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Long Island Record Care Cable Elevators

01-22-2020 | By Pete Davey | Issue 107

Back when I moved last year into a home with a larger dedicated listening room, I wanted to spruce things up a bit and get some real cable elevators. I've had some in the past that were DIY style, and they worked, but weren't all that aesthetically pleasing. They did the job nonetheless, but it was time to upgrade.

I had a look online, and prices were all over the place. This is one particular item that I don't think should cost all that much—unless it's made of some material that is simply costly (for some audio-related esoteric reason as you all know), but while build quality is important, they should blend in (not stick out), do their job of elevating the cable / disconnecting it from the floor where it can pick up harmful vibrations and/or interference, and also not completely break the bank. Depending on the size of your system, you may need 10-20 of these guys, so it adds up quickly!

I finally landed on an ad on eBay of all places, where there was a fella named Bill offering his own designs that he created and printed using a 3D printer. Black in color, but intriguing as they weren't the basic "C" shaped pillar, rather these have 3 places to put a cable (one being a combo "slit" as well as arm if you are inclined to use ribbon / flat cables). Then, the price got my attention—$44.99 for the "regular" set of 10, and $54.99 for "upgraded," where they have a sticky (non-adhesive) pad on the bottom (viscoelastic and foam dampeners) that will keep it in place if you have a hard floor.

Long Island Record Care Cable Elevators

I ended up with 10 of each type, 20 total and immediately I inserted them into my system. Luckily, due to the price, I had enough elevators to cover everything (vs only ordering "just a few" of the more expensive options) so I ended up with a nice result. I was also able to utilize the multiple pathways for several parallel cable runs to keep it even more tidy.

Long Island Record Care Cable Elevators

One drawback I encountered (albeit minor) was that if I attempted to "force" a slightly thicker cable in a channel where it was a tight squeeze, they would snap, or break. This is to be expected as they are 3D printed and not meant for forcible insert, so I do say exercise caution here and ensure your cables actually fit, and do not apply any force if they are too thick. By too thick, I am talking about 20A power cords coming in at about 3/4" in diameter to give you a basic idea. That is a bit on the large side of things. The elevators are 3D printed plastic, and measure 1" x 3" at the base by 2 3/4" tall. At the top is a 1 1/2" wide by 3/8" holder for larger cables. There is also a thinner 1/4" x 1 3/8" vertical slot for thin ribbon style cables, such as those from Nordost. Each side holder is 3/4" wide and 7/8" deep. 

Upgraded model

For the upgraded ones, they are useless on carpet (to be expected), but great for those with hard floors to ensure they stay put. This is where they really shine, as with the versions that aren't upgraded, they can fall over if one brushes against them accidentally.

They also now can be ordered in several different colors, head over to the website, listed below, to check out the options.

Long Island Record Care Cable Elevators

They even come in pink!

Sound-wise, I wasn't expecting much as I started this journey for aesthetic reasons (if you're the type to keep a system neat and tidy then you feel me), but they did also improve my system's overall sound. Before when I'd crank the volume with nothing playing I'd hear faint noises being picked up from the ground, but now nothing! Nice and quiet, just as it should be.

So, I'll keep this one short and sweet, and say that if you're looking for budget cable elevators that will clean up your system, remove unwanted interference between your floor and the cable, and not cause a fight with you and the significant other—give these ones a shot, I'm glad I did.

Cable Elevators

Retail: Standard - $44.99 / Set of 10, Upgraded - $54.99 / Set of 10

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