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The Acoustic Revive Chronicles, Chapter 15: RTS-30 Turntable Mat, RHS-1 Headshell, RHR-21 Helmholtz Resonator, CS-3K Outlet Stabilizer, RCI-3HK Cable Lifts, and RGC-24K Ground Conditioner!

07-10-2024 | By Jeff Day | Issue 134

Greetings friends, and welcome to Chapter 15 of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles!

You can see a list of the previous chapters of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles in the archives HERE.

In Chapter 15 of the Acoustic Revive Chronicles I'll be telling you about the new RTS-30 turntable mat, RHS-1 headshell, RHR-21 Helmholtz resonator, and the updated versions of the CS-3K outlet stabilizer, RCI-3HK cable lifts, and RGC-24K ground conditioner.

I first became aware of Mr. Ken Ishiguro's Acoustic Revive audio accessories in 2007 when they were recommended to me by Mr. Yoshi Hontani (MuSon Project, Inc., Osaka, Japan).

I've always been impressed by the performance improvement Ken-san's Acoustic Revive products brought to my audio systems, and since my first Acoustic Revive review that was published sixteen years ago, I've been reporting about new Acoustic Revive accessories as they have been sent to me for evaluation.

Ken-san's Acoustic Revive products have stood the test of time in my audio life, as I've always found Acoustic Revive products to make a meaningful—and sometimes startling—difference in my audio systems musical and sonic performance. 

The build quality of Acoustic Revive accessories are impeccable, and I've never had even a single Acoustic Revive product malfunction, break, or wear out during the last sixteen years. 

If you've looked closely at the photographs that have accompanied my Positive Feedback reviews over the years, you've no doubt noticed all the Acoustic Revive accessories that are in my audio systems. 

When you write about HiFi, a lot of audio kit comes and goes over the years, and only some of it stands the test of time to stay in place for the long term. 

Acoustic Revive accessories have had an enduring presence in my audio systems since they were first recommended to me back in 2007 by Yoshi-san, for the simple reason that they work really well, and I can always count on them to deliver that extra boost in performance in my audio systems. 

After all these years I consider Ken-san's Acoustic Revive products like comfortable old friends, adding to my audio happiness in meaningful ways, so it is always interesting and intriguing when potential new Acoustic Revive ‘friends' arrive at my door to tell you about.

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