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From an Editor's Notebook:  Gold Note on "How We Make Our Audio Components"

11-08-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 124

The Gold Note P-1000 MKII Preamplifier

Regular readers of my essays and columns are aware of the fact that I have been publishing some interesting updates from Gold Note. This is an Italian high-end company whose products have really caught my eye and ear. Part the Last of my impressions of the Gold Note PH-1000 reference Phono Stage and their PSU-1250 reference Power Supply in tandem with Dohmann Audio's Helix Two MK2 Turntable, Schröder CB-11 12" Tonearm, and Phasemation's PP-2000 MC Cartridge is now published, and can be read HERE. (If you missed Part the First of my extended two-part meditation on this highly synergistic chain, you read it HERE.)

As I mentioned last month, Gold Note has been progressing with their plans to get me various current and new designs. This would include the very promising looking major update to their Mediterraneo Turntable, the Mediterraneo X, with the Tuscany MC reference cartridge.

Gold Note's TUBE-1012 12-tube Output Stage...for those looking for the kiss of valves!

More than that, however, Gold Note has added several other products to my evaluation list. These include:

  • P-1000 MKII Preamplifier (perhaps with another PSU-1250 Power Supply)
  • TUBE-1012 Class A 12-tube Output Stage
  • PA-1175 Power Amplifier

The Gold Note PA-1175 Power Amplifier, available in either stereo (200 WPC/8 ohms) or monoblock configurations (520 WPC/8 ohms)

I expect all of them to arrive here over the next 2-6 months, Lord willing. Eventually, I'll be able to evaluate the qualities, audio virtues, and synergy of the Gold Note take on the audio arts. I expect that this will take me well into 2023, depending on arrival times in these very troubled times.

To go along with this eventual system evaluation, Gold Note has sent me two YouTube videos that give you a taste of how they craft their audio designs. Dedicated to the Pianosa and A6 EVO, these are longer than earlier YouTubes that I've shared with you, are well produced, and are very interesting to watch. They'll give you a brief glance of what goes on behind the scenes at Gold Note.

You can see them HERE and HERE.

Check them out!

As always, I'll continue to keep you posted with my progress with the expanded Gold Note line that's coming my way in the future. Stay tuned…this is going to be pretty unique.