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04-24-2016 | By Brian Moura

Nativ Touchscreen Music System Tops Fund Raising Goal

Nativ Sound, an audio start-up based in Hong Kong working on a family of elegant touchscreen music components, has announced that they have passed their $100,000 fund raising goal on Indegogo in one week. This exceeds the company's original goal of reaching that milestone in 2 months. Nativ's family of music system components includes Nativ... Read More »

04-24-2016 | By Andy Schaub

The MOON Neo 280D and the MiND of Simaudio

"Shine on you crazy diamond"  - by Pink Floyd First of all, I should say that I like the Simaudio MOON Neo 280D ($2200) very much and that, with the optional MiND module, it provides for a one-box media server solution, WiFi support, DSD256-capable DAC, and all. Having said that, I did run into a... Read More »

04-24-2016 | By Karl Lozier

Music from Prokofiev, Sylvia, Gabrieli, and More!

Prokofiev, Scythian Suite & Symphony No. 3. Orchestra: Sao Paulo Symphony. Conductor: Marin Alsop. Recording: Naxos NBD0047 There certainly are significant differences in the music composed by Prokofiev compared to those famous Russian composers that preceded him. It is our good fortune to have his compositions available now. Yes, he turned out those compositions needed by performers in the... Read More »

04-24-2016 | By Robert S. Youman

Axpona 2016 – Into The Mystic

Hark, now hear the sailors cry Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic And when that foghorn blows I will be coming home And when the foghorn blows I want to hear it I don't have to fear it and I want to rock your gypsy... Read More »

04-24-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Ibragimova’s Mozart x 2; Return of Eighth Blackbird; Violist Paul Neubauer; Max Reger; and New Music for Flute and Piano.

Mozart, Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Alina Ibragimova, violin. Cédric Tiberghien, piano. 2 CD's. Hyperion CDA 68091. Most of us know when we're hearing the real Mozart and not a near miss, we know in our heads and elsewhere what is required of a genuine Mozart performance. Today we have the composer's Sonatas for Keyboard... Read More »

04-13-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions: A Note from an Editor's Backside

Things can pile up. From time to time, especially when I get too busy, miscellaneous projects and notes accumulate. They don't warrant a major article, but they are items that I should mention to you. And this is a brief and very different sort of flash for you. Ergo 21 As a writer and editor,... Read More »

04-03-2016 | By Michael Mercer

CanJam SoCal 2016 - Behind the Booths and Back

A Personal Audio Odyssey  Dan Wrights ModWright Tryst headphone amp was stunningly musical & engaging. CanJam SoCal 2016 was a very special time for me, and it was a raging success for Head-Fi.org and the personal audio community. A good friend recently said on the phone, "Sounds like it couldn't have gone any better," he... Read More »

04-03-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Sikora Reference Turntable

Lublin is a city in the south-east part of Poland and the capital of Lublin Voivodeship (province). The name  Lublin, exactly the same as today which is quite rare, first appeared in chronicles in 1228. Just like Kraków comes from the name of Krak, a legendary ruler residing on Wawel Hill, also Lublin comes from... Read More »

04-03-2016 | By Bartosz Pacula

Seong-Jin Ho - The Man and His Music

The winner of the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition The 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition which took place between the 1st and 23rd October 2015 in Warsaw was a tremendous artistic and, in a way, commercial success. It was not a coincidence—the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute responsible for organizing the competition, in cooperation... Read More »

04-03-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Schnittke, Tchaikovsky, Jessica Lee.

Schnittke, Penitential Psalms; Three Sacred Hymns. RIAS Kammerch0r, Hans Christian Rademann, conductor. Harmonia Mundi 902225. Russian Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998), as I've written many times before here, is one of those second generation modernists who makes you go to him and who generally makes you glad you did. His Penitential Psalms confront us with sternness until... Read More »

03-28-2016 | By Myles B. Astor

Anne Bisson: Blue Mind­ An Audiophile Favorite is Given a Makeover

Anne Bisson: Blue Mind, Co-sponsored by Wuti Larnroongroj, Brilliance Music and Studios and Gary Koh, Genesis Advanced Technologies. 15-ips, 2-track, reel-to-reel tape. Originally produced and recorded by: Guy St. Orge. Recorded July 21-22, 2008, Reference Studio, St-Calixte, Quebec. Remastered by Bernie Grundman. http://www.annebisson.com/en/. Price: $600. It's rare that performers get to revisit and remaster their... Read More »

03-27-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - the Daedalus Audio DiD, iFi USB and DC iPurifiers, and Modified Rega Arm from audiomods

So in my last Audio Ramblings, I wrote… "Not sure how this came about, but man do I have a lot of stuff here to review… the PS Audio BHK250 amplifier and their AC12 and AC5 power cables, the Aurender N100H streamer, the Entreq Poseidon Grounding box and cables, several items from Synergistic Research (Black... Read More »

