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WyWires Diamond Cables - Diamonds Are Forever

08-12-2018 | By Robert H. Levi | Issue 98

With Grado's new superstars of the cartridge world on the scene, I have updated my turntables, adding the EAT Csharp and Forte S models. Both had DIN connectors requiring me to search out top-notch phono cables with DIN plugs. I auditioned many wires, and finally settled on the WyWires Diamond Phono Cables. I also auditioned standard Diamond interconnects to see if the outstanding definition and incredible sense of reality ran in the family. It surely does!

WyWires Diamond Cables

Alex Sventitsky of WyWires, AXPONA 2017. Photograph by David W. Robinson

In order to understand these handmade killer cables, I asked their brilliant creative inventor and chief engineer, Alex Sventitsky, what made them tick. I give you his response as follows:

"WyWires' latest product line is an extension of our popular Platinum series line. Included are Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Power Cords, Digital and Phono Cables.

We redesigned our Litz wire formula and added additional conductor groups for the Diamond series. These new interconnect cables have 6 discrete Litz wire bundles of varying strand thicknesses and strands counts.

We have retained our air dielectric design to maintain our characteristically low capacitance along with reduced inductance compared to the Platinum series.

The Diamond series adds upgraded shielding along with a proprietary graphene/carbon composite material housed inside of carbon fiber tubes. This method of EMI absorption and dissipation yields a 17dB attenuation of noise within the audio band.

The result is a dead quiet cable that allows all the music signal to come through unscathed. Customers report extraordinary resolution, detail, micro/macro dynamics and precise stereo imaging with uncanny air and space around every performer and instrument. Overall the presentation with our Diamond series cables is engaging, lively, and most important, your music is easy to listen to for long periods of time. Whole albums and CDs will capture your attention like never before!"

The Quiet

Quieter than even the UIT Audio Cables, which have circuitry to be quiet, I have never heard—or not heard—a quieter interconnect. I was able to turn the gain on my E.A.R. 88PB Tube Phonostage to 100% wide open without any noise beyond a whisper set in MM mode. Generally, 2 pm on the output control is maximum for similar quiet! A two 3-meter run of phono cable is now possible...I ran two meters with nary a peep. 

The Music with Diamonds

The WyWires Diamond interconnects between my E.A.R. DAC 4 and my E.A.R. 912 Preamp performed as well as cables north of $6000 per meter, and are more flexible and user-friendly than most. The WyWires Diamond is the most texturally complete from top to bottom of any interconnect I have heard to date...and I have heard a bunch. Between the black neutral background and sophisticated definition, it is hard to imagine better. Keep in mind, WyWires has been perfecting their designs for many years, searching for just the right materials and techniques. Sounds to me like this blend of neutral and natural is just right. With the WyWires Diamond, my E.A.R. DAC 4 Tube Digital Player is more analog-like and defined with an open soundstage. This is the sound that audiophiles crave!

Interestingly, I found a two-year-old phono cable by WyWires, their Silver model that runs about $900 per meter, and compared it with the Diamond for fun. I am comfortable in estimating an approximate 50% improvement all around with the $2999 Diamond phono Cable. That kind of math works for me. Having said that, I’ve got to say the silver was no slouch, with a dynamic well-designed medium output cartridge. It was unfailingly musical to the max.

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, SICP 20001, BLU-SPEC CD

With the WyWires Diamond Interconnect between DAC and Preamp, Coltrane's sax was more real on my system than this top-notch special CD has ever sounded, period. Connectivity is our next great high-end frontier, and the Diamond demonstrates the science and engineering taste to lead the pack. Individual instruments offer up rock solid imaging, a complete lack of either phase or fuzz, and serious impact. The Diamond seems virtually invisible. I am having a tough time giving you adjectives for what is nothing to hear except the music, itself. The bass notes are rounded and complete. That great Miles trumpet is gently etched and crumpled with an inner light. Coltrane's sax is the most powerful sax ever, and that is exactly what you get. I put on my STAX 009 cans to get even closer to the music. It is all there. The Diamond is some kind of blue. Head filling sound you hope to hear and rarely do...that is the WyWires Diamond top of the line offering.

Grado Aeon (photograph courtesy of Grado Labs)

Epoch vs. Aeon on the EAT Csharp Arms with Diamond Interconnects

10%. With all things dialed in by my good friend Dan Meinwald, phono genius extraordinaire and US Distributor for E.A.R. and Marten Speakers, the WyWires Diamond brought the two cartridges within close proximity, sonic-wise. I heard an extra airiness and sense of space all around the images from the Epoch, and those images were a touch more textured and rock solid in space. By contrast, the Aeon was rocking and rolling with a pacing less captured and refined. I got into the Aeon like never before, and the enjoyment factor was a plus. That 10% was amazing, and I could nitpick it for a week, but after a while, the music was satisfying either way. The WyWires Diamond gave me this opportunity to both dissect the music and love it, too.


WyWires Diamonds are forever in my system. Expensive, rather, but actually custom made to your needs. You buy exactly precisely what you need from the inventor and music lover, personally. You can also spend a lot more and get less if you stay with only national brands and pay for their advertising. I know of cables at $10,000 per meter ($9999) that I wish I had, though I am truly not sure I would like them better than the Diamonds. The WyWires Diamonds, phono cables and interconnects are that crazy good!

By the way, check out WyWires headphone cables for a super jolt in definition and dynamics on your favorite cans. WyWires Diamond Wires are most highly recommended for audiophile connoisseurs who want it all, and want it now. 


  • 4 ft standard length (1.23 meters)
  • Capacitance: 7.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 10kHz)

Diamond Phono Cable

Retail: $2999 for 4 feet

Diamond Interconnects

Retail: $4495 for 4 feet

WyWires, LLC 

16501 Sherman Way, Suite 120

Van Nuys, CA  91406