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Introducing the Audio Art Statement e2Plus Power Cable - an Outstanding Performer at Any Price

11-11-2019 | By Juan C. Ayllon | Issue 106

Audio Art Statement e2Plus Power Cable

Being an audio enthusiast these days can be cost prohibitive and, as skyrocketing prices outpace inflation, it's refreshing to get terrific value for a reasonable sum. One example is the VPI Prime Scout turntable I use in my reference system, and another is the Audio Art Statement e2Plus power cable that, like the Scout, competes with rivals costing more than twice as much. Purchasing the e2Plus is like scoring a brand new 911 Porsche Carrera for the price of a Volvo V60 Wagon. 

A look under the hood helps explain why: it employs the Furutech F150 M Nano Crystal Formula, Rhodium plated male plug and IEC connector that, together, retail for $770—or 45 percent of a one meter length Statement e2Plus at the introductory price of $1680 (or just under 40 percent for two feet at $1960, which is still a solid value). That's unusual, as in this industry the expensive F150 naturally goes with much pricier reference cables where it doesn't cut so dearly into margins.

Max Performance and Affordability

That is consistent with the philosophy of Audio Art Cable's owner, Rob Fritz: maximizing audio system performance can be both attainable and affordable. By consulting with DH Labs' Darren Hovsepian on architectural choices and product design, and enlistimg a superb, cost-effective industry supplier amenable to smaller custom orders, he's been able to make good on his mission.

"With our factory direct to consumer business model, HiFi enthusiasts finally can have it all," he says. "Superior quality wires, top-tier, high grade, performance oriented connector parts, plus custom-shop, handcrafted assemblies at value oriented prices."

But, wait, there's more! The Statement e2Plus boasts arguably the finest conductive copper available: single crystal, Ohno Continuous Cast (read more HERE). The equivalent of 10 gauge, the  "hybrid array" (some is silver plated) multi-size stranded cable is dual shielded, alternatively, with an aluminum-mylar and a braided, tinned, oxygen-free copper. Additionally, it's cryo treated to increase its durability and conductivity (read more HERE). Moreover, the conductors are infused with Furutech Nano Liquid at the cable-terminal interface for further conductivity enhancement.  And as with other e Series products by Audio Art, its conductive surfaces are treated with Kontak after assembly.

Making Music, Not War

The e2Plus makes beautiful music with six other excellent high end power cables in play (two being reviewed and three by the same maker sporting Furutech plugs) and its presence powering the Lampizator Digital to Analog Converter is undeniable, hence, it kills me to pull it from DAC duties to compare it against the most expensive cord by far in A-B tests on the preamplifier.  

Right off, an inability to switch cables quickly is troubling: it requires shutting off the amplifier, unplugging one cord and connecting the other—taking upwards of a minute or more—then turning the preamp back on, waiting another 30 seconds for the small LED to turn green, and only then turning on the amp to avoid a potentially speaker damaging thump. I am forced to rely more on auditory memory than I'd like comparing the Statement e2Plus and the way more expensive power cord.

Photo courtesy of DAZN

The battle evokes Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin slugging it out with Sergiy Derevyanchenko for the IBF Middleweight Championship last month—only instead of slinging leather, they're channeling heavenly music (picturing the two sweaty, bare-chested bruisers in trunks and gloves singing arias is unsettling, but I digress). Ultimately, the more expensive cable gets the nod, but like the boxing match, the outcome is remarkably close and, truth be told, boils down to a subjective judgement call.  

Apples or Oranges?

Some prefer more detailed, analytical imaging, while others prefer a more naturally fleshed-out presentation. It's the proverbial apples and oranges dichotomy. Pitted against the comparably priced, former flagship cable of the expensive cord's maker for the balance of this review, the e2Plus again performs impressively, but favors the latter; nevertheless, whatever differences there are are marginal and nuanced.   

Retrieving an old standby from Michael Franks' Passion Fruit album in ALAC 44.1kHz/16-bit, the grain and harmonics on Franks' soft, breathy vocals on "Amazon" are clearly articulated and natural; ditto for the timbre and detail of the acoustic guitar, Steve Gadd's cymbals, Rob Mounsey's keys, and background vocals including Astrud Gilberto and Will Lee in this enchanting Brazilian ballad. Although both are very close, the former flagship cord has a slightly harder edged, more detailed delivery.

Instantly recognizable, Van Morrison's emotive and throaty, everyday man tenor vocals shines boldly, musically, and detailed, as does Jay Berliner's plucked nylon strings in the bluesy "March Winds in February" from Three Chords & the Truth streamed in 96kHz/24-bit on the e2Plus; again, its adversary's imaging is a smidgen brighter and more detailed and bordering on the sibilant.

Flipping a little wax on the new reference Triangle Art Anubis turntable, the e2Plus delivers Mark Knopfler's patented vocals, guitars, and the snap on Pick Withers' drum kit vividly, naturally, and full bodied on "Sultans of Swing" on the debut LP, Dire Straits. It sounds just a tad more analog and organic than its adversary, which delivers a slightly more detailed and analytical presentation. Bottom line, the e2Plus delivers toe tapping good music—and amazing sounding, at that!

The Statement e2Plus power cable, at upper right, serving preamp duties as the reference Triangle Art Anubis turntable plays vinyl


Let it be stated that good sound systems will sound terrific on most well constructed power cables. Moreover, all those in my system work fabulously. Manning the sensitive preamplifier, none of them would make the system sound bad. However, to these and other's ears, when pressed for comparison, some deliver a little better than others.  

That said, I couldn't stand a gorgeous pair of high end prototype power cables that resided in my system for a time. Hooked up to my DAC, it made for a harsh presentation. As much as I wanted to like these gleaming marvels, they had to go.  

In contrast, the Audio Art Statement ePlus power cable really delivers. It fought hammer and tong with two top tier cables; the differences in performance were relatively minute—especially with the former flagship power cable with which I compared it. And, when it came to enjoying vinyl on the reference Triangle Art Anubis turntable I am currently reviewing, I found the listening experience more natural and organic with the Statement e2Plus than the latter.  

Bottom line, with the Audio Art Statement e2Plus power cable, you can maximize your system's performance with family-friendly pricing. Porsche level performance on a Volvo budget? To me, that's a keeper.

Audio Art Statement e2Plus Power Cable

Retail: $1680 - one meter length

Audio Art Cable