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July - August 2014

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Audio Discourse

ufo dsd

The UFO-DSD Special Edition Has Landed

08-03-2014 | By Brian Moura

During The Show in Newport Beach in May, I was walking in the parking lot between the two hotels that host the event when I spotted Cookie...


The Neoteric Listener and the Schiit Lyr2, Bifrost Uber DAC, and...

07-20-2014 | By Dean Seislove

Thank goodness for Michael Mercer. While other Positive Feedback writers cover headphones, DACs, and amps (Warren Chi, Bob Levi, and our...


The Absolute Sound's Illustrated History of High-End Audio,...

07-19-2014 | By Greg Weaver

When I saw the promotional material announcing this book project from The Absolute Sound and learned that it was first going to be available...

Impressions: The PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC

07-19-2014 | By David W. Robinson

Some things take a long time to write. Some things come easy.  And not everything is War and Peace.  So this is not going to be a...


The Big 7, and a Chat with the Lampizator

07-18-2014 | By Brian Moura

Lukasz Fikus of Lampizator One of the newer companies making Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) in the audio world is Lampizator. The name comes from...


Duelund Coherent Audio from Denmark: The Duelund-WRSE Project,...

07-17-2014 | By Jeff Day

The Duelund Coherent Audio/Tannoy Westminster Royal Special Edition Project article I wrote for Issue 70 of Positive Feedback was the...


Astell&Kern AK240 - Impressions of the DAP King

07-15-2014 | By Michael Mercer

Admittedly I wasn't interested in high resolution files until I could bring that music with me. Having amazing-sounding music stuck on my...


Impressions: Notes on the Astell&Kern AK240 DSD...

07-15-2014 | By David W. Robinson

The amazing Astell&Kern AK240… native DSD in the palm of my hand! The DSD revolution continues… Just about everywhere you turn in the...

hifi tuning fuses

HiFi Supreme and Audio Horizons' "Platinum Reference More Than A...

07-14-2014 | By Robert S. Youman

It started with a dare. A good friend of mine has always been very respectful and complimentary of my current system. I have to give him much of the...


e-Onkyo Music Releases New Album by The DSD Trio

07-13-2014 | By Brian Moura

The e-Onkyo Music web site (see link below) continues its support of newly Direct Stream Digital (DSD) music in download form with today’s...


The AK240 and JH Audio Roxanne's Rock My World

07-10-2014 | By Frank Iacone

AK240 Astell&Kern is a company that is advancing high fidelity playback and while introducing new and exciting—innovative products—for...


Headphones as Heard From an Engineer's Perspective

07-09-2014 | By Jeremy Kipnis

QUESTION: "What cans do you like to listen to? What do you hear as differences between speakers and headphones in terms of how they present...


Musings on Building a Digital Music Server: The Ayre QB-9DSD and...

07-09-2014 | By Andy Schaub

"And you may ask yourself How do I work this? And you may ask yourself Where is that large automobile?" —"Once in Lifetime"...


Skoff Goes Blind!

07-08-2014 | By Roger Skoff

Roger Skoff, for the first time ever, actually advocates blind testing! Any of you, who have followed my writings, either here or in other...

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Hardware Reviews

Red Dragon Audio M500 and M1000 MkII Amplifiers

04-11-2015 | By Jim Merod

Here We Go Again Over many years I've endured hope and disappointment in the service of auditioning and evaluating loud speakers of virtually every...

Grado ps1000e

Grado PS1000e Headphones

08-24-2014 | By Robert H. Levi

Grado has done it again! I liked the original PS 1000 Headphones at $1695 when I first heard them. I am overwhelmed by the new and super-improved...

primaluna dialogue

Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier - The Real Deal

08-23-2014 | By Jim Merod

Driving North The road from San Diego to Upland, east of Los Angeles, is both circuitous and a relief from decades of treks straight north up Route 5...

Avanti Allegro

Avanti Audio Allegro Cables - Big League, Top Flight, No BS...

