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Audiophiles as Artists - Chris Morris

09-01-2021 | By Editors at Positive Feedback | Issue 117

Originally published in Issue 104. Twenty questions with an audiophile who is also an artist. For this Audiophiles as Artists, we feature Chris Morris.

What's your background?

I grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado. No town or major population to speak of, lots of time to myself and explore the world around me. It was a very typical small community, rural type of childhood. But I ended up traveling around the country a bit with my mother for her work when I was younger so I got exposed to more than just my little isolated country world. This made an interesting mix on how I ended up viewing the world. I went to CU Denver for multimedia arts, but ended up taking a photography course during my first year and just fell in love with the darkroom. I would spend countless hours make print after print after print. This was the beginning of a life long love of photography and film. It is something I think about everyday. Over the years I have been in a few galleries, been published once or twice, worked for a newspaper, and during my travels in the HiFi industry, done quite a bit of street photography.  Read more...