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A Special Offer from NativeDSD.com for the Readers of Positive Feedback!

The Positive Feedback 100th Issue Milestone calls for a Musical Celebration in DSD!

100th PF Issue
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First of all, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to our friend David W. Robinson of Positive Feedback, what an achievement—one hundred issues! David has been a NativeDSD supporter ever since we uploaded the very first DSD Album back in 2013. We are grateful and feel like celebrating!

Secondly, we want to give all you another reason to be happy that you are reading this Issue No. 100 by offering a 20% Discount on 100 DSD Albums for 100 Hours! These 100 Albums are the Best-Seller of each Label and More.

This offer will begin with publication on the morning of November 1, with the launch of Issue 100. It will run until midnight Pacific Time on November 4...so go for it now!

You'll find our 100 DSD downloads for this special offer here:


When you check out, use the discount coupon code: PFat100

For those of you who would like to try DSD or explore different Artists, DSD Rates and Labels, you can download our Free Welcome to NativeDSD Sampler Album here:


Cheers, David! Here’s to the next 100 issues!

Jared, Jonas and Floor

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