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12-10-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions: Robinson's Brutus Awards for 2016, Part The Second

Gather around, audiosports fans! It's that time of year again…Positive Feedback's Brutus Awards season. Here is 'Part The Second' of Robinson's Brutus Awards 2016. Part 1 can be found HERE. Electronics, Part 1 Gryphon Audio Kalliope Quad and Qcto (256fs and 512fs) DSD DAC The Gryphon Audio Kalliope DSD DAC upon arrival… (photograph and processing by... Read More »

12-09-2016 | By John Marks

Christmas Music Part 3: "A String Quartet Christmas"

Finally, the third and last of John Marks' Christmas recommendations for us. Delmoni... a String Quartet Christmas...a real treasure to us all. Thanks to friend John! And Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Dr. David W. Robinson, Ye Olde Editor A String Quartet Christmas Arturo Delmoni & Friends Steinway & Sons Recordings... Read More »

12-09-2016 | By John Marks

Christmas Music Part 2: "Carols of the Nativity"

Herein, John Marks Christmas Music 2:  "Carols of the Nativity". Thanks to John for these musical gifts during this holiday season! Dr. David W. Robinson, Ye Olde Editor Christmas Night – Carols of the Nativity The Cambridge Singers and the City of London Sinfonia, conducted by John Rutter. Collegium CD 106 or download (Recorded January 1987 by the... Read More »

12-09-2016 | By John Marks

Christmas Music Part 1: Nat King Cole, "Christmas Favorites"

'Tis the season! John Marks leads us into Christmas time with a trio of short essays on three different artists and albums, together with samples from each. This is Christmas Music Part 1:  Nat King Cole, "Christmas Favorites". As always, friend John does a delightful job of leading us into the music, instead of just... Read More »

12-09-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  Robinson's Brutus Awards for 2016, Part The First

Gather around, audiosports fans! It's that time of year again…Positive Feedback's Brutus Awards season.  At the end of each year, my unindicted co-conspirator Dave Clark and I give our Positive Feedback awards. These are our annual "best stuff we heard this year" plaudits. No padding, crap, junk food, or meaningless drivel here: Just the righteous word! As... Read More »

12-07-2016 | By Michael Zisserson

The MSB Technology and Wilson Audio Event at Fidelis Home Audio

Time with fellow music lovers, intimate demonstrations of cutting-edge technology, all brought together by a gracious host is a humbling reminder of why brick-and-mortar stores are critical for music lovers everywhere. The Venue (December 3, 2016) Fidelis Home Audio in Nashua, New Hampshire is a safe-haven for music lovers and audiophiles alike. Walter Swanbon heads... Read More »

12-02-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: A Cornucopia of Modern Music

Ustvolskaya, Silvestrov, and Kancheli. Works for Piano and Orchestra. Elisaveta Blumina, piano. Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Sanderling. Grand Piano Records GP 678. To many music lovers, the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries belong to the composers of Eastern Europe and Russia. Notable among this group are Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2000), Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937), and... Read More »

12-01-2016 | By Dan Zimmerman

The Ghost Town, or Corriganville, Old Tucson, and Bodie

The Ghost Town, or Corriganville, Old Tucson and Bodie [Once again, my longtime compadre of creativity, Dan Zimmerman combines text and his superb drawings to reflect upon life, death, memory, and art. Let those who have eyes and those who have ears, see and hear… All drawings by Dan Zimmerman. Dr. David W. Robinson, Ye... Read More »

12-01-2016 | By Myles B. Astor

Acoustic Sounds Goes Ultimate Analog - Reel-to-Reel Tape Comes of Age

"It's so easy to fall in love." Buddy Holly and Norman Petty might have just as easily been writing about reel-to-reel tape as finding one's soulmate (although tapes are not for fools!). Everything from the machines' "retro" look to the "coolness" factor to the feel of spooling up the tape to the look of the... Read More »

11-28-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - The Sutherland DUO Phono Stage

So for the past few months I have had the pleasure of using Ron Sutherland's DUO phono stage as the means of taking this from my Transrotor Leonardo 25/25/60 Doppio turntable, audiomods' Series 5 arm, and the Shelter 901 cartridge, and turning it into that for analog playback. Our current 'reference' phono stages are either the... Read More »

