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ENYA Dark Sky Island

03-01-2016 | By Wojciech Pacuła | Issue 84

Enya (2)

Label: Aigle Music | Universal Music UK/Warner Music Japan WPCR-17045

Released: Nov. 20th 2015

Format: Mini LP CD

Dark Sky Island is the 8th studio album by Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, known rather as Enya. Her career started in  1980. She, together with her family, became a member of the band called Clannad. She became really famous after she started her solo career in 1986, when BBC broadcast a TV series called The Celts with music written by her. The album with the soundtrack was initially released under the title Enya (1987), and in 1992 it was re-issued with different cover and title - The Celts. Her best selling album The Watermark with a great hit Orinoco Flow was released in1988. Throughout her carrier she sold more than 80 million records.

She started to work on material for a new album called Dark Sky Island already in 2012. The album's title was inspired by the designation of the island of Sark as the world's first "dark sky island" and a series of poetry books on islands from Roma Ryan  The album's title track was the first song to be written for the album and the Echoes In Rain was the last one.

Enya recorded Dark Sky Island with her long-time lyrics Roma Ryan and producer Nicky Ryan. Enya did all vocals and played all instruments except for double bass on Even in the Shadows. The album was released as standard version but also as "Deluxe" with additional tracks and also on vinyl. It is the first Enya's album released on vinyl since the 1992 re-issue of The Celts. We are reviewing the CD Delux version released by  Warner Music Japan.


Those who know previous Enya albums will feel very familiar with this one too. Vocalist has created her own style years ago and it's been unmistakable ever since. Leonard Cohen created similarly unmistakable style in men's word. Dark Sky Island is surely more coherent set of tracks that are also more interesting compositions. Among them there are also some hits that are often played on radio.

Enya (1)

Sound wise this album reminded me of her debut album Enya. The first release prepared by Nimbus Records was a perfect example of how warmth and selectivity of the sound might be nicely combined. The new album offers similar sound. The soundstage is rendered close to the listener although the vocalist herself is presented sometimes in a very close, palpable way and sometimes deeper in the mix. Sound is rather warm and round. There is not that much depth to the soundstage, but the width is quit impressive. It is the best album Enya released for years and with best sound quality too. It is surely worth having.



Sound quality: 7-8/10

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