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The Higher End: Welcome to the New Look of Positive Feedback!

06-30-2015 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 80


At last! And welcome! The NEW-LOOK Positive Feedback Web site will be going live on July 1, 2015, with the launch of Issue 80.

You'll see that we've spent an enormous lot of time, effort, and money to take PF to a state-of-the-art new publication system. The results speak for themselves, as you'll see:  A clean, modern, very powerful new magazine, with impressive new capabilities for us to increase our ability to review, respond, and remark on the growing world of fine audio.

Publishing in our time is making a steady sea change from the technology of paper and ink, static layout, inventory and shipping, to the dynamic and highly responsive world of Web-based journals. Many publications have already made the jump that Dave Clark and I decided to make with Positive Feedback back in 2002; others are, or will be, following. When we did that, rather straightforward HTML publishing was the rule. But now there are much more powerful ways to handle text, integrating formatting, graphics, audio, and video into a new art form. This also includes database functions within our publishing system, allowing us to more easily allow readers to search our content, get to know our writers, and interact with our editors/writers and one another.

You're going to see a whole new way of doing things there. Our home page is more active, with a great deal of content and links available right there. Our Table of Contents have a new and stylish way of presenting our work. The archives pages are being slowly converted to the new archive format as time goes by...you'll see that happening over the next few months. There is a new, moderated commenting feature that will allow readers to interact with our writers and editors. (Note that this is a moderated capability, however; please leave your weapons at home, or you'll be hitting the bit bucket!) Naturally, we will be continuing our "Reverberations" section with more traditional letters to the editors/writers, as well. You'll be able to read a writer's or editor's review, while also having a list of recent articles by this person on the right side of the page. Clicking on the writer's name in an article will automatically bring up his or her system listening and room description, together with any photographs associated with it. Ads are more cleanly presented to our readers for their information. And so on.

Our affiliate publications...HiFi Statement in Germany, High Fidelity in Poland, and OccupyHiFi (replacing Audio360) will continue in their new sections, though with some new ways of access. This will help you to stay in touch with global audio developments and the world of personal-fi/headphonia.

Our URL remains the same:  http://www.positive-feedback.com. You'll see the transition to the new site just as soon as site migration is completed. Remember to refresh your browser to be sure that you load the new look!

It's been 26 years since Positive Feedback was born, and 13 years since we jumped to full-time online publication. Now we go on to the next level. The true "Golden Age of Audio" is HERE and NOW...not back then somewhere. We're on the edge, bringing the best of audio things, both old and new. Our "creative community for the audio arts" is stronger than ever, and is moving ahead, on our scouting mission for ourselves, and for you, our readers and fellow audio community members.

We welcome you aboard the new Enterprise! Join us as we boldly journey on to the audio horizon....


Dr. David W. Robinson


Positive Feedback

[First cartoon by David W. Robinson; second cartoon by Bruce Walker]