11-19-2016 | By Stephen Francis Vasta

Nessun Dorma: The Puccini Album

Nessun Dorma: The Puccini Album It's happened again. I'd read several years' worth of pro-and-con about Ian Bostridge before hearing the fellow, on a recital disc that I reviewed for this site a few years back. Now, after hearing numerous encomia for tenor Jonas Kaufmann, I've finally heard him sing. Given the novel repertoire for... Read More »

11-17-2016 | By John Marks

John Marks on the Music: The Emerson Quartet, 'The Art of the Fugue'

Who can gainsay Bach? Like Mozart or Beethoven, he is a towering figure. I don't know exactly how many recordings that I have of The Art of the Fugue over the decades now, but I do know that I have a lot of them. And so, one more? Well, why not?! Once again our guide... Read More »

11-16-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - Cables from Triode Wire Labs

So I have already touched on the AC cords from Triode Wire Labs in my review of the PS Audio BHK preamplifier and DirectStream DAC (as did Steve Kozle way back in Issue 61 HERE in his review of the TWL cords), and yeah, these are the real deal. What they do is pretty much take... Read More »

11-16-2016 | By Positive Feedback

The 13th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2016

Beginning at the end of 2003, PF established its first annual awards for fine audio. The Brutus Award was established for the best that David Robinson and Dave Clark had heard in their own listening rooms during that year. You can think of it as our equivalent of an "Editors' Choice" award. The Gizmo Award,... Read More »

11-12-2016 | By Claude Lemaire

Miles + MoFi = Magic

Miles Davis - Nefertiti, Miles in the Sky, and Filles de Kilimanjaro How time flies! Twenty five years almost to the day after Miles Davis passed away and close on the heels of Mobile Fidelity's 40th anniversary, the confluence of one of the most influential and iconic jazz figures with the world's preeminent record reissue label obviously brings... Read More »

11-10-2016 | By Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips on the Music: CIKADA & Oslo Sinfonietta, Maja S. K. Ratkje’s 'And sing…'

CIKADA & Oslo Sinfonietta: Maja S. K. Ratkje's And sing… (2L Recordings 2L-124-SABD, available in various formats at https://shop.klicktrack.com/2l/475351) Are you musically adventurous? That question might seem dated in a spacy, Jimi Hendrix' first album sort of way, but it's an honest question for most music lovers. We all have strange and unique recordings in... Read More »

11-10-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Guest Record Review: Analogue Productions 'Johnny Hartman: Once In Every Life', by David Nemzer

Johnny Hartman - Once In Every Life Reissued by Analogue Productions APJ 105 originally released in 1981 by Bee Hive Records BH 7012 A very difficult record to review! So much to say and so little room to say it. In 1995 Clint Eastwood directed and starred in The Bridges Of Madison County. In September... Read More »

11-08-2016 | By Marshall Nack

New York Audio Show 2016

If you find yourself in the Big Apple, you are likely to encounter street musicians. Of course, their quality varies: some are quite good, others not quite ready, while some shouldn't be out in public. I guess it's like that for most of our endeavors. Welcome to the New York Audio Show 2016, held at... Read More »

11-07-2016 | By Dean Seislove

The Neoteric Listener - The Luxman M-200 Stereo Amplifier and DA-250 USB D/A Converter

Ever been burned by an audio purchase? Yep, me too. Although a lifetime of short-term gratification ensures that I'll never have to worry about blowing big money on audio, I have learned on thing: While flash-in-the-pan audio baubles hog all the press, the wise money goes to companies that deliver high quality over time. For... Read More »

11-05-2016 | By Malcolm J. Gomes

TAVES 2016

TAVES has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years. In fact last year, it had a growth spurt that would send any teenagers with NBA stars in his eyes, into rapture. In 2014 the show attracted around 5200 people. Last year that jumped to 6500 and this year the growth continued with the... Read More »

11-04-2016 | By John Marks

John Marks on the Music: Michael Franks, 'Sleeping Gypsy'

[I've been on the road for nearly three weeks now, and that's meant an interruption to the republication of John Marks' fine contributions to the musical and audio arts. Apologies all around. In this article from The Tannhauser Gate (http://www.thetannhausergate.com), John shares an elegant and polished jazz album from the '70s, Michael Franks' Sleeping Gypsy. He's right... Read More »

11-04-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  A Reference System from TIDAL Audio

No. Not the streaming media service. Turns out, there's a major high-end audio company in Germany, TIDAL Audio, which is joining the ranks of world-class audio design. In fact, TIDAL Audio, founded in 1999 by Jorn Janczk with the stated intent of building the finest audio systems on the planet, has been around years longer... Read More »

11-03-2016 | By Carol Clark

Astell & Kern AK70…FTW!

