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07-27-2016 | By Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips on the Music: The Avalanches – 'Wildflower' on LP

The Avalanches, Wildflower Astralwerks 2547900289 $19.99 for the two LP set "Is that serious music?" I remember my first wife asking me that question back in 1989 when I brought home Pixies' Doolittle and gave it an inaugural spin. I'd gotten all the way to the eighth song on the album, "Mr. Grieves," to the part where... Read More »

07-27-2016 | By Norman Tracy

Lone Star Audio Fest 2016 Show Report

We had a great time at Lone Star Audio Fest 2016. From my vantage point inside the event as an exhibitor and listener from Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening LSAF 2016 was once again any audiophile's candy store. The first paragraphs of my Positive Feedback report on LSAF 2015 (HERE) details the history of this... Read More »

07-26-2016 | By John Marks

John Marks' Vault Treasures: Julie London, 'Time for Love: The Best of Julie London'

[In this week's cross-published installment of "Vault Treasures" from his site, The Tannhauser Gate (http://www.thetannhausergate.com), John Marks shifts his attention to one of the lesser-known (today) singers of the 1950s, Julie London. Her story is a Hollywood-classic "I was discovered while doing something pretty mundane, and then I became a star." But her natural singing ability, unschooled... Read More »

07-26-2016 | By David W. Robinson

The Higher End:  The Passing of Winston Ma

David W. Robinson, with John Tucker Winston Ma at his garden:  A portrait. Bellevue, WA, 2001. There seem to be a number of passings in 2016 already. Sure, that's always true, statistically. But this has already been a bad year for notable music figures dying…David Bowie, Prince, Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey, John Berry, Merle Haggard,... Read More »

07-24-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

Chord DAVE, Part 2: The Interview With Rob Watts

Introduction:  Interviews to listen to... For the English version of the second and third parts of the review on the Chord DAVE, we have come up with something new:  You can listen to Rob Watts' comments on the individual pages of his presentation, and Mr. Roland Dietl's and my intermediate questions. Roland Dietl (left) and... Read More »

07-22-2016 | By Stephen Francis Vasta

Klaus Florian Vogt: Helden

It's refreshing not to have to cringe at a "new" singer's technical flaws, as I find myself doing more and more. Klaus Florian Vogt, in a program is mostly drawn from the Heldentenor (heroic tenor) repertoire, offers a clear, compact tone, a reliable legato, and some interpretive smarts. Vogt's actual instrument sounds, as recorded, more... Read More »

07-21-2016 | By John Marks

John Marks' Vault Treasures: Frank Sinatra, *Where Are You?*

[This week, John Marks touches on one of the truly great popular singers of the 20th Century, Frank Sinatra. Where Are You? comes to us from the later 1950s, and shows Sinatra maturing in his mastery. It also shows us just how great the recording arts had already progressed by this time. With his "Vault Treasures"... Read More »

07-21-2016 | By Tom Gibbs

Tales from the Dungeon, Part 1

"The more things change, the more they remain the same." - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr What a load of crap! Sometimes, when things change, they seriously change, and things are nowhere nearly the same as they were! What I'm referring to here is my personal situation, where, in the space of a couple of months, we bought... Read More »

07-17-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  From an Editor’s Notebook

In which our hero meditates… Some plaudits where plaudits are due I have several items that have been accumulating in my notebook for a couple of months now. One was a notion for a full review that didn't need to be done, since another PF reviewer (Marshall Nack) did the main lifting; the others were candidates for... Read More »

07-15-2016 | By John Marks

John Marks' New Music: Sergey Schepkin: J. S. Bach: The Six Partitas, BWV 825-830

[For this week's "New Music" selection, John Marks shares with us Sergey Schepkin's Bach:  The Six Partitas. I agree completely with John when he writes "Familiarity with at least some of Bach's masterworks is a matter of core Cultural Literacy..." Amen! Think of it as a matter of "cultural critical mass"...the truly worthy things that you... Read More »

07-15-2016 | By Marc Phillips

Jane Ira Bloom’s 'Early Americans'

