records, winner of the first LAOC AS MUSE Award for her longtime body of work inspiring the best in audiophile music.

Roger Skoff of RSX Technologies talking with Michael Fremer of Tracking Angle.

A portrait of Bill Lowe of AudioQuest.

At the LAOC Gala raffle table:  inspecting the audio swag…

Longtime Positive Feedback friend and LAOC member, Russ Stratton:  a portrait.

Bob Levi flashing the Chairman of the Board’s steely eye…

A real highlight of the LAOC AS Gala was the performance of Martin Chalifo, Principal Concertmaster of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, on a Stradivarius violin. An exceptional live-music experience! Many thanks to Ray Kimber of Kimber Kables for sponsoring Martin's appearance.

Who would want to miss this?

Michael Fremer:  a portrait.

Roger Skoff:  a portrait.

George and Carolyn Counnas (left and right) with John Curl, winner of the Fourth Annual Counnas Innovation Award.

And here they are:  the various unindicted co-conspirators comprising the Board of the LAOC Audio Society in 2023...less the photographer.

Overall, I’d say that this year’s LAOC AS Gala showed that the Society had finally found its way back to the days of 2019, when attendance pushed the walls, and the feeling was cheerful. After 2020-2022, it was a relief to see so many good audio friends enjoying themselves once again.

I’m very glad that I went. If you haven’t done so, you should put the LAOC AS Gala on your calendar for 2024. It’s a great time!

All photographs and image processing by David W. Robinson, unless otherwise noted.