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RSX Beyond Phono Cable with DIN Review: Part Two

06-18-2021 | By Robert H. Levi | Issue 115

I rarely revisit my complete reviews, but the RSX top-of-the-line Beyond phono cable with DIN connector has revealed state-of-the-art attributes that are stunning to this reviewer. In its RCA-terminated form, the cable from the legendary Roger Skoff was musically natural and neutral with a bullet. I was never able to truly discover what it did or not did to the musical signal. It is, of course, highly recommended and a superior value for the best audiophile systems. The RSX Beyond DIN terminated version which is used in my EAT Forte S Table and EAT C# Table is clearly a breakthrough design from end to end in numerous ways including stellar musical performance.

The EAT C# Turntable

The RSX DIN connector is unique as it has minimalist metal design, just enough to provide good strength and stability and strong contact. Other DIN connectors look and feel much heavier and have superfluous metal collars and the like. This one has been coated and treated with proprietary methods to increase conductivity and enhance its neutral performance. There appears to be an extra ground wire terminated with a cute alligator clip to attach wherever needed for superior grounding potential compared to other DIN cables.

Roger Skoff told me the following:

"Beyond phono cables with DIN connectors have the same full-floating "Faraday Cage" construction as those with standard RCA termination, but feature an additional grounding point so that, at the user's option, the turntable, the tonearm, and the preamp can all be grounded.  With RCA connectors, only two options are available. RSX recommends that, for maximum performance, all grounding options should be tried and the best-sounding option or combination should be the one used."

I also discovered that the entire cable shield is pure silver which may account for the extremely black backgrounds and low noise floor compared to most of my other more expensive references. Even with the added features, the RSX Beyond cable is amazingly flexible and easy to guide into any position. RSX adds a special quarter meter of super flexible restraint cable ahead of the DIN connector (about 10 inches) to facilitate whatever turns or angles the user may require. The overall weight of the cable is quite normal, as is the thickness of the wire. You will not usually require any special cable ties or re-leveling of the turntable with RSX Beyond, which is most convenient when compared to other top offerings.

With the London Reference Cartridge mounted in the EAT C# table and connected to the EAR 324 Phono Stage, I heard the best definition I’ve ever achieved utilizing this set-up. Dynamics were powerful and trend-setting, the noise floor was lowest, and the overall dimensions of the sound stage were superior. The musical presentation was both sweet and powerful as this high output cartridge should perform, but often does not deliver with other cables. No etch, no grain, no lumpiness in the frequency response was apparent. In that system, I found no other top phono cable offerings on-hand that were competitive to the RSX Beyond. 

The Grado Epoch 3 cartridge

With the Grado Epoch Three cartridge mounted in the EAT Forte S table and connected to the new outstanding Zesto Audio Andros Deluxe II Tube Phono Stage, I was stunned by the ultra-low noise floor and extreme definition of the RSX Beyond.

Zesto Audio's Andros Deluxe II Tube Phonostage

The only competitor cable I had that challenged its performance was the Cardas Beyond XL special order phono cable that performed with equal exceptional musicality. Each had their own strengths and extraordinary build quality. The RSX was a bit more totally neutral with extreme definition. The Cardas was a bit more weighty and warm, with extraordinary definition.

With Coltrane '58 LP Set from Craft Records, the stereo and mono LPs were equally musical and involving with either cable. The RSX placed you convincingly in the studio and brought out the superb imaging of these recordings. The Cardas zeroed in on the airy ambiance and dimensional soundstage, making perfect musical sense of the finest definition. It was as if both cables were attempting to convey the essence of the musical signal with as little editorializing as possible, and virtually achieving their goal.

I suppose it all boils down to price, and here the RSX Beyond is most attractive. Roger Skoff stated, "To answer your question, the price of a 'one meter' Beyond phono cable with either a straight or right-angle DIN connector is $3700. That's calculated as $3150 for the basic cable and termination, plus $550 for the DIN connector and the necessary additional 1/4 meter "flex" section of silver-shielded cable. Additional lengths (1 1/2 meter, 2 meter, etc.), all with the same added 1/4 meter flex section, are just $1350 per half meter, in even 1/2 meter lengths as desired."

Both the RSX and Cardas phono cables will remain in my two systems as top references to evaluate new cartridges and new phono sections as they arrive at Chez Levi. I am delighted with this new offering from the amazing Roger Skoff, creator of XLO, and now creator of the new RSX brand. In addition to the phono cables, his RSX Beyond AC Power Cables are equally high-performing and very flexible to utilize. They have proven themselves during the COVID-19 lockdown as maximizing definition in sensitive components as well as in power hungry amplifiers. I understand RSX interconnects are on the horizon. Those should be special indeed.  

My continued highest recommendation for RSX Beyond Phono Cables, particularly if you require DIN termination as I do.

Well done Roger Skoff! My advice:  get them before the price goes up.

Price:  as discussed in the review

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Product photographs courtesy of RSX, EAT, Grado, and Zesto Audio.