"Carmine said one boy, here are two!" – Larry London, The Freshman I'm not sure why I started hearing the late Maximillian Schell's heavily accented voice in my head the first time I listened to Jane Ira Bloom's new CD, Early Americans. I suspect it had something to do with reviewing Todd Hunter's Eat, Drink,... Read More »

07-15-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - The Entreq Grounding Boxes

So if you have been following my ramblings over the years (of which I tend to ramble—hence the title of my column) it is obvious that one of my goals with our system is to minimize noise. Not my music per se, since much of it is noise, but the noise that rides in the... Read More »

07-13-2016 | By John Marks

A TTG Vault Treasure: John Marks on 'Clifford Brown with Strings'

[For John Marks' initial cross-publication to Positive Feedback of his Tuesday offerings on great recordings from The Tannhauser Gate (http://www.thetannhausergate.com), we offer the first of his columns:  Clifford Brown with Strings. As usual, John enriches our lives with recorded gems that we should all be aware of...and this time is no exception. Read on! Dr. David W. Robinson... Read More »

07-13-2016 | By Dean Seislove

The Neoteric Listener - The Eclipse TD508 Mk3 Loudspeakers

Standing behind him, Michaelis saw with a shock that he was looking at the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg, which had just emerged, pale and enormous, from the dissolving night. "God sees everything," repeated Wilson. "That's an advertisement," Michaelis assured him - Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby They look like eyeballs to me. At first, they... Read More »

07-13-2016 | By Robert Schryer

Journeys in Audio Subjectivism – Part Six, John DeVore

DeVore Fidelity: Why Getting the Best Sound is all About Balance, or: "C'mon, John. Just once for the camera—Cheeeeese!"   "I began obsessing about hi-fi more than 40 years ago. I also love station-wagons with manual transmissions, shirts that actually fit, old stuff that looks futuristic and new stuff that looks retro. I'm also more... Read More »

07-09-2016 | By John Marks

Delmoni & Martorella: Chopin/Milstein

Delmoni & Martorella: Chopin/Milstein [One of the categories of music reviewing and commentary that John Marks brings to Positive Feedback from The Tannhauser Gate is that of music videos. With the global explosion of online videos driven by YouTube, music lovers and audiophiles have been given a great opportunity to see as well as hear great performances, and... Read More »

07-08-2016 | By Clark Johnsen

From Clark Johnsen's Diary - Sounding Out!

Many PF readers will be as surprised by finding this as I was. It's properly academic (in the more pleasant sense of the word), but also very au courant with political and cultural thinking and teaching in American universities. For whatever that's worth. Now have at it. Their opening salvo: Sounding Out!/ is a weekly... Read More »

07-08-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  THE Show Newport Beach, 2016, Part 2 – Photographic Portraits and Moments

A portrait of the artist at play:  David W. Robinson with EveAnna Manley (photograph by Dave Clark) The second part of my THE Show report from Newport Beach 2016 shifts the focus (so to speak) from the event, the rooms, and the equipment, to the people in our high-end audio community. As an artist, I... Read More »

07-07-2016 | By John Marks

Respighi Impressioni brasiliane, La Boutique fantasque

Respighi Impressioni brasiliane, La Boutique fantasque Liège Royal Philharmonic, John Neschling, conductor BIS SACD 2050 [John Marks' first cross-published music review from The Tannhauser Gate (http://www.thetannhausergate.com) is of a composer near and dear to my heart for many years now:  Ottorino Respighi. I have many of his recordings various formats, including LP, CD, and SACD, but... Read More »

07-06-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  THE Show Newport Beach 2016, Part 1, My Audio Oasis! Awards

Already! Already THE Show has come and gone! Where did June 9-12 go? The first post-Richard Beers event is in the books now, and the results are in. According to Maurice Jung, the new president of THE Show, and his staff, total attendance was nearly 10,400 over the four days. The “Industry Day” was Thursday,... Read More »

