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Impressions:  The Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds, Salina, KS, 2017, a Photo Essay, Part 2 of 3

02-15-2018 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 95

Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds Part 2

David W. Robinson, Icicle Creek, Leavenworth, WA, 2012 (photograph by Lila Ritsema)

"Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual."

Edward Weston

To say again:  As I mentioned back in November in Issue 94 when I published the front-end about my trip to visit Chad Kassem's Blues Masters concert in Salina, KS, my attention would not be concentrating on yet another dull event report. The world doesn't need any more of those; they already deaden the world.

Instead, I would be focusing on the people, the moments, the moods, and the photographs that I might make.

What follows is part two of three parts of the collection of my Kansas photographs. As before, they aren't in any particular order, though they very roughly correspond to the progression of events over the three days that I was there. (All photograph and image processing are by me, with the usual copyright protection applying.)

A gallery, the second time, then. You're welcome to spend some time here, see, and learn, what you can….

Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds Part 2

Art thrives! Yellow Submarine in the Quality Record Pressings (QRP) plant…

Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds Part 2

On the QRP pressing line

Blues Masters at Acoustic Sounds Part 2

A Johnny Cash LP hits the spindle

A record pressing station, with Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around in the pipeline

A trimming station, a study

At QRP:  a study

Standing among Chad's personal recordings collection at Acoustic Sounds:  a portrait of Nate Lennox, Acoustic Sounds' preowned collections manager

Stan Bishop checking out the centering on a stamper

A pressing station and a trimming bucket

Scoping a stamper for proper centering on the alignment screen

QRP pressing station:  Study No. 9

On the line:  checking the weight of a pressing

In the Quality Assurance room, spot-testing a production run

The packing line in action…LPs on their way

Part of the Acoustic Sounds turntable collection

A look into the sanctum sanctorum:  Chad Kassem's desk

In the Acoustic Sounds warehouse

Row after row after row of LPs, stretching on and on…

An office at Acoustic Sounds:  looking into another world