Perhaps the Astell & Kern AK70 is better suited for young people who know what the acronym ftw means. It's small, affordable, and holds a lot of music. It has all kinds of features that make it easy to use. But, the AK70 is just right for me, and I'm old. Oh, and don't worry,... Read More »

11-02-2016 | By Greg Beron

Really Reel: Greg Beron on Tape, Part 1

[By way of introduction, Greg Beron has become well known in the world of high-end tape recorders for his outstanding Phasexx series. I was extremely impressed by his Phase11S when it was here back in 2013, and used it to do some seminal test transfers of several of our reference library tapes (e.g., Opus3 Records... Read More »

11-01-2016 | By Roger Skoff

The Plastic Business

Roger Skoff writes about Hi-Fi and the Music Business Many a long year ago, when I was still in school (Frankly, I don't remember whether it was high school or college) somebody (again, I don't remember who) told me that if I wanted to get rich, I should go into business and sell either water... Read More »

11-01-2016 | By Jeff Day

The Duelund Coherent Audio DCA16GA Premium Tinned-Copper 'Vintage Tone' Cable

Frederik Carøe in Denmark knocked me out with his amazing Duelund Coherent Audio CAST capacitors, inductors, resistors, and autoformers that I wrote about in Issue 70 and Issue 74 of Positive Feedback as part of the Duelund-Westminster Royal SE loudspeaker project, and now Frederik has done it once again with his superb Duelund Coherent Audio... Read More »

11-01-2016 | By Bruce Walker

The Wild, Wacky World of Walker: Audio Humor with a Twist!

Try it now! I found a new grounding point! . . . Read More »

10-28-2016 | By Brian Moura

Discoveries at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

October has arrived and for many audio fans on the West Coast that means it's time for the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest also known as RMAF. This year's edition of RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) was held, as in the past, at the Marriott Tech Center Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  RMAF has several advantages... Read More »

10-26-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - The TELOS GNR Active Grounding Box

An issue or two back, I wrote enthusiastically about the grounding units from Entreq (HERE), and how these passive grounding boxes allowed me to hear way more into the music. Yeah, they work as advertised and for sure, they should be seen as a requisite addition to anyone who is serious about audio and their... Read More »

10-21-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Dover Quartet Plays Mozart; Colin Matthews’ Concertos; Quirine Viersen Plays Britten’s Cello Suites; Kurtag’s Music for String Quartet; and Bon Iver.

Dover Quartet Plays Mozart Quartets K.589 and K.550; and Quintet K.406. Cedille CDR 90000 167. Listening to new recordings of Mozart is often difficult for reviewers because we are always looking for differences—something we can peg a review on. Something new to say. It is rare to come upon a Mozart recording and be surprised...... Read More »

10-21-2016 | By Scott Dorsey

AES 2016 Awards

Best Product in Show Okay, I didn't actually see it in the show, only afterward, but it was in there somewhere. Kenetek is making a direct replacement for the optical attenuator module in the LA-3A compressors. Yeah, they have been making it for a couple years now but it was new to me and it's... Read More »

10-21-2016 | By Scott Dorsey

AES 2016 Los Angeles

The Audio Engineering Society puts on a convention in the US every year, and what makes it most interesting is that traditionally it has been both a trade show and a scientific conference with formal papers, both in the same building at the same time. This makes it more interesting than other trade shows, because... Read More »

10-21-2016 | By Jeff Day

The 12.5-Inch Woody SPU Tonearm™ from Pete Riggle Audio Engineering

The 12.5-Inch Woody SPU Tonearm™ from Pete Riggle Audio Engineering. If Gustav Stickley (1853 – 1942), the renowned figure of the Arts & Crafts movement in America, were to have made a tonearm to complement his American Craftsman style of furniture, what would it have looked like? I like to imagine that if Stickley had... Read More »

10-20-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Rushton Paul: My DIY Approach to the Ultrasonic Cleaning of LPs