07-06-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

TARA Labs' Evolution Cables

The impact of tests in trade magazines is either described as none or of a sort that can change everything; it depends on whether or not the one who expresses such an opinion likes or does not like the press and/or reviews. But if you want to form your own opinion, it would be best... Read More »

07-05-2016 | By Gary L Beard

A System Approach: Benchmark Media Comes to gb's Tune Saloon

For a number of months, I've been jamming to the sounds of the Benchmark Media Systems DAC2 HGC D/A converter and AHB2 stereo amplifier. While a bit late to the review party; I am anything but a groomsman, because listening to this gear is the ultimate reward for my time. BM builds serious professional equipment;... Read More »

07-03-2016 | By Steve Lefkowicz

T.H.E Show Newport 2016 (Part 1)

I know I always start my show report with some kind of a rant about the state of the high-end audio as both an industry and a hobby. Not this time. After spending four full days at T.H.E Show Newport 2016 (if you include the "press and VIP" day on Thursday), I can say this... Read More »

07-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Jacek Gawlowski

A Kingdom for a Horse - Mastering According to Jacek Gawlowski We know who a sound engineer and a sound director are, as well as we are aware of the role of a producer. But how about a mastering specialist? Jacek Gawłowski, a Grammy award winner of the year 2014, will be our guide through... Read More »

07-01-2016 | By John Marks

Bricasti M1 "Limited" Digital-to-Analog Converter

Yes, what you see is what you get (if Santa Claus really likes you, that is): A Bricasti M1 Digital-to-Analog Converter with gold-plated casework. United States Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, $15,000. (Why do I hear echoes of Auric Goldfinger gloating, "No, Mr. Bond; I expect you to die!") Bricasti is a Massachusetts, USA company that... Read More »

07-01-2016 | By Larry Cox

THE Show Newport

I'm late for the party: Many have already posted their thoughts on Irvine's, er Newport Beach's "THE Show" from early June. I intended to post earlier but my pictures turned out poorly and I have been too busy. The first thing every intelligent or at least conscious reviewer should say is... it's hard to draw conclusions.... Read More »

06-30-2016 | By Dave Clark

Focal and Headphones

So the news got out early, and we goofed by not having the right day nor time to attend the Press Event at The Source AV in Torrance, but in the end everyone has either read somewhere that, yes Focal is now making headphones. Well they were already doing that, but the news is that... Read More »

06-28-2016 | By Dean Seislove

The Neoteric Listener - The WyWires Platinum Series

And, now, a quick audiophile word association game. What comes to mind when you read the following? Belt drive turntables Quad DSD Marantz Model 9 Electrostatic loudspeakers High End Cables  If you're like me, all of those items produced definite responses, most likely shaped by plenty of articles and opinions like the one you're about... Read More »

06-26-2016 | By Marc Phillips

Marc Phillips Music Review: Ingvild Koksvik’s Og sangen kom fra havet

I absolutely adore Ingvild Koksvik. A small part of that is because she's this beautiful and almost ethereal creature wandering through vast Norwegian landscapes and singing in this clear and goosebump-inducing voice that is sounds like it's from a dream, one of your favorite dreams, the kind that make you regret you eventually woke up—and... Read More »

06-20-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Brief Impressions: Fiona Joy's Into the Mist in Quad DSD from Blue Coast Records

Fiona Joy - Into The Mist I have been spending some time with several new titles from Cookie Marenco's Blue Coast Records, all in Quad DSD. One of them was by an artist that I've developed a great deal of affection for, Fiona Joy. The album is entitled Into the Mist, and for me, that... Read More »

06-20-2016 | By Scott Dedo

Riva S Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: a Layman's Review

"Hey, check this out," Dave said as he pulled a sleek silver and black gizmo from a sturdy little nylon sleeve. "It's a Riva portable speaker," he said, tapping a glowing touch-button. A rich, whirly arpeggio emanated with a surprising bit of rumble to it. He rattled off some technical-sounding descriptions that were over my... Read More »

