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RMAF 2014 - An Emotional Respite From What Ails You

01-01-2015 | By Dave Clark | Issue 78

RMAF. One of the best times ever. Ever. Since it started and till now, an event we have always looked forward to attending—together. People. Food. Music. Drink. The best moments that last for a life time. Good times for sure. Missed last year due to Carol's successful battle with cancer. No way could I attend while she dealt with the affects of chemo and her surgery. No way. The love of my life… But this year, as she continued to deal with the complications of chemo combined with other health struggles… yeah, go. Have a good time. You need to get away. You need to connect to our friends. The music. The food. You need this. Well, that is what Carol said and while I agreed, I knew it would not be an easy trip, not without her and not having to field question after question as to how she is doing. Bitter sweet. Not an easy task, not something I cherished doing. But she is so loved by the industry—over the past 20 some years we have developed deep and loving friendships with so many people associated with audio and music—that I knew what to expect coming in to RMAF. Had the same experience last year at the 2014 Newport Show—constantly being inundated by friends and acquaintances who wanted to know the latest—so yeah, he we go again.

Another show for sure; but clearly another show that holds so many special memories, connections, and emotions. like seeing my 'server' friend in the Great Divide resturant, fellow PF contributors, friends from magazines, long time friends who are either manufacturers or distributors, and so on.  For us, these shows have become more about the people, the conversations, the shared moments... then the odds and ends. The rooms pretty much merge together as an endless chain of system after system playing ho-hum music from similar points of view (enough "Keith Don't Go" please). For sure there are the rooms that stand out as something different and those are the ones we always seek out. Either for the music, the people, or whatever it is they are showing. So here is my much belated RMAF report… not anything one should consider all-inclusive, but what made my trip the emotional get-away we both needed. Good drinks with good friends...

Lambert Play it by Ear

Steve Holt

David Robinson

CanJam 2014


Mr. Speakers

Schiit Audio Valhalla 2

Auralic powered by Amarra


Cavalli Audio and John Williams

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies

Wywires cables

Audeze headphones

Oppo Headphone amplifier

Headphones 'phones

Jason Liao from Oppo Digital

Michael Goodman from Centrance

Vinnie Rossi

ALO HeadAmp

Astell & Kern

ModWright, Daedalus Audio, WyWires

ModWright PH 150 tube phono stage $7900

Dan Wright from ModWright Audio

Fort Collins Audio, Hegel, Quicksilver, KEF, Kimber Kables, and Pro-Ject

Bricasti Design, Tidal Audio

Fidelis, Harbeth, Acoustic Signature, Tellurium Q, Stein Music

Your Final System, Meitner Design, Von Schweikert Audio


Angel City Audio, M&G Audio, Melody Valve, Skogrand Cables, Jupiter Condenser

Tweek Geek, Acoustic Imagery, Bybee Power, Waveform Fidelity


Alan Langford from DEQX

Audio Skies, ESP Loudspeakers, Pear Audio, GamuT

exaSound Audio Design, Magnepan

PranaFidelity, WyWires, Modwright, Oppo, ORG, Groove Notes Records, VPI, Miyajima, J-Corder

Steve Norber of PranaFidelity and Mat Weisfeld of VPI

GTT Audio & Video, YG Acoustics, Kubala-Sosna

PS Audio

Von Schweikert Audio, Constellation Audio, Master-Built audio cables

Dave Cope of Audio Note

Raven Audio, Burwell & Sons, Douglas Connection, Mytek Digital

Audio Pathways Inc., Bergmann Audio turntables

VegasImage Audio, Triangle Art, NAT Audio, GIK Acoustics, Audiophile Vibration Control

Chapman Audio

Stuart Jones from Chapman Audio

Mockingbird Distribution, Abis, Jakutis Analog, Jasmine Audio, Pyon Sound, Tiglon Hybrid Sound

David Robinson

Bryan Gladstone

Pete Davey

John Zurek

George Cardas

Constellation Audio, Raidho Acoustics, Ansuz Acoustics


Gilbert Yeung from Blue Circle Audio

Blue Circle Audio

Arnold Martinez from Tweak Studio

Roy Hall from Music Hall and Joe Reynolds from Nordost


Audio Desk

On a Higher Note, Vivid, Luxman

Philip O'Hanlon

Sean Casey from Zu Audio

Bel Canto, Joseph Audio

Cary Audio, ADAM Audio

Audiohouse, Cardas Audio, Joseph Audio, VTL Amplifiers, Grand Prix Audio, Bel Canto Design

Audiohouse, Joseph Audio, Parasound/Halo, Kimber Kable, SME, Sound Anchors

Jeff Joseph on Day 1

Jeff Joseph on Day 2

Jeff Joseph on Day 3

Ron Sutherland and Richard Schram

Wavelength Audio, Computer Audio, USBDACS.com, Vaughn Loudspeakers

PureAudio Project, Wyred 4 Sound, Wireworld, Acoustic Geometry, miniDSP

Skogrand Cables, Daedalus Audio, Modwright, 2L, Stillpoints, Amarra

Knut Skogrand

German Physiks, BDR

Tub's Audio, Palmer Turntables, Border Patrol, PureAudio, Red Wine Audio, Analog Instruments

EnKlein, Sutherland Engineering, Thrax Audio

Triode Corporation, Acoustic Zen, Twin Audio Video, Black Ravioli

Jason Victor Serinus

Ryan Speakers

DeVore Fidelity

Rory Rall of Benchmark

LH Labs Geek, Gavin Fish

Zesto Audio, WyWires, Merril-Williams Turntable, TAD Speakers

Zesto Audio

Mojo Audio, Belleson, Superpower, Atomic Audio Labs, Brines Audio, Oasis Audio

Benjamin Zwickel from Mojo Audio

Dynamic Sounds Associates, VPI, Robyatt Audio, Kanso Audio Furniture, Silver Circle Audio, Wells Audio, DanaCable

Channel D, Pure Music, Pure Vinyl, Seta

Mark Block

Colleen Cardas Imports, PureAudio, Furutech, Opera Loudspeakers, Unison Research

Blackbird Audio Gallery, Axis Loudspeakers, Unison Research, Profundo

Colleen Cardas



Nola Loudspeakers

VTL, Wilson

Andy Reagan from Jerry Harvey Audio

David Solomon of Tidal with Dave Clark (who fights for his girl)

Steve Guttenberg

Can Jam 2014

Michael Mercer

Larry Owens and Alan Langford from DEQX

High Water Sound, TW-Acustic, Tron-Electric, Horning Hybrid, Zen Sati, Silent Running Audio

GamuT, Pear Audio, Audio Skies

Michael Vamos of Audio Skies

Lawrence Audio, Jeff Rowland Group, MG Cables Kinetics Noise Control


Hugh Nguyen of Angle City Audio

AudioKinesis, James Romeyn Music and Audio, Atma-Sphere Music Systems, Modwright, Wireworld, Parasound

Tortuga Audio, Volti Audio, Alura Horn Speakers, Triode Wire Labs

VAC and Focal

Irv Gross from Constellation Audio

Hifi Imports, Polymer Audio Research, Thrax Audio, Weiss Engineering, EnKlein Cables, FM Acoustcs

Wes Bender

Fidelis, Harbeth, Acoustic Signature, Tellurium Q, Stein Music

Jason Victor Serinus with the Queen of the Rocky Mountain Audiofest Marjorie Baumert

Love ya Al!