[Rush Paul is an audio friend of mine, who happens to share my passionate love for LPs and Lloyd Walker's wonderful Walker Audio Proscenium Turntable, arguably one of the very best reference turntables on this humble rock. He's deeply into getting the best out of his albums. Rush recently sent me his notes summarizing his... Read More »

10-14-2016 | By Michael Vamos

Michael Vamos, Music Lover: Talk Talk – 'Laughing Stock'

Many know Talk Talk's first three albums, which had hits like "It's My Life" and "Life's What You Make It." But Talk Talk made five albums, each one better than the last, and then quit at the top of their art. Surprisingly few know the band's last two albums:  The Spirit of Eden and Laughing... Read More »

10-13-2016 | By Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips on the Music: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – 'I Had a Dream That You Were Mine'

Hamilton Leithauser, I Had a Dream That You Were Mine (GlassNote GLS021001) 2 LPs, $19.98, purchased at The Sound Garden, Syracuse NY Hamilton Leithauser is a bit of a throwback. As a singer he's got one of those big voices, the type of voice that automatically pulls a guy to the front edge of the stage... Read More »

09-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

The Editors Series - Edgar Kramer of Audio Esoterica

The audio domain is a field which combines a few spheres of human activity, i.e. music, the art of recording and reproducing it. The most important aspects of music reproduction are: technical knowledge, musical sensitivity and attention to artistic design. The last of the three is (or rather used to be) especially controversial. It is... Read More »



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Sophia Electric Coke Bottle KT88-ST...

12-10-2016 | By Francisco Duran

Since the modification to my solid-state Reference Marantz integrated amplifier more than a few years ago, my tube amplifiers have been gathering dust. My modified PM15S1 has been getting the lion's share of the musical... Read More »
van den Hul 3T Rock Cables
Notes on the van den Hul 3T The...

12-09-2016 | By Robert H. Levi

van den Hul 3T Rock Interconnects I have been most curious about Van den Hul interconnects as they have a sterling reputation, but a lesser following in America compared to the rest of the world. Jay Rein, their distributor... Read More »
Redefining Neutrality - The...

12-07-2016 | By Maurice Jeffries

For several months, the superb Silnote Audio Orion-M1 Master Reference XLR interconnects have anchored my reference system. The time spent testing their sonic mettle has proven an unmitigated delight, and a revelation. I... Read More »
Auralic Altair Wireless Streaming...

12-05-2016 | By Gary L Beard

For the second time this year, I've had the good fortune to report on an exciting new digital product. This time it is Auralic's latest digital to analog star, the Auralic Altair Wireless Streaming DAC.   According to... Read More »
Lamm Industries LP1 Signature Phono...

12-03-2016 | By Marshall Nack

Tempus Fugit but Some Things Stay the Same Three nearly identical, "old school," black chassis took up position on my rack. It would be a stretch to call them eye candy—some visitors chided the pro audio cosmetics—yet... Read More »
The Parasound Halo Integrated...

12-02-2016 | By Scott Robertson

The world of high-end audio is wondrous, but can easily reach the realm of unrealistic indulgence for all but the very wealthy. I have been fortunate to hear two channel audio systems with price tags well into the six-figure... Read More »
Transmission Line Revelations: The...

11-29-2016 | By Maurice Jeffries

Sometimes bigger, I mean longer, is better! Straight out of the box, one can't help but notice that the Role Audio Starship SE speakers look a bit different than your typical compact two-way floor-standers. Oh, the cabinets... Read More »
The Legacy Audio Signature SE...

11-24-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

[Note that this guest review is by Wolfgang Kemper of HiFi Statement, our affiliated journal in Germany, edited by good friend Dirk Sommer.] The famous New York Mercy Sound Studios has been working with Legacy Audio... Read More »
Wells Audio Looking Glass
Into the 'Looking Glass' - Wells...

11-21-2016 | By Francisco Duran

Sometimes we come to the reality that a certain product in our system is not the be all and end all we thought it was. Take for instance the "built-in DAC". It is a great idea till that fast paced technology renders that... Read More »
Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better:...