03-25-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Kinsky, Copula Mundi

Kinsky, Copula Mundi. SPV Poland/Requiem Records 104 | 2015. Premiere: 1993. Re-edition: 2015. Medium: Compact Disc The Kinsky band, which was created in 1992, existed only for six years and recorded only one album, but, perhaps thanks to this, it has become the legend of underground rock music in Poland. Its music is most frequently described as a combination of... Read More »

03-25-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Pylon Audio Sapphire 23 Loudspeakers

Considering the present times and other Pylon Audio products, 23 loudspeakers from the Sapphire series have untypical proportions. If they had been produced a few years ago, that would not have been strange. At that time, almost all loudspeakers offered by Pylon Audio, Monitor Audio and other manufacturers representing the base and medium price ranges... Read More »

03-24-2016 | By David W. Robinson

My Life in Music, by Joe Cohen

[Joe Cohen is a long-time friend of Positive Feedback, and owner of The Lotus Group, a high-end audio company in California. Joe is married to the Jazz vocalist Daria, and has a deep love of music going well back into the early days of his life. I read an earlier, shorter version of his musical... Read More »

03-21-2016 | By Jeremy Kipnis

From The Kipnis Studios (KSS™) – The ART of Observation: Listening and Watching!

Music & Film, Audio & Video, Learning & Understanding, Art & Life: "The Soundtrack" – A musical accompaniment created by the Gods! Often when I watch a film, the music portion of the soundtrack can take a back seat to the dialog and sound effects, which make up the better portion of what we experience sonically... Read More »

03-21-2016 | By Scott Robertson

Adventures in Cabling

Want to start an argument with your audiophile friends? Tell them cables don't make a difference in sound. Or conversely, tell them cables do make a very clear and easily discernable difference. One side or the other, you are bound to get all kinds of personal experience stories and possible pseudo-science claims as to why... Read More »

03-16-2016 | By Robert Schryer

Journeys in Audio Subjectivism - Part Four

Zu Audio: divine, evil, beautiful, disgusting; Or, "Careful with that tone, mister." So what kind of sound are you after? Accurate? Musical? Okay. But according to whom? Because, the fact is, each of us has a brain that's unique, including in what it perceives as being accurate and musical. Does this make us all somehow... Read More »

03-14-2016 | By Stephen Francis Vasta

Nikolaus Harnoncourt Conducts Bruckner

Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 in D minor, "Wagner" (Nowak ed., 1877) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam/Nikolaus Harnoncourt Teldec 4509-98405-2. TT: 54.35 The "historical performance" movement that arose in the 1960s proved more popular, at first, among academics than among regular listeners; eventually, however, its notions of performing older scores without the stylistic accretions of later eras... Read More »

03-11-2016 | By Brian Moura

Star Wars Comes to DSD and Analog Tape

Star Wars Original Soundtracks in Stereo DSD and Analog Tape Horch House has released the first three original soundtracks from the Star Wars Series: Episode 4: Star Wars – A New Hope, Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back and Episode 6: Return of the Jedi in Stereo DSD, analog tape, and WAV formats. The albums... Read More » . . . Read More »

03-08-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Handel's Water Music; Music@Menlo 'Live' 2015.

George Frederick Handel, Water Music. Academie fur Alte Musik Berlin. Harmonia Mundi HMC 902216. Handel was German, but he was also a Londoner for 47 years and lived and studied for four years in Italy. We can hear all of this in his music, an extremely satisfying blend of three distinct baroque musical cultures. He... Read More »

03-07-2016 | By Andy Schaub

The Aurender N100H and The Well-Rumored Death of the Mac mini

"Help!" —The Beatles In memory of Lee Weiland, the man who introduced me to the concept of a digital music server and whose Locus Design cables I still use All my audiophile friends have NAS clusters. There's tremendous peer pressure for me to have one, too, and I tried an inexpensive one to see how... Read More »

03-06-2016 | By Brian Moura

Sony Adds Car Digital Media Player, Turntable and Disc Player to DSD Lineup [UPDATED 3/5/16]

Sony Electronics is expanding the company’s High Resolution Audio line with a new Car Audio System, Turntable and Universal Disc Player which all support Double DSD (5.6 MHz) and PCM music files during 2016. The new products build upon the company’s High Resolution Audio line which started in 2013 and was timed to support the... Read More »

03-01-2016 | By Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - JCAT, Acoustic Imagery, and Synergistic Research

Not sure how this came about, but man do I have a lot of stuff here to review… the PS Audio BHK250 amplifier and their AC12 and AC5 power cables, the Aurender N100H streamer, the Entreq Poseidon Grounding box and cables, several items from Synergistic Research (Black Box, Atmosphere, MiG, and HFT), iFi Audio's new... Read More »

