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Nativ Touchscreen Music System Tops Fund Raising Goal

04-24-2016 | By Brian Moura | Issue 85

Nativ Sound, an audio start-up based in Hong Kong working on a family of elegant touchscreen music components, has announced that they have passed their $100,000 fund raising goal on Indegogo in one week. This exceeds the company's original goal of reaching that milestone in 2 months.

Nativ's family of music system components includes Nativ Vita (a touchscreen control center), Nativ Wave (a touchscreen digital to analog converter or DAC that supports DSD 256 and PCM) and Nativ Pulse (a component to power Nativ Vita and Nativ Pulse. The components will enable listeners to play music from music downloads, streaming services and their home audio systems. Nativ is also planning an app to allow remote control of the system that will support Apple iOS and Android operating systems. Support for Windows operating systems is not planned.

Nativ Vita

Native Vita

Nativ Vita is a music player that features an 11.6" touchscreen as well as voice control to enable the listener to select music from the Vita. The Voice Control feature allows the listener to tell Vita what to play, change the volume and skip to the next track.

Music download collections can be stored on the built-in hard disk or SSD drives in the Vita. Interestingly, Nativ allows you to install hard disk or SSD storage up to 4TB into the device rather than the storage capacity being set at the factory.

The Vita also includes Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity. Music videos can be streamed to a TV or Computer via the unit's HDMI output or wirelessly using Google Cast. Vita also supports Airplay, Spotify Connect and Apt-X.

Nativ Vita's 11.6" touchscreen features an IPS panel and can be used as a central music selection point. Your music library can also be accessed with Roon software which comes installed on the Vita as a standard feature.

The digital output stage features low noise power regulators, galvanic isolation and an in-line filter to "eliminate jitter and noise from the audio signal". Digital outputs include USB, SPDIF, and AES/EBU outputs. Vita supports Stereo Music playback in DSD (up to 11.2 mHz Quad DSD), DXD and PCM (up to 32-bit, 384kHz).

Nativ Wave

Nativ Wave

Nativ Wave is a touchscreen DAC and Headphone Amp designed to be used with the Nativ Vita control center or with an existing music system. It features two Burr Brown DSD1792A DAC chips that provide Stereo Music playback of DSD (up to DSD 11.2 mHz) and PCM (up to 32-bit, 384 kHz).  Wave also allows the listener to upsample audio to DSD 128fs using the unit's internal hardware upsampling.  

The Headphone Amp in Nativ Wave has a 1.75 watt output. Volume controls operate in the analog domain for improved performance and sound at any level. 

Nativ Pulse

Nativ Pulse

The third product in the line is Nativ Pulse. This is a precision linear power supply with a touchscreen control panel that features dedicated power supplies for analog and digital. Other features include ultralow noise linear regulators and a multi-rail toroidal transformer to keep noise contamination to a minimum.

Price and Availability

Each of the three Nativ products (Vita, Wave and Pulse) will be offered at $699 each during the Indegogo fund raising campaign. As that price tier sells out, pre-orders will go for $799 each in the second round and then will increase from there in future rounds. The Nativ products are scheduled for shipment to Indegogo backers in October 2016 and then to general distribution in November 2016.

Nativ Sound


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