11-20-2016 | By Maurice Jeffries

Navigating the New Digital Highway For the past year or so, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the theoretical promise but pragmatic limitations of computer-based audio playback. When all the stars align, meaning a... Read More »
Stage III Concepts Analord Master

11-19-2016 | By Marshall Nack

One evening in the vacant space of my commute home, I contemplated phono cables. (Yes, too much free time on my hands.) Specifically, wouldn't the magnitude of difference in the output of a phono cartridge vs. that of an... Read More »
Ayon Audio Triton III Integrated...

11-14-2016 | By Gary Lea

I have always been a fan of Ayon products. While many of their offerings are not for the faint of heart from a cost perspective you can generally count on the company to produce some of the finest gear around and you could... Read More »
Furutech NanoFlux Power Cords,...

11-08-2016 | By Scott Robertson

As an engineer, I find it very gratifying when I review products that apply science to great success in delivering outstanding sound—a difference you can readily hear, provided the overall system can resolve high quality... Read More »
Teddy Pardo MB100 Amplifiers

11-05-2016 | By Michael Zisserson

The Israel-based company Teddy Pardo, which shares its founder's name, has accomplished quite a feat. It has birthed the Teddy Pardo MB100, a 100-watt monoblock amplifier amid a sea of competition in the $2500USD price... Read More »
photo by Jones Studio
Grado Statement Series GS2000e...

11-03-2016 | By Robert H. Levi

"Be careful what you wish for" says the old proverb. Oh yeah. In this case, I am glad I did! When I reviewed the limited edition Grado Heritage Series Headphones in all maple last year, I commented on the lively sound of the... Read More »
The Nomos Lenco L 75 Modification

11-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

  Lenco L 75 or Thorens TD 150 / II - that was the question that I asked myself in 1969 when I had to buy a new turntable. The mechanism of the my automatic old Dual 1015 turntable completely fell apart after only a few... Read More »


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industry news
GHOSTWIRE Announces the Return of Silverheart Cables!

GHOSTWIRE:  The Return of Silverheart In 2014 Chris Sommovigo had a little side project called A.H.A or “After Hours Audio” where he...

New GoldenEar Technology Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced SuperSub™ X Subwoofer is Now Shipping

New GoldenEar Technology Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced SuperSub™ X Subwoofer is Now Shipping   GoldenEar’s new SuperSub™ line up is...

Cary Audio Introduces the AiOS All-in-One System

Cary Audio would like to introduce the first product of the new Lifestyle Series, the AiOS (All-in-One-System). AiOS is a new kind of music...

Brooklyn-Based Pianist Erik Deutsch Digitally Releases Debut Solo ALBUM & VIDEO

Brooklyn-Based Pianist Erik Deutsch Digitally Releases Debut Solo ALBUM & VIDEO Available DSD Pure/Hi-Res PCM   Creatures (Immersive...

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Couch-Surfing & Liquid Dreamin' By Michael Mercer

After the madness (and I mean, literally BTW) ensued following my separation, I found myself driving back to Los...

OccupyHifi - Part WTF: Are We Really-Reachin' Out to Music Culture By Michael Mercer

Movements are too big for ANY one website, online publication, forum, show/convention, person, or group. A movement is...

Gear and Roaming in Colorado - RMAF 2016 By Michael Mercer

What a long, strange trip it's been. I've wanted to start an on-going, diary-like series for too long now. I'll be the...

[a]pendics.shuffle: Crazy Music Connection By Michael Mercer

[a]pendics.shuffle: The name jumped off the screen during some late-night online record shopping. One day I'll share...

HIFI Statement
Diapason Astera Loudspeaker By Dirk Sommer

Ich habe mich – zumindest gefühlt – seit Jahrzehnten nur noch mit Standboxen beschäftigt. Dementsprechend war...

Auris Adagio 300B SE Integrated Amplifier By Jürgen Saile

Eine 300B Single Ended Triode muss ins Haus! Whatever it takes (Mario Draghi). Wobei sich die Kosten im Fall des Auris...

Digital cable by Goebel Audio By Dirk Sommer

Den famosen Lautsprecher- und Signalkabeln von Göbel-Audio konnte ich nicht widerstehen. Die Netzkabel habe ich...

MEE audio Pinnacle P1 By Bert Seidenstücker

Pinnacle: der Gipfel, der Höhepunkt! MEE Audio stapelt bei der Produktbezeichnung seines In-Ear-Hörer gewiss nicht...

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