03-01-2016 | By Dan Zimmerman

The Hard and Straight

When I first encountered the vertical walls of houses and the hard, straight lines of streets I was still suffused with a memory of something altogether different. It's no easy task to describe this memory. I guess I knew it mostly by contrast to the new world into which I was suddenly dropped.  After all, how... Read More »

03-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

ENYA Dark Sky Island

Label: Aigle Music | Universal Music UK/Warner Music Japan WPCR-17045 Released: Nov. 20th 2015 Format: Mini LP CD Dark Sky Island is the 8th studio album by Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, known rather as Enya. Her career started in  1980. She, together with her family, became a member of the band called Clannad. She became really famous... Read More »

03-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Curious Cables USB Cable

How our memory works is still a mystery. We know where memories are stored, we can literally point out parts of our brain responsible for that. But the answer to a question of how it actually works still eludes scientists. They know some, they assume some but they can't be really certain. It is possible... Read More »

03-01-2016 | By Greg Weaver

Roger Sheker, Chief Engineer, Audience LLC, dies at 74

Roger Sheker, left, Chief Engineer for Audience LLC, with President John McDonald. Born in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, on Christmas Day, 1942, Roger was a self-made man and a certified (Mensa card-carrying) genius. Though he never attended college, his diverse and comprehensive education came at the hands of both the U.S. Army and his time working at General... Read More »

02-29-2016 | By David W. Robinson

Brief Impressions: HDTracks’ City of the Sun, to the sun and all the cities in between

All of us who love music and audio have some sort of history that goes way back into our past. In my case, it was my Dad's love of all things classical and flamenco related in the vast world of the guitar. I grew up listening to Segovia, the Romeros, Sabicas, Montoya, and Bream, on... Read More »

02-21-2016 | By Michael Mercer

Sonic Satori Impressions: Audeze Titanium EL-8 + Cipher Lightning Cable

Audeze Nails It Yet Again As I sit on the back porch bobbin' my head to A Tribe Called Quest's "Lyrics To Go" off Midnight Marauders via TIDAL through Audeze's new Titanium EL-8 closed-back planars, I'm feelin' the music like I do when I'm using one of my usual portable systems. The sound is full-bodied, engagingly... Read More »

02-14-2016 | By Dave Clark

Why USB Cables Can Make a Difference

So there is this controversy of sorts… well not really for many of us, but certainly for some of us. See, the argument is that USB cables cannot and will not change the sound since it is just passing along 1's and 0's from point A to point B. It is all digital and so there... Read More »

02-14-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

AudioPax l50 Preamplifier and m50 Power Amplifier

This is one of those tests I've been wanting to do for a few years; but it kept being postponed and at one stage it seemed like it would never happen. In the meantime ownership of the company changed, the Model 88 I was originally planning to test has been eclipsed by the Maggiore ("reference")... Read More »

02-14-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Interview: The Editors Series - Michael Lavorgna

If you return to previous interviews with journalists that I have conducted as part of "The Editors" series, you will find out that they represent both print and online magazines, as well as those that used to be printed and now are published on the Internet. You can use the same categorization to divide my... Read More »

02-14-2016 | By Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: More Wolpe, David Finckel as Soloist, Boulez's Complete Music for Solo Piano

Stefan Wolpe. Compositions for Piano, 1920-1952. David Holzman, piano. Bridge 9116. I decided I couldn't leave Wolpe where I left him last time out. Yes, he can be cerebral but there are other Wolpes whom I really only hinted at, mainly because Four Studies (1935-36) on the Bridge 9344 recording left such a strong impression.... Read More »

11-22-2015 | By Scott Dorsey

AES 2015 New York Awards

Best Sound in Show The 78 project brought in a live acoustic band, Sean Walsh and Ray Williams, sat them down in the conference room, stuck a microphone in front of them and recorded them with a portable Presto lathe. The recording, well, it sounded like something out of an old Presto, but the band... Read More »



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The Mytek Brooklyn DSD DAC

04-27-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

About four years ago, the Mytek 192-DSD-DAC impressed me with its sound in a way that caused me to abstain from purchasing expensive D/A converters for quite a while. This is not bad at all in times of rapid new... Read More »
Audio Consulting Silver Rock...

04-26-2016 | By Marshall Nack

There are times when High End audio puts me in mind of the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus. Condemned to an eternity of boulder rolling, he slowly pushed it uphill. Then, when the pinnacle was in sight, he watched helplessly,... Read More »
Victoria 7
From the Kipnis Studios (KSS):...

