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Audioengine P4

05-15-2016 | By Paul Baterina | Issue 85

Audioengine P4

My girlfriend had surprised me with the Audioengine P4 as a birthday present. I've had them for a couple of years now, and I have to say, it's one of the best gifts I've ever received. A little about myself, I have a huge appreciation for all sorts of genres when it comes to music. Additionally, I've gone to a couple of high-end audio shows to finally see what it's all about. Mind you; I know nothing when it comes to audio equipment; specifically, what each item does to make the sound of music "better."

However, I have an ear, and I know what sounds good, and so after going through several rooms at "T.H.E. Show" in Newport a few years ago, I approached the Audioengine P4.

I knew that there was no way in hell that I would be able to afford any of the other speakers, but going inside the Audioengine room gave me hope. If I wanted to invest my money into audio equipment, that this would be the start.

Fast forward back to my girlfriend getting me the P4's, the first thing I noticed were the visuals. I love the sleek design of the speakers. It also gave that "minimalist" type of look (she got me the white speakers), that would fit my computer table perfectly.

For the price of the speakers, and for it being a beginning point in high-end audio for me; I was impressed. I could hear every instrument that's being played clearly on these speakers. For instance, I used to play music through some Logitech speakers, and it wasn't as clear. Additionally, there wasn't that "balanced" sound that the P4 had. Everything you hear in the P4 is so clear. You can hear the music flow perfectly; whether the genre is classical, hip hop, experimental, post-rock, etc.

Now, I'm still nowhere near being technical when it comes to frequencies, and sound waves, but I already knew the significant difference of having low-quality speakers vs. higher quality speakers. Yes, there are a lot better speakers than the P4, but as mentioned, this was much better of quality compared to my other mass produced speakers.

I feel that these speakers are great to have inside a smaller room, rather than having it inside a large living room. The speakers are just not as powerful.

I noticed that the quality of sound would worsen as I increased the volume of the speakers. It could be the arrangement of my room as well. I also noticed that the bass on these speakers aren’t as powerful. I tend to play a lot of electronic dance music, and I always look for the drop or the bass and it seems a bit weak on the P4's.

If you're looking to get into high-quality audio, I feel like the P4's are a great start. Especially for someone that's on a small budget. You get a little feel of how music "truly" sounds. It amazes me how I didn't hear other instruments from a song, due to lower end speakers. These speakers have inspired me to invest in even more expensive audio equipment. I would highly encourage anyone that has a passion for music and a lower budget to invest in these speakers.

Audioengine P4

Retail: $325 a pair