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From an Editor's Notebook, Very Briefly: More on Gold Note…the XS-85 Reference Loudspeaker

08-07-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 122

Dr. David contemplating the mysteries of Life. Happy Valley, OR, 2018 (Photograph by John Robinson; image processing by Ye Olde Editor)

Last month's reflection upon the good things happening at Gold Note in Italy concentrated on some of their key people, as profiled on their YouTube channel. It was good stuff, people being the most important thing in any company. (Else why call it a "company"?)

This month's Gold Note introduction is from a completely different category:  their reference loudspeaker, the seductive XS-85.

Gold Note has published another YouTube link giving you a teaser about the XS-85. You can find it HERE. The artist in me responds quite strongly to Gold Note's unique video concepts; it's very different from other YouTube presentations of high-end audio gear that I've seen.

You'll find a profile and specifications at the Gold Note Web site, right about HERE. It will give you a sense of the reference-level design work that's been done.

Note that this is the fourth in a series of Gold Note product introductions that I'll be doing over time. Keep your eyes open each month for the latest….

"Ghost by the Trail." Drawing by Dan Zimmerman. Product photo courtesy of Gold Note.