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THE Show - Newport 2015, Part 2

07-01-2015 | By Dave Clark | Issue 80

To reiterate from Part 1... Before we get to our show report... here are a few general thoughts on shows and the people who attend:

People count, in most cases, more than gear.

You have to have an emotional connection to whatever is playing, so if your room is empty it might be because you are playing music that is not enticing the attendees. Meaning some rooms are packed and some are not. Whose fault is that? Think about what is going on. Your choices will matter more to others than to yourself.

Just because the music sounds good or bad, does not make the music good or bad... or the room. It just means the music sounds good to you and that you like that your music sounds good. It really does not mean that your music is good, though the room could be good. Except for you.

One man's music is another man's noise. Noise can sound good. So try not lecturing why someone's music is bad and yours is not. You just look bad. You might not think so, but everyone in the room listening to you thinks so. Trust me.

Bigger is not always better. Bigger can be good if it needs to be big, but smaller can be better when it needs to be small.

Try mouth wash. There are a lot of people here.

Narcissism gets old, just like all narcissists. Then you die lonely with no real friends. Is that what you want?

Try being genuine. It lasts longer and gets you farther. But then you have to do that all the time. Not just when it is convenient. That is what genuine is. The other is being phony. Like magic. We all see through it.

Arrogance is tiresome. Trust me. We all feel the same we just don't want to hurt your feelings.

If only a few things were actually good, then there wouldn't be so many other things… that you feel are not so good. Think about it. Diversity.

All I can do is tell you what we liked and why, the rest is rather up to you to decide whether it works for you or not.

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