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Latin Jazz Listening Party

07-24-2020 | By Victor Chavira | Issue 110

If you have the good fortune to have a smart TV connected to your stereo and are a fan of the genre, then I encourage you to participate in this Latin Jazz listening party. These are not cell phone audience recordings, but professional productions with good sound. Grab a favorite beverage, a dance partner hopefully, and enjoy!

"Picadillo" a thirteen-minute jam session with the indefatigable Eddie Palmieri from 2017. Shout out to Louis Fouche's wicked bass solo!

"Oye Mi Rumba" another locked-in descarga with Poncho Sanchez and company from 2012.

Los Hacheros from New York sparking a fire at NPR Tiny Desk.

And finally, a one hour in studio performance by the 2015 version of Buena Vista Social Club from Argentina. You can forward through the interview portions.

I hope this curated list gives you some respite from living in quarantine. Stay safe my friends. Happy listening.