08-17-2014 | By Jim Merod

I Never Said This Before Imagine the first time your youthful lust for innocent attachment to a mate of some sort, form or beguiling presence clocked...

ypsilon pst100

Ypsilon PST 100MKII Preamplifier

08-13-2014 | By Marshall Nack

Before I slip on the green eyeshade, I want to compliment the Ypsilon PST 100 Preamp on the sheer creature comfort of its musical presentation. I had...

manley chinook

Manley Chinook Phono Preamplifier

08-11-2014 | By Mark Pearson

After reviewing several pieces of high-end audio gear lately that arrived at my house in plain cardboard boxes, marginally adequate packing materials...

ch precision

CH Precision C1, D1, and X1 - The Ultimate Digital Source?

08-11-2014 | By Marshall Nack

C1 Preamp/DAC "I know who that is—that's the trumpet/piano duo we heard at the Kitano Hotel that night." Spot on, George. The date...


Tiglon "Magnesium" Cables

08-11-2014 | By Gary Lea

TiGLON is not a household name here in the states but if Phillip Holmes has anything to say about it they will be before long. Phillip is the principle...

kiseki purple

Kiseki PurpleHeart MC Phono Cartridge

08-11-2014 | By Robert H. Levi

A legendary cartridge with a pedigree that spans three continents returns to the marketplace and to audiophiles everywhere, thanks to some fantastic...

sota RCM

Sota LP RCM Record Cleaning Machine

08-11-2014 | By Marc Phillips

I've said it before and I'll say it again—you need a record cleaning machine if you're going to get serious about LPs. The tip of...

kawero chiara

Kaiser Kawero Chiara Loudspeakers

08-11-2014 | By Jurgen Saile

English translation of original German text from HiFi Statement "Oh, those are cute!" I'm actually not used to hearing such statements...

Line Magnetic lm-502CA

Line Magnetic Audio LM-502CA Vacuum Tube DAC

08-04-2014 | By Ken Micallef

I live in Greenwich Village, New York City, within easy walking distance of two fine audio emporiums: Stereo Exchange and In Living Stereo. These...


Symposium Acoustic Shelves Svelte and Segue Line of Platforms

07-26-2014 | By Andre Marc

The importance of resonance and vibration control in allowing a high end audio system to perform at its very best is beyond debate. There may some...

magico s5

Magico S5 Loudspeakers - End of a Love Affair

07-25-2014 | By Myles B. Astor

This is a ground breaking review in more ways than one. To start with, this is the first Magico S5 speaker review using only analog recorded material....

mr speakers alpha dog

Mr Speakers Alpha Dog Headphones

07-23-2014 | By Robert H. Levi

Thanks to the terrific exhibit called Headphonium at T.H.E. SHOW NEWPORT, I heard a remarkable pair of headphones that sounded and performed in all...


Audience The ONE Personal Reference Loudspeakers - John...

07-19-2014 | By Jim Merod

Plowing Back To Go Forward Long ago I spent considerable time with the Audience design team listening, on multiple occasions; to the development of a...


Lampizator Level 4 DAC - Smooth Operator

07-14-2014 | By Mark Pearson

LampizatOr audio products are handmade in Poland and are the brain child of Lukasz Fikus. The LampizatOr website is interesting to say the least and it...

red dragon m500

Red Dragon Audio M500 and M1000 MkII Amplifiers

07-11-2014 | By Jim Merod

Here We Go Again Over many years I've endured hope and disappointment in the service of auditioning and evaluating loud speakers of virtually every...

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David Robinson and David Elias on DSD... Interviewed by Steve...

08-11-2014 | By David W. Robinson

Enjoy the Music.TV's interview with David W. Robinson of Positive Feedback magazine and singer/musician/songwriter David Elias. Hosted by...

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Music Reviews


Classical Releases

08-23-2014 | By Karl Lozier

Antonin Dvorak, Symphony No.8. Leos Janacek. Jenufa Symphonic Suite. Orchestra: Pittsburg Symphony. Conductor: Manfred Honeck. Reference Recordings...


