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Video Interviews from Munich 2019, Part 2: NativeDSD.com Talks with the Industry About DSD

05-29-2019 | By Editors at Positive Feedback | Issue 103

Continuing their video interview series from Munich 2019, the good folks at NativeDSD share more of their conversations with people from that event. Great stuff!

1. Giulio Cesare Ricci, Fonè Records

Floor van der Holst from NativeDSD Music catches up with Giulio Cesare Ricci from Fonè Records at High End Munich 2019. They discuss 2 new Fone albums from Sax Player Scott Hamilton and Guitarist Andrea Castelfranato that have just been released in DSD Stereo at NativeDSD.

The new albums are recorded live, with no editing, "with a natural sound that captures the music's emotion."

Giulio Cesare Ricci also talks about the special nature of the DSD format and how it enables the listener to experience "the emotion from the music in your home."

When asked to select his favorites from the more than 90 Fone DSD albums at NativeDSD, Ricci highlights these three albums:

Mahler Symphony No. 2
Gianandrea Noseda, Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino


Ballads for Audiophiles
Scott Hamilton (Sax,) Paolo Birro (Piano), Aldo Zunino (Double Bass), Alfred Kramer (Drums)


Andrea Castelfranato



2. Chebon Littlefield, Mytek

Chebon Littefield talks about Mytek's history with DSD and support of NativeDSD Music. Starting with their development of a recording studio DSD converter at the request of Sony. He also walks you through their demos at the Munich High End 2019 show. All Mytek products support native DSD playback. 

The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge (incl. 4 Free DSD Albums of Choice), Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ (incl. 4 Free DSD Albums of Choice) and Mytek Manhattan II DAC (incl. 6 Free DSD Albums of Choice) are all available for purchase at the NativeDSD Gear Store.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7nGkUnvMzw

3. A.J. van den Hul

Jared Sacks: "I'm here in Munich with a very famous person." Legendary Audio Cable and Phono Cartridge inventor A.J. van den Hul has been around in the audio industry for 71(!) years. He started with his first audio invention at the age of 10.

At the High End Munich 2019, he talked with Jared Sacks, Managing Director of NativeDSD and Channel Classics. Jared has been using Van den Hul's cables for about 3 decades and uses Van den Hul's 3T cables for all his recordings for Channel Classics and Native DSD's Just Listen label. 

This is one of the recordings that A.J. van den Hul mentions in the video. The album remains a NativeDSD best seller to this day! 

Philip Glass: Metamorphosis, The Hours
Lavinia Meijer (Harp)


Philip Glass: Metamorphosis & The Hours performed by Lavinia Meijer and recorded in DSD Stereo and DSD Multichannel just 2 days after the 3T cable arrived, went on to become one of the best selling albums at NativeDSD Music and Channel Classics.

4. Tom Vaughan, Chord Electronics

During the recent High End Munich 2019 audio show, Tom Vaughan from Chord Electronics showed Jonas Sacks the company's Mojo Portable DSD DAC and their Poly portable streamer working together.

You can get both products—the Mojo and the Poly—along with a cool leather Mojo + Poly carrying case at the NativeDSD Gear Store, where you also get Free DSD Music Downloads with any purchase.


Mojo DAC from Chord Electronics

Poly Streamer from Chord Electronics

Chord + Poly Leather Case from Chord Electronics