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1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

05-15-2019 | By Adam Goldfine | Issue 103

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience the Aerosmith: Deuces are Wild in-residence concert at the Park MGM hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to the show being one of the most extraordinary rock concerts of my life, I was treated to a direct feed from the band's mixing board to a pair of 1More Triple Driver headphones. Yeah, it was as cool as it sounds. 1More has been making a bit of a splash over the past couple of years with their high quality, reasonably priced headphones and in-ear monitors. Aimed at discerning music lovers and budding audiophiles, even the headphone devotees over at head-fi.org have started to take note.

Today 1More announces the release of their Stylish True Wireless (STW) in-ear headphones. I've had an opportunity to play with them over the last couple of weeks, and despite the affordable price tag of $99.99/pair their performance was impressive. Following in 1MORE's mission to provide a level of affordable luxury, the new true wireless headphones use an advanced titanium composite dynamic driver with a 7mm diaphragm in a sleek water-drop design that will be available in four different colors—Rose Pink, Platinum Gold, Spearmint Green, and Midnight Black.

"The 1MORE team is setting the standard for a quality True Wireless in-ear headphone that meets all the needs of the consumer," said Mike Sexton Vice President of 1MORE USA. "Attractive style, great sound, fast and convenient connection, all-day battery life, and a fantastic price brings together everything that consumers have been waiting for. It's a great addition to our Stylish line of headphones."

The ultra compact earbuds support six and a half hours of talk or music time and come in a portable charging case that allows for three additional full charges for a total of 24 hours of music or talk time. Fast charging provides three hours of use on only 15 minutes of charge time. With auto power on and off, the earbuds automatically turn on and connect when taken out of the case, and automatically turn off when returned to the case. Environmental noise canceling microphones are also included in each earbud, along with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology featuring aptX and AAC transmission compatible with Android and iOS.

Multiple paring modes allow you to use the earbuds together for stereo listening with either phone or music or you can pair just the left or right earbud for single ear use with your phone. The earbuds are angled at 45-degrees and sit naturally in the ear canal for a tight, secure fit and employ a clever O-Hook that keeps them from falling out, even with vigorous activity. This is a welcome feature as many ear buds, the Apple AirPods for example, won't stay in my ears for anything. Compressible foam ear-tips keep my Sennheiser HD-1 in-ear wireless headphones in place and provide significant isolation from environmental noise, but many designs suffer from heavy bass when used with foam. The HD-1s don't. The STWs are remarkably light and comfortable at just over 6 grams each. Four sizes of ear tips and three sizes of O-Hooks should allow you to find the perfect fit.

Like the Triple Driver Headphones, the STWs are tuned by Grammy-award winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. Unique to in-ear monitors, the frequency balance can be greatly impacted by the anatomy of each listener's ear canal. Sleek Audio created a clever system to tailor the sound of the SA6 IEMs for this very reason. That being said, I found the STWs to be fairly neutral, well resolving, with satisfying bass slam and sparkly highs that were neither accentuated nor rolled-of. Swapping ear tips to adjust the seal does allow you some to degree of tuning to suit your ear as well as find the most comfortable fit.

Though they are designed for use with portable devices and despite the limitations of Bluetooth connectivity, the STWs do benefit from higher quality sources. It was easy to distinguish between the mp3 version of Shelby Lynne's "Just A Little Lovin,'" Just A Little Lovin' (CD, Lost Highway 0602517448254) and the high resolution version streaming from my MacBook Pro, for example. Through the laptop, my current bass torture test, The O-Zone Percussion Group's, "Jazz Variants," La Bamba (CD, Klavier K 77017) left the STWs unperturbed. The bass drum whacks were articulate and tuneful if not the last word in the kind of visceral slam I've heard from much more expensive offerings. Through the phone, everything was a little less resolved, a little less articulate, a testament to the STWs' quality.

They did equally well with binaural recordings, resolving spatial cues, position, and distance with uncanny precision. The Tucker Zone, one of the best binaural demonstrations I've ever heard, was rendered with startling realism and will have you flinching, jumping, and reaching to answer a phantom cell phone. It's mind-blowing, my 12 year old uses it to freak out his friends when they come over. I also recommend checking out Redscape Audio's excellent binaural processing demonstration. It transforms regular stereo and multi-channel source material into a spacious headphone soundscape.

Pairing the STWs with various devices was simple and automatic. Though typically used with smartphones, these and any Bluetooth IEMs, headphones, etc. can be used with your laptop, Bluetooth streamer, or my favorite, the Apple TV for late night catching up on episodes of Saturday Night Live while my wife sleeps.

At $99.99, 1MORE's Stylish True Wireless in-ear headphones offer excellent sound quality in a stylish and feature-rich package. They are available now in Midnight Black with the other colors coming later this year.


  • Weight: 52.8g
  • Size: 27mm x 23mm x 23mm
  • Case Size: 68mm x 40mm x 38mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Wireless Range: 10m
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5
  • Bluetooth Codecs: aptX/AAC/SBC
  • Price: $99.99


  • Headphones
  • 4 sets silicone ear tips
  • 3 sets silicone O-hooks
  • Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Instruction Manual