Fhloston Paradigm, The Phoenix

08-15-2014 | By Michael Mercer

I love it when an albums' sound is so fresh and mysterious it challenges my ability to classify it. My dear friend and editor Dave Clark...


Nothing but the Music - Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 7 Inch...

08-10-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, Island/Victor Entertainment VICP-78001 (1970/2014) TARKUS, Island/Victor Entertainment VICP-78002 (1971/2014) PICTURES...


Eno & Hyde, High Life

08-03-2014 | By Michael Mercer

Eno & Hyde have never missed as far as I'm concerned. That's a true rarity. Actually, I can't think of any other cooperative artists...


The Future is Here - Audio Still Rules

08-02-2014 | By Karl Lozier

Blu-ray recordings may be video, audio or most commonly video plus audio. If the video is a distraction turn it off though I would suggest watching the...


Notes of an Amateur: Zemetsov, Viola; Pacifica Quartet and...

07-30-2014 | By Bob Neill

Dana Zemetsov, Enigma. Works of Solo Viola. [Kreisler, Stravinsky, Hindemith, Kugel, Penderecki, JS Bach] Channel Classics CCSSA 35714.  We come...


Notes of an Amateur: Ibragimova's Prokofiev; Lera Auerbach......

07-23-2014 | By Bob Neill

Prokofiev, Violin Sonatas. Five Melodies. Alina Ibragimova, violin; Steven Osborne, piano. Hyperion CDA 67514. I am reported in an ad on the Hyperion...


Plastikman, EX (Performed Live At The Guggenheim NYC)

07-23-2014 | By Michael Mercer

There are few genres more polarizing than minimal electronic music. This is totally subjective; but I believe you have to experience this music in a...


Impressions: High Definition Tape Transfers' Double DSD Download...

07-15-2014 | By David W. Robinson

Wow! I've been swimming in the new HDTT transfer to Double DSD of Duke Ellington's superb recording, Duke Ellington Indigos. The Duke has...

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Our Friends At Audio 360

v-moda xs

V-MODA XS Goodbye M-80. Hello XS

08-11-2014 | By Arly Borges & Ethan Wolf

A short while ago Arly approached Val Kolton, the CEO of V-MODA, in hopes of securing two review samples for himself and Ethan concerning his new.... . . Read More »

mcintosh mha100

McIntosh Brings the Bizness! The Statement MHA100 Headphone...

08-11-2014 | By Michael Liang & Michael Mercer

In the days leading up to CES 2014, McIntosh extended a special invitation to Audio360 to check out a prototype of their upcoming headphone amplifier:.... . . Read More »

iem save life

Can Your IEMs Save Lives? This One Did!

08-05-2014 | By Warren Chi with Dr. Terry Dichter, M.D.

Here at Audio360, we hear all kinds of wonderful stories from our fellow personal audio enthusiasts... stories of joy and delight at finding the.... . . Read More »

mhdt stockholm 2

Review: MHDT Labs Stockholm 2 Jeff Day at Positive Feedback...

08-03-2014 | By Arly Borges & Kevin Venable

That might be hard to fathom, as we have all kinds of cool gear just laying around waiting for us to listen to it, right? Kevin has a few reviewers.... . . Read More »


Phonat Drops Some Dirty Bizness on Identity Theft EP

07-14-2014 | By Warren Chi & Michael Mercer

Phonat has created a collection of tracks for the sonic adventurist, and it turns out to be a splendid audible journey. From the first track to the.... . . Read More »

nuforce primo 8

Nuforce Primo 8

07-11-2014 | By Michael Mercer and Kevin Venable

Taken from the closing remarks of a Myspace blog post that Kevin thumbed out sometime in 2006, that serves as a reminder of how important portable.... . . Read More »


Early Impressions: Woo Audio's WA7TP

07-07-2014 | By Warren Chi & Kevin Venable

Six months ago, we caught our first sight of Woo Audio's WA7tp prototype at CanJam 2013. It was unassumingly dressed in a faux WA7 enclosure, and.... . . Read More »


T.H.E Headphonium at T.H.E Show in Newport - An Audio360 Show...

