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Images of the High End Exhibition 2016 - Part 2

05-15-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła | Issue 85


The Italians from Pathos have a sense of style—in the photo there is the new INPOL Heritage integrated amplifier, which resembles the INPOL topology developed by the company. In the system there was also the Endorphine CD player and Frontiers speakers.


The inexpensive TEAC TN-300 turntables in any color and with a USB output.


Mark Levinson presented a few novelties, including the No. 526 preamp and power amplifiers. For me, however, the most interesting product was the No. 519—an all-in-one file player, streamer, DAC, preamp, and CD player. As a company representative said, its CD playing function is secondary to its other functions.


Korean people from KL Audio, known so far for their excellent LP vinyl record ultrasonic cleaners, presented incredibly good-looking turntable arms designed similarly to Thales arms. In the picture you can see the Linear Tangential Tracking Tonearm which looks like a classic arm and in which the head is always parallel to the record grooves.


When wood is appropriately used, it always looks good, also as a housing—like in Rumee amplifiers.


Even though this looks like a truck radiator, in reality it is a Delta Sigma amplifier.


There are a few available versions of the Elipson α 100 turntable—with a USB output, Bluetooth connection or a classic analog output. Simple, nice, inexpensive.


The monster is a turntable integrated with the base.


The turntable is operated using a pull-out hydraulic control platform that is turned on using a key.


La Boite Concept—a return of the music console in a new form. The French company dedicates its products for the designer market, but it must be admitted that they have also taken proper care of sound. The photo presents the LD 130 CS model.


A Rike Audio amplifier and oil capacitors that are used in it.


Mr. Michał Jurewicz (on the left) talked about the Mytek Brooklyn converter, but the exhibition was also an occasion to present the new Manhattan II DAC for the first time.


A new product from HiFiMAN, the Edition S headphones.


Another edition, this time with a longer history—the Ultrasone Tribute 7, celebrating an anniversary of the creation of the first Edition 7 headphones by the company. Next to them, a very interesting and professional two-in-one AD/DA and headphone amplifier, the RME ADI-2 Pro.


The Kondo and Kaiser Acoustics room that we gave our award to. The picture shows Mr. Rainer Weber, the Technical Director of Keiser Acoustics, showing recesses in a statue situated in the room. The most space was offered by the… Anyway, you can see it yourselves…


The beautiful Kondo C-1000 preamplifier coveted by everyone, in two boxes. The Keiser stand presented in the picture is also used in High Fidelity B system.


One of the two new integrated Soulution amplifiers, the 511 model: an impulse amplifier 4 x 600 W, 500 000 μF capacitors, over 3000 W in an impulse…


Johnnie Bergmann with his new turntable equipped with a classic arm, showing the place where one can connect one of the four arms. This year's trend required a turntable to have at least two.


The LUMI 3 speaker cable from the Finnish Graditech company, whose parameters can be changed by manipulating its ends. Three conductor pairs made of different materials allow for a total of 49 different combinations.


For me, it is one of the most interesting sound sources—a new two-piece EMM Labs SACD player—the TX2 transport and the DAC DA2. Next to them there is the MTRX2 power amplifier. All the elements are representative of the company's new design line.


The Gryphon Diablo 300—an integrated amplifier built like a tank. How does it sound? I will soon test it for High Fidelity.


The French Advance Acoustics company comes back with small components, now in a new Smart series. The photo shows a complete set—the AX1 preamp/DAC and the BX1 power amplifier.


The Edward Audio Apprentice TT mk2 turntable with the EA202 arm and the C50 cartridge looked really nice. As it can be seen, it is produced by Rega.


Last year, during the Audio Video Show 2015 exhibition in Warsaw, Gerhard Hirt (Ayon Audio) presented the top company preamp—the Conquistador—for the first time. Now the company has a finished version of the device. It consists of two parts, but one of them (in the picture) has a double casing to house powerful Ayon triodes.


Saidi Audio is a company from China, which manufactures almost all turntable and amplifier components by itself. The photo shows the SD-30 turntable.


A bit of retro? Here you are: a clock manufactured by the Russian company VacuumGlow, with electron Nixie tubes. Prices starting from 1200 USD 🙂


The Dynaco company, established by David Hafler and Ed Laurent in 1955, known for the ST70 kit, is living its second life now. The photo shows its ST-7 integrated amplifier.

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