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Notes from an Editor's Notebook: Very briefly, on Gold Note

05-02-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 121

A very brief note, just before departing on a two-week photographic/church trip to Israel and Jordan:

Every now and then I encounter a high-end company that really impresses me with the quality of its work. I could make a pretty long list of such enterprises, but it would go fading off into the sunset, music intermingling with memory.

But they do stay with me, honored friends and trusted servants along my audio journey.

When I'm at shows, I'm able to give my Audio Oasis! Award to companies and rooms that do this sort of thing for me. Unfortunately, the last couple of pandemic years, hagridden by COVID-19, have been brutal on my ability to do so. 

Yes, I know...old news.

But, absent that, there is a company that has increasingly drawn my admiration over the past five years, leading to what looks to be a longer personal exploration of its line of fine audio designs. (This will happen in stages as new designs arrive here over the next year or so.)

This would be Gold Note, a high-end audio company based in Italy.

I've already started, and will have a major consideration of the Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage and PSU-1250 External Power Supply, in conjunction with several other key components in turntable playback chain, published before the end of May. To say that I've been amazed by what I'm hearing from Gold Note already is something of an understatement. This is killer stuff!

Nor am I alone at Positive Feedback in my growing enthusiasm for Gold Note. Our PF archives reveal the following earlier reviews of Gold Note by others here:

Dave Clark on the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage HERE. His notes on the Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable, B 5.1 Arm, and Donatello MC Cartridge are HERE

Dean Seislove commented on the Mediterraneo Turntable and PH-10 Phono Stage HEREABOUTS, while Larry Cox added his response to the PH-10 Phono Stage OVER YON.

Gold Note has just reached its 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, they plan to focus on various new products and the creative people at Gold Note, with new, very brief monthly YouTube updates...audio teasers, you see. They are short, but extraordinarily artful...I don't think that I've seen anything quite like them in high-end audio online presence.

The first of these has just been released, focusing on the Mediterraneo Turntable. Those interested can check out the first of the Gold Note 10th Anniversary series of YouTube videos RIGHT HERE.

I'll give you a brief update each month as each new Gold Note products and YouTube links are released.