07-06-2014 | By Kevin Venable and Frank Iacone

Crunch! That was the most prominent sound in my mind on my trip to The Home Entertainment Show in Newport Beach, California. The reverberating.... . . Read More »

astrotec ax-30

Astrotec ax-30

07-06-2014 | By Ethan Wolf and Bowei Zhao

For several years now, Astrotec has been a name familiar to enthusiasts as a manufacturer of value-conscious, yet quality-engineered, balanced armature.... . . Read More »

crystal method

The Crystal Method by The Crystal Method Subtitle: Los Angeles...

07-05-2014 | By Arly Borges, Michael Mercer, and Kevin Venable

Los Angeles: A seething darkness, grimey with discarded dreams of souls hiding behind its glittering, welcoming facade. The consummate actress, as much.... . . Read More »

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Our Friends At HIFI Statement


A review of the KRON's integrated tube amplifier (in German)

08-01-2014 | By Jürgen Saile

Bei Hybridverstärkern denkt der Audiophile als solcher irgendwie an: nicht Fisch und nicht Fleisch. Insbesondere die Hardcore Röhrenliebhaber haben.... . . Read More »


A review of AQUA ACOUSTICS QUALITY's cd-transport and DAC La...

07-21-2014 | By Jürgen Saile

Noch’ n Gedicht... oder besser gesagt, schon wieder ein DAC? Klar! Die Suche geht weiter, gibt es nicht Unmengen an D/A-Wandlern, die völlig.... . . Read More »


Read a portrait of MYTEK DIGITAL in Warsaw (in German)

07-11-2014 | By Dirk Sommer

Auch wenn aus unserem östlichen Nachbarland immer mehr bemerkenswerte Geräte kamen wie zuletzt die Franc Audio Accessories, die famosen Acient Audio.... . . Read More »


A review of the van den Hul's cartridge The Crimson (in German)

07-04-2014 | By Dirk Sommer

Das Crimson ist zwar nun schon seit über einem Jahr auf dem Markt – aber dennoch ist dieser Bericht hochaktuell. Aalt van den Hul, der.... . . Read More »

korg dac

A review of the KORG's DAC DS-DAC 100 and the Audiogate...

06-30-2014 | By Dirk Sommer

Keine Angst, in den Hörräumen der Kollegen und in meinem warten schon Plattenspieler, Tonabnehmer, gewichtige Mono-Endstufen und Lautsprecher auf.... . . Read More »

einstein mc

A review of the EINSTEIN's MC-cartridge The Pickup (in German)

06-03-2014 | By Dirk Sommer

Manche Tests sind das Resultat langer Planung, andere ergeben sich spontan. Zu letzteren zählt dieser. The Pickup war noch im SME V montiert, den.... . . Read More »

thomas mayer

A review of THOMAS MAYER's tube amps 10Y (in German)

05-29-2014 | By Jürgen Saile

Thomas Mayer ist ein Hersteller, der bislang in der Highend Szene in Deutschland noch nicht so bekannt ist. International sieht die Sache wieder ganz.... . . Read More »


And enjoy a free download of a song in highres and DSD played by...

04-13-2014 | By Dirk Sommer

Nein, es geht hier nicht um irgendwelche Hifi-Klänge: Die britische Band heißt wirklich The New Mastersounds und groovt wie der Teufel: endlich mal.... . . Read More »

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Our Friends At High Fidelity

john marks

An Interview with John Marks - "The Editors" series

07-23-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Have a look at the pictures in John Marks' listening room. What do you see? What caught your attention? I was struck by the ubiquity of records and...


Thrax Maximinus D/A Converter + Dionysos Preamplifier +...

