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Audio Note (UK) Tomei 211 SET Integrated Amplifier and M3 RIAA Phono Preamplifier: The Third Realm!

06-03-2024 | By Jeff Day | Issue 133

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Peter has been demonstrating to me how the synergy effect works with his Audio Note (UK) components, and while I have found all of the Audio Note (UK) components are stellar performers in their own right, I have to say it's a very significant benefit to be able to have all the components singing together with complimentary voicing.

It's also a real treat to be able to install all the Audio Note (UK) components into my audio system and have them work perfectly together. Plug and play with no fuss or extra effort involved—what a welcome treat! 

The digital source is the Audio Note (UK) Level 3 CD 5.1x Red Book CD player (below), which connects to the Tomei 211 amp with a pair of Audio Note (UK) AN-V XLR to RCA "nitro-boost" silver interconnects.

For the analog source, my CTC Garrard 301 turntable (below) has an Audio Note (UK) IO I moving-coil phono cartridge mounted to a Schick graphite headshell, with Acoustic Revive PC-TripleC/EX silver headshell leads, mounted to a Schick tonearm.

The tonearm leads connect to an Audio Note (UK) silver AN-S4 SUT, which then connects to the Audio Note (UK) Level 3 M3 RIAA phono preamplifier—and Level 4 Tomei 211 SET integrated amplifier—with Audio Note (UK) AN-V silver interconnects. 

The Level 4 Tomei 211 SET integrated amplifier connects to my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers with a single-wire pair of Audio Note (UK) AN-SPe silver loudspeaker cables.

My Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers have been rewired internally with vintage Western Electric WE16GA tinned-copper wire, and utilize external Duelund Coherent Audio crossovers featuring CAST silver components in the high-frequency portion of the crossovers, and CAST copper components in the low-frequency portion of the crossovers. 

All the power cables are the superb Acoustic Revive Absolute (sources) or Power Reference TripleC NCF (everything else).

The power cables all connect to an Acoustic Revive RPT-6 Absolute NCF Power Distributor, which in turn connects to an AC wall outlet with an Acoustic Revive Absolute power cord.

My AC wall outlets are composed of Acoustic Revive CB-1DB receptacle base plates, CFRP-1F carbon fiber outlet plates, and Acoustic Revive modified Oyaide R-1 receptacles.

Due to its large size, the Tomei 211 amp rests upon a pair of Acoustic Revive RST-38 vibration isolation platforms (left above), and the AN-S4 SUT sits upon an Acoustic Revive TB-38 vibration isolation platform (middle above).

The M3 RIAA phono preamplifier rests upon an Acoustic Revive RAF-48 air isolation platform (right above).

Cables are suspended with Acoustic Revive RCI-3HK cable lifts.