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Wax Rax RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart

09-21-2018 | By Michael Corsentino | Issue 99

Wax Rax RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart

The larger your record collection, the more likely many of your favorite albums will remain buried, waiting years or possibly decades for another chance to grace your turntable again. With hundreds, or even thousands of records squirreled away on shelf after shelf, it's easier than ever to forget about all the hidden gems you own, and the countless albums languishing in obscurity, unplayed for way too long, especially when they're not right in front of you.

With the Wax Rax RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart, Brooklyn New York based metal worker and designer, David Stanavich, a veteran of high end furniture and architectural fixture fabrication, has come up with an ingenious way to highlight a healthy chuck of your collection so you can rediscover those long lost favorites whenever, and wherever you want. In fact, the more I use the RC-2, the more fun new creative ways I find to enjoy my entire collection again.

The RC-2 was designed from the ground up to help record lovers pull out and curate large, and potentially unused parts of their collections. Use it as playlist maker to organize a selection of records by band, by genre, by decade, or biographical if you’re a fan of High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon. The top shelf holds a maximum of 200 front facing albums split between 2 sections, while the bottom shelf holds an additional 200 records oriented spine out and split into 3 sections. Your mileage may vary depending on how you store your records, the thickness of outer sleeves you use, and the number of gatefolds or boxsets you load onto the cart. With my records stored outside and behind their jackets inside 5mm outer sleeves, and a smattering of double albums and boxsets, I maxed out at about 100 albums above and below.

The bottom shelf could be used to store your favorite records from 3 genres, while the top shelf holds the albums you'd like in your current rotation. You could also pull out your top 5 albums from your 80 favorite bands, store them in the RC-2, and roll them all right up to your turntable for quick and easy access. Or maybe you’d rather just kick back and relax in the comfort of your listening chair with hundreds of your favorite records right next to you to choose from. Just roll the RC-2 over and easily flip through 200 hundred front facing, and 200 hundred spine out albums without ever leaving your chair!


Themes are also fun to play with. I've used the RC-2 to highlight the unplugged albums in my collection, the best acoustic sets, curated single instrument albums, my favorite balladeers, female vocalists, live albums, hair bands, best guitar albums, favorite labels (e.g. Bluenote, Impulse, Daptone), original pressings vs reissues, etc. Go crazy and pull out the top 200 rock albums in your collection and give them an overdue spin, its endless! How about your least listened to albums, or just box sets, or only records released in 2018? You can use the RC-2 for easy access to newest acquisitions, as a mobile cart to stage records for cleaning and cataloging, or as a way to organize the albums destined for your newest mix tape. With 400 of your favorite records right at your fingertips, you have more than 500 hours of mobile music storage that goes wherever you want it, whenever you want it. The RC-2's uses are endless and limited only by your imagination.

The RC-2 is built and finished like a tank that's sure to last longer than you or I ever will, and look great doing it. Consider it a family heirloom because your kids will definitely be inheriting this built to last beauty. No pressboard, melamine, off gassing glue, or mass produced junk here. Each patented RC-2 is hand crafted to order one at a time by artisans in Brooklyn New York, stamped with a unique serial number, and built to the highest standards, sparing absolutely nothing in design or materials. Fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum, CNC machined, TIG welded, 47lbs (empty!), powder coated in standard black with optional colors available and a non room dominating 20.5 W x 31.0 H x 33.5 L footprint, the RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart is truly impressive to behold, a pleasure to use and the ultimate analog accessory for vinyl lovers everywhere.


Retail: $1525

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