04-19-2016 | By Jeremy Kipnis

Common Beliefs  "GLASS Speakers? Oh, they MUST sound bright and edgy!" "Anyone using GLASS to make a speaker has to be using it only as a gimmick." "I can see right through the speaker. So it must not be properly engineered... Read More »
thumb_Image 4-14-16 at 9.55 AM_1024
Backert Labs Rhumba 1.1 Linestage

04-16-2016 | By Michael Wechsberg

I reviewed the first product from Delaware-based Backert Labs, the Rhythm 1.1 Linestage, over a year ago in Issue 76 (HERE). I thought designer and preamp specialist Bob Backert hit a home run with this well-built and... Read More »
Acoustical Systems Aquilar Tonearm

04-10-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

I haven't introduced new tonearms to you for many years, which was due to the fact that—among the rest—really new solutions are extremely rare. Mostly, new models are about variations in the materials mix, in combination... Read More »
JPlay Logo
JPLAY for Windows: The Final Piece...

04-07-2016 | By Tom Gibbs

Earlier this year I reviewed Fidelizer, an optimization software package designed to reduce the number of active background processes in Windows computers being used for high-resolution music playback. When first approached... Read More »
Wells Audio Majestic Amplifier

04-05-2016 | By Francisco Duran

I'm not going to tell you what I did on my summer vacation. (Maui) I'm not going to tell you what I got for Christmas. (Schiit Audio Vali 2). I am going to get right to the crux of the matter and tell you about the Wells... Read More »
Aurender N10 Music Server

04-03-2016 | By Robert S. Youman

My recent reviews for the Devialet 400 and 800 Integrated Amplifiers generated plenty of emails and comments. Thanks to all the readers who took notice and had an opinion to voice on these components—both yeah and nay.... Read More »
Audio Tekne TFA 9501 Linestage, TEA...

03-25-2016 | By Marek Dyba

It so happened that together with some friends we delivered the Audio Tekne system I reviewed before directly to the  Audio Video Show 2015. As soon as we finished carrying all those damn heavy devices to the exhibition... Read More »
The Atma-Sphere Ultraviolet UV-1...

03-25-2016 | By Gary L Beard

Dateline St. Paul, Minnesota: Today, audio engineers observed an invisible sonic wave emanating from Atma-Sphere in St. Paul. The engineer who first discovered this new UltraViolet wavelength—nicknamed Big Tone—has... Read More »
David power with logo
David Power Cables from Enklein

03-21-2016 | By Marshall Nack

HEADLINE: Rubinstein Bested by 24-Year-Old Russian Prodigy "Where are the great artists of contemporary classical music?" The question is not infrequently raised in the listening room, usually by the same dudes who don't go... Read More »
Melco HA-N1A, Part 2, by Roland...

03-11-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

[Amended byline: Roland Dietl, by courtesy of Dirk Sommer] If you are into music streaming and especially into hires music there is one question you can't avoid:  Where to store all these files? Until now the way to go was... Read More »
Melco HA-N1A, Part 1

03-11-2016 | By Dirk Sommer

When you are looking for a way to comfortably manage your collection of digital music, enjoy it with the best sound quality possible and without the need to mess around with computers in your scarce spare time, the Melco N1A... Read More »
Audio Research Ref 6 Line Stage -...

03-08-2016 | By Mark Pearson

Transformative Evolution I first heard about the Ref 6 line stage coming to market in late October 2015. Without any hesitation, I contacted ARC and placed my order. Why? Because ARC has rarely taken missteps in the... Read More »
Audio Vault USA Rack

03-07-2016 | By Mark Pearson

Audio Vault USA is a relative newcomer to the world of audio equipment racks designed for use in high end systems. Audio Vault USA was founded a year ago by Dave Vincent. Dave is the President of Audio Vault USA and Dave is... Read More »
Furutech AC Bundle

03-07-2016 | By Victor Chavira

Usually, I come to a review with foreknowledge about a product and a set of basic expectations. In this case, I had no first hand prior exposure to Furutech or experience with high-end power receptacles. A very long time... Read More »


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Alma Audio Invites You To Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary, With A Special "Music Talks" Event!

Since we opened our doors March 31st, 2015, our goal has been to provide the best musical experience by offering the finest audio equipment...

Brinkmann’s “MQA-ready” DAC Debuts At The Munich HiFi Show

The Digital Source So Good, Only An Analog Leader Could Have Built It!  Thirty years after the introduction of their first...

Boulder  announces immediate shipment and release of 2120  D/A  Converter

The  2120  Stereo  Amplifier  is  a  reference-­‐level  digital  music  source  in  the  2000  level   products  from...

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ZeroUno DAC – Teil 2 By Roland Dietl

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Anfang Februar verlud ich in den Redaktionsräumen von Hifistatement mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung von Dirk Sommer...

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