06-17-2016 | By Dave Clark

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, Part Five

T.H.E. Show Newport, the conclusion! From Part One... Second year at the same location, the Hotel Irvine, room 441, and with us arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a full day of teaching. Tired, exhausted... and bittersweet as this was the next to last week before we retired as educators. Daunting task. Set up a room—a hospitality room... Read More »

06-17-2016 | By Dave Clark

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, Part Four

T.H.E. Show coverage continues... with more. From Part One... Second year at the same location, the Hotel Irvine, room 441, and with us arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a full day of teaching. Tired, exhausted... and bittersweet as this was the next to last week before we retired as educators. Daunting task. Set up a room—a hospitality... Read More »

06-17-2016 | By Dave Clark

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, Part Three

T.H.E. Show coverage continues...  about half way there! From Part One... Second year at the same location, the Hotel Irvine, room 441, and with us arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a full day of teaching. Tired, exhausted... and bittersweet as this was the next to last week before we retired as educators. Daunting task. Set up a... Read More »

06-17-2016 | By Dave Clark

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, Part Two

T.H.E. Show coverage continues... with a second page. From Part One...  Second year at the same location, the Hotel Irvine, room 441, and with us arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a full day of teaching. Tired, exhausted... and bittersweet as this was the next to last week before we retired as educators. Daunting task. Set up a... Read More »

06-17-2016 | By Dave Clark

T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, Part One

Second year at the same location, the Hotel Irvine, room 441, and with us arriving late Wednesday afternoon after a full day of teaching. Tired, exhausted... and bittersweet as this was the next to last week before we retired as educators. Daunting task. Set up a room—a hospitality room with an audio system hitting well over a... Read More »

06-16-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Krakow Sonic Society Meeting 103 TARA LABS Evolution Series

Expensive cabling systems have become something 'common'—both for you, the readers of High Fidelity, and for us, the members of the Krakow Sonic Society. On one hand one might consider it a 'sign of our times', the average price of products of high-end companies sky-rocketed, but it's also also a sign of catching up with... Read More »

06-16-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Acoustic Revive Interconnect and Power Cable

It seems that High Fidelity was one of the first magazines in the world, and surely outside Japan, that received  Acoustic Revive cables based on PC-Triple C copper and published such a review (No. 126, October 1st 2014). The Japanese magazine Audio Accessory, printed their review a month before us in their September issue, dedicated... Read More »



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Linnenberg Elektronik Vicace 2 and...

07-26-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

  Linnenberg Elektronik offers thousands of products and most of them come from the Far East. China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan quickly conquered a market segment that seemed to be reserved for DIY products. DACs... Read More »
The Maggie 1.7i in the House
High End Audio in the Age of...

07-26-2016 | By Maurice Jeffries

First Impressions   As I reported in Part 1 of this installment, I first encountered the Maggie 1.7 loudspeakers (recently upgraded to its current 1.7i iteration) during a brief audition at Audible Elegance, a respected... Read More »
Audiomat D1 Transport

07-22-2016 | By Paul Candy

You have not accidentally stumbled into the archives of PF. The subject of today's review is indeed a $9000 CD transport and the year is 2016 not 1996. Why would anyone buy such a thing now that CD is on the wane? Audiomat... Read More »
SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

07-21-2016 | By Victor Chavira

I value ground trembling sensation of well-executed extreme low frequency as much as any audio nut. For the majority of my listening, though, extreme low frequency is not essential to musical satisfaction. However, lately I... Read More »
Morrical on the Hardware: Wall...

