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Pushing the Envelope: The AudioQuest Dragon Power Cable and Dragon ZERO Loudspeaker Cables

02-17-2020 | By Robert H. Levi | Issue 107

Audioquest Dragon

AudioQuest's founder, William Low, and Senior Director of Engineering, Garth Powell, have once again co-developed the next generation of AudioQuest audiophile cost-is-no-object power cables and speaker cables. Interconnects are in development and will be available this fall. They are designed to be the best in the world of connectivity—full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes! I treated them to my most rigorous examination. At these prices, you do not fool around. They're either the best—or bust.

The Dragon Power Cables


Image courtesy of AudioQuest

The Dragon Power Cables are as elegant and as flexible a solution to power transfer as I have seen in the last 55 years. Technical details will be found HERE. Maintaining two state-of-the-art systems at my place, I put the Dragons in use in every component that was accessible. My reference power cables are selected by ear and are consistently very expensive. I pulled one at a time (two with my mono-block amps) and listened primarily to reference records and top-notch high resolution digital. Other renowned audiophiles were often present. It was great fun, folks!

Of the seven audiophile brands and eight models of high-end power cables in use, all but one were clearly bested. The Dragon is quieter, more neutral, more natural, more invisible sonically, more even-natured at all frequencies, more detailed, more fulsome, more flexible, more just plain musically perfect in design and performance. Whether utilized on my most exceptional preamplifier and DAC...E.A.R. 912...E.A.R. DAC4, or my best integrated...E.A.R. V12, I heard revelatory performance improvements. 

The exceptional Zesto Audio Leto Ultra Preamplifier, in for review, became smoother, more linear, and more detailed with the Dragon. Installed in my E.A.R. 890 monoblocks, I heard a bigger soundstage and a more detailed overall performance. The background was slightly blacker and held music in greater relief. I would recommend the Dragon without reservation in any gear that exists. I am both shocked and delighted. 

I only found one power cable, which costs slightly more than the Dragon per meter, that performed similarly. With only one Jorma Prime Power Cable in the house I could not compare it to the Dragon's performance everywhere. 

In the very revealing EAR 912 Preamplifier that affects all sources in my larger reference system, I heard little difference. Considering the construction of the AQ is so different from the Jorma, I am surprised. I called over two audiophiles with exceptional taste levels to compare them. Both heard very minor differences but could supply no clear winner. The Dragon is one foot longer than the Prime, but that would hardly affect anything.

I left the Prime where it was, and put the Dragons on the power amps to exceptional effect. The Dragon is a magnificent achievement, and it is made right here in California.

The Dragon ZERO Speaker Cables (Full-Range Single-Wire Hookup)


The AudioQuest Dragon Full-Range Speaker Cable (Image courtesy of AudioQuest)

The Dragon ZERO Speaker Cables are winner-take-all designs. Technical information will be found here HERE

Attached to my state-of-the-art nearfield system via the EAR V12 Integrated, the soundstage exploded in size and depth!!! This is no exaggeration. Compared to my reference speaker cables, I wondered if William Low had sent me cables made from pure Dragon DNA and not AudioQuest’s Perfect-Surface Silver. I clearly needed to lower my VTA a smidgen on my London Reference Cartridge, and once that was done, I had even more magnificent musical realism. 

I am overwhelmed by the extraordinary openness and mellifluous performance of the Dragon ZERO Speaker Cables. These are a sonic leap forward in design and execution. Unquestionably, their ergonomics are perfect, and their ability to communicate real music in real space a boon to the most demanding audiophiles everywhere. AudioQuest kindly broke in all cables before shipping to me for review. I am not sure this is a service for all customers, but why not?

The AudioQuest Dragon BASS Speaker Cable (image courtesy of AudioQuest)

By the way, there's a bi-wire option for the Dragon available from AudioQuest, as well. The Dragon Full Range handles the higher frequencies, while their Dragon BASS handles the midrange and lower frequencies. More expensive, of course, but it will give bi-wiring the Dragon boost!


If you can afford them, the new AudioQuest Dragon Power Cable and Dragon ZERO Speaker Cables are clearly and unabashedly the state of the art. They are designed and priced to be the best, to take home to mother, and to carry to your desert island ASAP! I did not find anything to match the Dragon ZERO Speaker Cable in overall musical performance, nor any way to criticize them. The Dragon AC Power Cables are equally sensational in every way and virtually unequaled. They let all gear perform to their maximum potential, which may be better than you might imagine.

My highest buy recommendation for both the AudioQuest Dragon Power Cable and Dragon ZERO Speaker Cables, and kudos to AudioQuest! I suspect that the upcoming Dragon Interconnects will be world beaters, too!

AudioQuest Dragon Power Cable

Retail price: 2 meters, $7,500 for the Source models

Retail price:  2 meters, $9,500 for the High-Current models

Dragon ZERO Loudspeaker Cables

Retail: 6 feet, $21,100; 8 feet, $27,500 (full-range hookup)

The above full-range wire becomes the high band connection on bi-wire speakers. AudioQuest sells a bass-range speaker cable to match; contact them for pricing.


Irvine, CA


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(All photographs by Bob Levi, unless otherwise noted.)