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Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x Headphones

10-22-2022 | By Robert H. Levi | Issue 123

GS3000x Wooden Grado Headphones

I want to make it clear that the now discontinued wood body Grado Statement Series 3000e was my favorite go-to headphones for musical enjoyment and monitoring recording sessions. Their dynamic punch, beautiful definition, and excellent imaging rang every bell in the steeple. Frankly, I was surprised to receive the new 3000x. I honestly thought the house of Grado had shot for the moon with the 3000e and scored a bullseye not to be bested. I thought wrong.

The new 3000x pushes the envelope even further by improving the internal components and wiring. These are the first headphones I am aware of with a 52mm driver, the largest ever utilized by Grado and manufactured to their specifications. The metal chamber is newly redesigned for maximum use with this super-driver. The maple wood chamber of the 3000e is out. The internal and external wiring is newly manufactured and finished in a very different and durable material. The 3000x remains very efficient and flexible whether plugged into your favorite DAP or a fancy tube headphone amp. 


  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Operating Principle: Open Air
  • Frequency Response: 4 - 51,000Hz
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms
  • Driver Matched dB: .05 dB

Audition system included:

  • E.A.R. HP-4 Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • Manley Tube Absolute Headphone Amplifier
  • Hegeman Tuba Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • A&K 380 DAP
  • E.A.R. CD 3 Tube Player
  • McIntosh MD80 FM Tuner
  • Modwright Sony SACD Tube Player
  • Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge/E.A.R 324 Phono Stage/EAT C# Turntable and arm
  • Kubala-Sosna Emotion Interconnect and UIT Audio Interconnect throughout.

Comparison of 3000e to New 3000x

After many hours of exploring the new 3000x, I again picked up the 3000e and took them for a spin. I know what the improvements the 3000x cans include, but I did not think there would be much difference between the two models. I have, after all, a late production pair of the 3000e and really enjoy the way they communicate the energy of all kinds of music, particularly vocals.

I must report, dear reader, that the 3000x is better and more communicative in every way.

They have an overall presentation quite similar to the 3000e, but that is where the similarity ends. I immediately heard more definition with the 3000x both dramatic and subtle. The soundstage is bigger, broader, deeper, and more truthful. The high band is very smooth and slightly more elegant and organic.

The mid band is better expressed and even more realistic. I felt like I was plugged into the soundboard of a live recording session with a more neutral and natural feed. 

The bass is just plainly superior. The 3000x has some of the best bass ever capable of dramatic bombastic crescendos. The music lives in the bass and these cans deliver the goods.

The overall perceived dynamic range is noticeably improved at all frequencies, certainly, the best in the Statement Series lineup, and has a "fun" factor second to none in the business. They leave electrostatics in the dust though there are other considerations to consider with non-dynamic types. The Grado 3000x are extraordinary headphones and very comfortable to wear for that long listening session. 

Finally, Grado has put some real research into their headband construction to maximize comfort. Their tweaks to their leather and steel band enhance the comfort in combination with the lighter weight of this new model.

The cabling is visually more sophisticated with new manufacturing techniques utilized with this model for the first time. Its slightly extra cable weight is offset by the lighter overall design of the 3000x compared to the GS3000e it now overshadows in most performance categories. I suspect Grado knows the GS3000x is a breakthrough design which may be why the metal body PS2000e has been discontinued. John Grado is a genius of the highest order and who knows what he may be cooking up in the Grado kitchen.


The Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x Headphones are musical masterpieces and killer cans. No matter whether I tried them with my phono source, A&K DAP, Paravicini HP4 Headphone Amp, or my restored McIntosh MR80 FM Tuner with a headphone jack, they performed with pure sophistication and high definition. More definition overall for any Grado Headphone I know of, they always communicated with a neutral and extremely linear presentation. Their sense of reality is state of the art. Their big surprise is their huge dynamic range and sub-woofer-like bass. What great fun! I happily give the new Grado Labs Statement Series 3000x my highest "buy" recommendation.

Statement Series 3000x Headphones

Retail: $1995

Grado Labs



All images courtesy of Grado Labs