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The 2022 LAOC Audio Society Gala, A Photo Essay, Part the Last: Time with the Clarks in Long Beach

12-17-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 124

David W. Robinson, a portrait. The Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem, Israel, 2022 (Photograph and image processing by John Robinson)

Photographs with Dave, Carol, and Peter Clark, and some Long Beach work...

Some of the very finest moments at this event are when Dave and Carol Clark, their son Peter, and I get to spend time together. Music, cigars, art, streaming audio, going out for some really good food...all of these happen each year. Such great friends, enjoying really good times.

Because if we aren't enjoying the blessings of life with our family and friends, what's the point, eh?

Chez Clark: a Study. Long Beach, CA, 2022

Dave Clark: a portrait with wine. Long Beach, CA, 2022

Carol Clark, a moment at Chez Clark. Long Beach, CA, 2022

A study in fresco: Peter Clark enjoying a cigar, beer, and the conversation with Mom-Carol, Dave, and I. 

Chez Clark, back patio area (This being one of six areas in our gardens to sit and do whatever - Carol Clark.). It appeals to me quite a lot, year in and year out.

Clark friends Jenn Bats and Dave Bats, hanging out with Dave and some of the local beers and ales...

Carol Clark with a new series of sculptures that Dave has been working on. Bring back 50's SciFi!

Palms, Clouds, and the Moon. Long Beach, CA, 2022

Painting by Stefanie Han

The Clark household is filled with a variety of artistic visions, each a different way of seeing and knowing. Many dozens of works are on display; I enjoy each time that I visit, since there's always something new, mysterious, and...at times...menacing. (There are close to 100 pieces of art in our home from various local and not-so-local artists - Dave Clark.)

Sculpture by Jeremy Cross

Realization No. 48, color version. Inside the home of Carol, Dave, and Peter.... 

...but there's also a sense of wonder, of play, of fascination about the place. That touches me deeply, and draws camera to join in....

The creative work of Kathryn M. Heaton catches my attention every time. I hope to add a couple more of her pieces to my own collection in 2023.

Object by Michael Lavorgna

Study:  Figurine. Long Beach, CA, 2022

Thus the whirlwind of three days in Long Beach and Orange County, 2022, expressed photographically. I always enjoy this time in December with the LAOC AS, Dave, and Carol. If I recall correctly, next year will be the 30th gathering. If so, I hope to be able to attend once more...camera in hand.

Until then, flee the creatures!