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Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Cryo Treated Speaker Cable and Jumpers - Masterful Performers at a Pocket Friendly Price

11-16-2019 | By Juan C. Ayllon | Issue 106

Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Speaker Cable

Plugging a pair of Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Cryo Treated Speaker Cables into your system is like renting a Sebring convertible for a spin down Pacific Coast Highway, top down, taking in the sun splashed vistas and ocean air; they won't break the bank as they open up new sensory pleasures in your listening experience.

Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Speaker Cable

A Closer Look

The handiwork of' San Diego, California's Rob Fritz, 61, who's been crafting audio cables with the input of DH Labs' Darren Hovespian since 2005, he solicited help from Los Angeles-based audio guru, Rod Quon, in designing the enhanced "e Series" cable.  It features a dual run of SC-5 and a single 28awg UPOCC conductor on the positive poles for improved treble and bass control, forming an 11-gauge design which is cryogenically treated (read more HERE), spiral twisted to reject RFI, and wrapped in Techflex. They have solderless, Nano Liquid enhanced connections at the cable connector joints for improved conductivity, and are outfitted with high-performance rhodium plated, Furutech FP-202 ® locking banana plugs with eutectic cast copper alloy Alpha pins (there is also an option to use the FP-201 spades instead).

The SC-5 ePlus start at $690 for a 4.0' pair with gold plated Furutech FP-201(G) spades. 

"Furutech's patented Alpha process demagnetizes and cryogenically treats the part, enhancing audio signal transmission, resulting in greater clarity and resolution, blacker backgrounds, and an improved sense of size, shape and scale within the soundstage," Fritz says.

The SC-5  ePlus Jumper Set for Bi-Wire Terminals are Audio Art's upgrade from the rigid, brass-based jumpers commonly included with speakers, mirroring design of the SC-5 ePlus speaker cables and providing a significant upgrade path for your system's performance, Fritz offers, adding that they are a more value-oriented solution than a double bi-wire speaker cable pair. 

SC-5 ePlus Jumpers start at $190 for a 6.0" set with gold plated Furutech FP-203(G) spades. They are also available with rhodium plated Furutech FP-203(R) spades, gold plated Furutech FP-200B(G) bananas, and rhodium plated Furutech FP-200B(R) bananas plugs.


After inserting banana plugs into the amplifier or speaker terminals, lock them in place by turning their knobs clockwise. If you use the SC-5 ePlus jumpers, which are directional, Fritz says, connect with the Audio Art Cables logo reading from the lower posts towards the upper ones.


Rendered in ALAC 44.1kHz/16-bit, the nuance, weight and warmth of Orbert Davis' masterful trumpet shines vividly on his upbeat rendition of "My Funny Valentine" in his 1994 debut, Unfinished Memories. The tone of Roger Harris' piano, the texture and slam of Ernie Adams' cymbals, snare and bass drum, and the rich, woody timbre of Marlene Rosenberg's bass are spotlighted with striking clarity and balance.

Anchored by the shimmery strains of the electric guitar, bass and rim slaps on the snare, the mix and the vocals of Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott, and Charles Kelley's are, at once, luscious and organic in Lady Antebellum's "What If I Never Get Over You" on the album Ocean. Streamed in 44.1kHz/16-bit, their November 2019 release, the emotions and high production value are conveyed in great resolution. The presentation is well articulated, perhaps a couple of ticks on the warm side of neutral. While very detailed, it is not fatiguing. Picture that sunny drive down PCH.  

Joao Gilberto's soft, furtive vocals and guitar, juxtaposed against Astrud Gilberto's sharper edged leads come alive in the Samba classic, "Girl from Ipanema." And of course, there's the breathy tenor sax of  Stan Getz, which shines in all of its textural glory. Rendered in DSD64, Getz/Gilberto cleans up well through the SC-5 ePluses. 

Lowering the tonearm of the Triangle Art Anubis' turntable, the mournful baritone of a youthful Harry Belafonte's simmers in "A Fool for You" of his landmark LP, Belafonte Sings the Blues. It's elegantly understated, as are the spare acoustic bass and muted trumpet. Playing on, in "Losing Hand," the kitsch twanging and jagged guitar comps and dark sax leads round out a classic vinyl presentation via the SC-5 ePlus. 


The Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Cryo Treated speaker cables deliver a very transparent, neutral, uncolored and non-fatiguing presentation of whatever is served up. Employed with good electronics, speakers, and source material, it provides a rich and detailed experience for the listener. Teamed up with reference level equipment and media, at once, it paints a vivid, robust and sensitive aural masterpiece. 

And although traditionally, I have used a bi-wiring configuration with my speakers, I found that with the SC-5 ePlus Jumpers in play, I didn't miss the double runs of cabling which can be costly; one run is perfect. 

Summed up, the Audio Art SC-5 ePlus Speaker Cables and jumpers enhance the audio experience, delighting and warming one's senses as the music plays on. And on a cold, wintry days like today, that's a good thing; it just might mirror the sensory pleasures of that sunny, open aired drive down the coast on Pacific Coast Highway.

The SC-5 ePlus cables do movie audio well, too!

SC-5 ePlus Speaker Cables

Retail: $690 per four foot pair

SC-5 ePlus Jumpers

Retail: $190 per 6" set

Audio Art Cable