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Notes from an Editor's Notebook: More on Gold Note…Meet the People!

07-05-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 122

David W. Robinson making the photograph "Departure." Happy Valley, OR, 2022 (Photograph by John Robinson; image processing by Ye Olde Editor)

Pushing ahead with my brief notes on Gold Note from last month, and progressing onwards in my discovery of their company, this month I'll share a couple of very brief videos that they've produced introducing various members of their team.

For me, the culture of an audio enterprise (and frankly, of any enterprise) is every bit as important as a consideration of specifications and of listening impressions. Unhealthy firms with poor culture ("The beatings will continue until morale improves.") are unlikely to be able to sustain excellence in the longer term; good ones do great work and will have less turnover and much better outcomes over the long haul.

I've gotten to know several key players at Gold Note over years now, including extended Skype sessions with people like Tom Dolfi, and extended email exchanges with Alice Zoppi, and have come away impressed with the passion and craftsmanship of their designs and the culture that they reflect. (Like, for example, the Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage and PSU External Power Supply that I have here right now. Killer!) Over time, I'll be exploring more examples of their work…stay tuned!

Gold Note has just reached its 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, they are focusing on various new products and the creative people at Gold Note, with new, very brief monthly YouTube updates like the ones that you'll see here.

This month's YouTube videos give you brief vignettes of the people who make up this remarkable company.

You'll see the first YouTube in this series of brief interviews HERE.

The second one can be viewed OVER HERE.

I think you'll find their statements of what they're about to be quite refreshing.

I'll continue to give you a brief update each month as Gold Note releases new YouTube links.

And for those new to Gold Note, you'll find their main Web site at this link.

You really should check it out….

Drawing by Bruce Walker