07-19-2016 | By Brad Morrical

Introduction Wall Audio is a brand that is not well known to many people, even in the audiophile world, but Andreas Wall has been designing and building high end products for more than 30 years. However, he has a very good... Read More »
Stage III TRITON Schematic small
Stage III Triton Power Cord

07-18-2016 | By Marshall Nack

You know how you can tell in 10 seconds if a component has it? Alas, it doesn't happen all that often—the good ones are few and far between. Just like the players in this industry—those who know real sound are few and... Read More »
Exogal Comet Plus DAC

07-14-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

In this particular case one word explains it all... Wadia (www.wadia.com). This iconic American brand for years has been synonymous with high-end digital source, as it specialized in Compact Disc players, both integrated... Read More »
The Chord DAVE DAC, Part 1

07-07-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

As reported in the News Section of HiFi Statement, I didn't have much chance to listen to some music when developer Rob Watts visited me with the Chord DAVE. But fortunately, I didn't have to wait too long for a second... Read More »
Puro BT5200 Headphones

07-01-2016 | By Victor Chavira

One day while browsing at the local Fry's Electronics superstore I noticed the mindboggling variety facing headphone customers. An entire aisle display was stocked full of headphones of every size, shape, and color. How does... Read More »
conductor virtuoso 1
Burson Conductor Virtuoso and...

06-29-2016 | By Steve Lefkowicz

There's been a long, and I think unfortunate trend in the upper reaches of high-end audio over the last fifteen years or so. It is the moving of high end audio from an endeavor based on making gear whose principle raison... Read More »
Rhapsody Loudspeaker Cable
Rhapsody from Bali - Cables from...

06-28-2016 | By Al Chieng

Checking my email inbox I was happily surprised to find an email from the owner of Vermouth Audio. Based out of Bali Hendry Ramli has created a line of loudspeaker cable, power cables, and speakers. Being impressed with his... Read More »
64 Audio U12 IEMs

06-26-2016 | By Smit Patel

Recently, there has been an emergence of innovation and unprecedented technologies which have overhauled the headphone and IEM industry from a stagnant industry to one which is exciting and rapidly ever-changing. Redefining... Read More »
PS Audio PerfectWave Memory CD/DVD...

06-20-2016 | By Gregory Petan

On a recent visit to Bleeker Records in NYC, I asked the Owner how LP sales were doing. "Fine, but it is CDs that are really hot". I did my best Labrador Retriever head tilt and quipped "Really?" That was the best I could... Read More »
SW16 4
Dynamic Design’s Neutron SW16...

06-17-2016 | By Marshall Nack

An importer/distributor I know has taken to calling me "the stalwart reviewer." At first we both laughed, although I wasn't sure what he meant. On reflection, I decided I should be flattered. One of the benefits of longevity... Read More »
Audio Tekne TEA-2000 Phonostage

06-16-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

It happened only once before that High Fidelity tested the same product twice. It was the Nagra's PL-P preamplifier, that was firstly reviewed in our issue No. 19 (November  2005), and later in issue No 50 (November 2008).... Read More »
GORGON schematic
Gorgon Interconnect Cable from...

06-01-2016 | By Marshall Nack

"That is a…a…a power cord?" It's a guilty pleasure witnessing visitors' disbelief when I show them a Stage III Concepts cable. Even seasoned audiophiles are predictably wide-eyed. The uncommon (unnatural?) girth and... Read More »


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industry news
MQA names Mike Jbara as CEO

Music technology specialist MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) appoints Mike Jbara as CEO MQA, the music technology company founded by Bob...

Goldmund Launches A Support Center In Taiwan And Restructures Its Distribution In China

The Swiss company Goldmund has been present in Asia for more than three decades. The high demand for Goldmund products and the brand...

Cary Audio Introduces the SI-300.2d Digital Integrated Amplifier

The SI-300.2d integrated amplifier is yet another milestone as Cary Audio forges deeper into the new era of sought after premium audio...

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Audio Exclusiv 103 MC Pickup By Wolfgang Kemper

Die kanadische Manufaktur Charisma Audio hat es in nur wenigen Jahren zu viel Anerkennung gebracht. Bei uns werden die...

Audeze LCD 4 Headphone By Dirk Sommer

Ich denke, der iPod war Schuld: In der letzten Dekade ist mobiler Musikgenuss wieder ungemein populär geworden. Das...

XTZ Divine 100.33 Speaker from Sweden By Peter Banholzer

XTZ dürfte Hifistatement-Lesern schon seit Anfang des Jahres bekannt sein: Da testeten wir einen kleineren...

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