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New from the audio analyst© - Virtual High End Munich - It's a Wrap!

07-09-2024 | By Greg Weaver | Issue 134

Following my first three episodes from this year's event, these wrap-up event episodes bring you my final three sets of coverage, each addressing three remarkable rooms.

Can you say World Premieres? In this episode, I explore the world premiere of the Kronos Discover Phono stage, the Göble Divin Comtesse loudspeakers, and Alon Wolf's Magico S5 2024 Loudspeakers. We also take a look at the latest and greatest from MoFi Distribution, including Andrew Jones's remarkable SourcePoint 888.

E178: High End Munich 2024: Kronos Audio, Magico, & MoFi Distribution – https://youtu.be/dIvCiemGbLs

With this episode, I first visit the VAC/VSR room. VAC featured the Master Line Stage with the remarkable Signature 202 iQ Musicbloc amplifiers. VSA alternated between two loudspeakers, the Endeavor E-SE, and the new VR-55 Mk II Special Edition. Next, I looked into Greece's Ideon Absolute Suite, shown with JMF Audio of France, and we got a taste of what will come from Baun Audio. Finally, a room showcasing two US Companies from the Denver area, YG Acoustics premiere of their XV 3 speakers, driven by all flagship Boulder electronics.

E179: High End Munich 2024: VAC/VSA, Ideon/JMF, and YG Acoustics/ Boulder – https://youtu.be/aJlADIt3qtU

Lastly in this installment, I'll start by sharing a closer look at the remarkable products from Cyprus's Aries Cerat in an all-out assault on audio reproduction. Next, the remarkable pairing of the Supreme Series electronics from Greece's True Life Audio with the Gershman Acoustics 30th anniversary edition Black Swan loudspeakers. Finally, an all-German system that got everyone's attention, the remarkable new 7 Series from Soulution paired with the Gauder Akustik's new flagship DARC 250 loudspeakers.

E180: High End Munich 2024: Aries Cerat, True Life Audio, & Soulution – https://youtu.be/85VUIoFEWq4

I hope that, even if you are unable to attend High End Munich, the largest, most significant audio show on planet Earth, that these “virtual” visits can give you a sense of what an amazing event it is!