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Flashback: California Audio Show 2018

09-01-2021 | By Editors at Positive Feedback | Issue 117

Although some audio shows are finally back on this year, we are still mostly on hiatus.

In the mean time, take a trip down Memory Lane with two reports on the California Audio Show, 2018, Oakland, CA.

Read this report from Malachi Kenney:

Come a little closer. I want to tell you a secret. Are you ready?

I don't go to stereo shows to listen to stereos. Read more

And this report from Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney:

I have a lot of affection for the California Audio Show. It's an easy drive down from the Oregon Coast, and some of my most enjoyable show experiences have been here—the smaller size makes it easier to see everything and experience it in-depth, and make connections with the folks from the industry who've become friends. Read more