07-15-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Rumen Artarski is a hunk of a man. Tall, handsome and ramrod-straight. He could serve in Special Forces or join the Honor Guard. He could be a...


Albedo Aptica Loudspeakers

07-14-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

In a large, superbly designed and printed book titled The Absolute Sound's Illustrated History of High-End Audio dedicated to...


Krakow Sonic Society, Meeting No. 93 - Audiodesksysteme Gläß,...

07-12-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

How the Kiss Gained its Polish The 93rd meeting of the Krakow Sonic Society has been arranged at the request of wykop.pl and related web portals. This...


Pylon Audio Pearl 25 Loudspeakers

07-11-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Tonsil, a former giant and the largest manufacturer of drivers and loudspeakers in this part of Europe, located in the Polish town of Wrzesnia, has...


Thales TTT Compact Turntable, Levi-Base, and Simplicity Mk2...

07-11-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

The Air Force One turntable from the Japanese manufacturer TechDAS that I reviewed in March was a true revelation to me and its presence in my system...

aurender x100l

The Aurender X100L - And Audio File Transport

07-11-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

TVLogic is a Korean manufacturer of audio components and UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV monitors. It just so happens that its research department is...

funk firm

The Funk Firm Little Super Deck Turntable + F5 Arm

07-11-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

By calling his turntable Little Super Deck (LSD), Arthur Khoubessarian (you can see him on the head picture made during the High End 2014 show in...



07-11-2014 | By Wojciech Pacuła

When I returned to Warsaw, I got a phone call from Franciszek Walicki asking for some photographs of Czesław, because he had just hired him for the...

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Show Reports


Monterey Jazz @ 57 - Herbie Hancock: Lifting Our Spirits Once...

08-23-2014 | By Jim Merod

Last year, in May, the remarkable (truly without equal) Herbie Hancock gave the commencement address at Soka University, where I teach humanities and...


2014 Capital Audiofest

08-23-2014 | By Scott Dorsey

The Capital Audiofest is one of the few true high-end audio shows left in the world, and as the industry shrinks all of these shows become more and...


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Live

08-15-2014 | By Annie Merkley

Nick Cave. The man. The legend. To those who know him, he needs little introduction. He has been steadily churning out his own brand of beautifully...

the show newport 2014 part 4

Newport THE Show 2014 - A Pictorial Essay of Sorts... Part 4

08-13-2014 | By Dave Clark

Bill Leebens. Jim Aud. EveAnna Manley. Knut Skogrand. Din Johnson of Ristretto Roasters. Andy Regan of Jerry Harvey Audio. Johan Coorg of KEF ESS Labs...

the show newport 2014 part 3

Newport THE Show 2014 - A Pictorial Essay of Sorts... Part 3

08-13-2014 | By Dave Clark

One of the Audio Skies's rooms featuring Larsen speakers, Pear Audio Analogue, and Gamut.  Walker Aduio showing Slient Source Cables, Raidho...

the show newport 2014 S.L.

T.H.E. Show Newport 2014

08-11-2014 | By Steve Lefkowicz

I realize that for many years I've opened my various show reports with a little rant of sorts, carrying on about things that bother me about the...

the show newport 2014 part 2

Newport THE Show 2014 - A Pictorial Essay of Sorts... Part 2

08-11-2014 | By Dave Clark

GIK Acoustics showed with Odyssey Audio. Devialet showed with Focal courtesy of Audio Plus Services. Sonic Studio demonstrating with Marten Logan and...

the show newport 2014 p1

Newport THE Show 2014 - A Pictorial Essay of Sorts... Part 1

08-11-2014 | By Dave Clark

What a great time was experienced by anyone attending this year's event. Healthy attendance, crowded rooms, wonderful discussions (many heartfelt...

the show newport 2014 DR

Impressions: Robinson's Audio Oasis! Awards for THE Show Newport...

07-30-2014 | By David W. Robinson

Turning; turning back.  2014.  Another year, another THE Show Newport Beach in the books. This has become a favorite audio event on my...

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