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From an Editor's Notebook:  A Trip to Montreal and Kronos Audio, a Photo Essay

08-05-2022 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 122

E-in-C Robinson photographing at the Kronos factory, Montreal, 2022 (photograph by Bill Parish; image processing by Robinson)

If you've been following my comments since last February, you're well aware of the fact that I have been repeatedly stating my extremely pleased astonishment at Louis Desjardins' Discovery Turntable System. So have others in our creative community. If you missed the earlier ruckus amongst the PF Gang about the Discovery, you can find it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Not to mention HERE.

All of that established the baseline of my response to this sui generis breakthrough in reference turntable design. But since my (our) notes above, I hadn't heard the combination of the Discovery Turntable System with the final piece:  Louis' Discovery RS (Resonance Suppression) tonearm. I heard from Bill Parish and Greg Weaver that it was an astounding final piece to the design. To hear this final combination, I would have to travel to a site that featured the complete package. What to do?

Then, just over a month ago (tempus fugit!), I went to Montreal in response to an invitation from Louis Desjardins of Kronos Audio and Bill Parish of GTT Audio to do exactly that. While I was still tired from my monumental trip to Israel just a few weeks before, there was no way that I would turn down such an opportunity! Furthermore, I would be able to tour the Kronos facility, and also the CNC shop that produces the exceptionally fine components required by Louis' advanced design work.

So, on to Montreal!

"Portal. Near Montreal, Canada, 2022" (photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

What follows is a light photo essay of my experiences there with Louis and Bill, spending three days listening to music, and seeing the production facilities at Kronos….


Study No. 1. Montreal, Canada, 2022 (photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson)

Montreal is a lovely city. I was taken by the combination of beauty and an urban life that seemed somehow less frenetic that you might experience in the USA. I didn't get to see as much of it as I would have liked, but that's generally the way things go. Not enough time.

Louis met me at the airport late that first evening, and then dropped me over at my room for the night. Things would get busy beginning the next day.

A visit to Kronos

Entry way to the Kronos facility, housed therein…

After breakfast, Louis, Bill, and I went over to the Kronos facility. This was the first time that I'd been there, and I was extremely curious to see the digs whence so much audio brilliance had issued.

Kronos Audio

Louis Desjardins, holding various parts of his "Resonance Suppression" Tonearm.

The facility was three or so thousand square feet of parts and pieces for the Kronos line. There were a lot of Discovery parts and pieces in evidence. Several employees were present, working on various aspects of what is obviously a very complex design and manufacturing process.

Kronos Audio

Stacked stand components waiting for assembly.

Kronos Audio

A partially-assembled Kronos Discovery platter spinning (nearly) endlessly to demonstrate the quality of the suspension and bearing.

Kronos rack assembly components:  another view. No inventory problems here!

Ye Olde Editor discussing the Discovery assembly process with Louis Dejardins at the Kronos facility (photograph and image processing by Bill Parish)

Bill Parish holding one of the latest generation of transformers used by Kronos. Heavy metal!

I held on of these transformers as well. Bloody heavy! Bill and I chuckled over the sheer weight of these beasties, a very promising sign of great sound to come.

"We've spared no expense!" – John Hammond, Jurassic Park

Louis Desjardins with the new Kronos Discovery RS Tonearm…a proud papa!

Louis showing his Discovery RS Tonearm to Ye Olde Editor...

Louis with the massive platter from the Discovery Turntable itself

Louis Desjardins going over the patent paperwork for the Discovery RS Tonearm

Speaking of those massive transformers, here's one in place in a component in the Kronos system…hefty construction

Louis Desjardins holding a component from his Discovery Turntable stand…again, very weighty….

The Kronos Discovery RS Tonearm resting on a Discovery turntable in the midst of assembly

Père Louis with a partially-assembled Kronos Discovery Turntable

One of those little things that you didn't know about Louis…yes, a passion for motorcycles, too.

Louis Desjardins during a conversation that we had about the Discovery Turntable System

Photos from the CNC facility that produces the components needed for the Kronos product line. No comments needed...

But then…the listening!

Louis Desjardins:  a portrait with his playback system in his listening room.

Louis is definitely a lover of music and a seeker of the ultimate in the audio arts. Turntables are his particular passion, as you can see…

The fully Monty of Louis' system electronics…

Closer and closer to the Discovery Turntable…

Here you are, in the very presence of turntable majesty. The new Discovery RS tonearm is in prominent display.

…and there it is, in ink outline! (photograph and image processing by Ye Olde Editor)

The signs of a very serious listening session are clearly in evidence. Louis, Bill, and I make for one powerful group of audiomaniacs !

Louis "Legs" Desjardins, taking it easy and taking the music in…

And so, what do you do with a sui generis reference turntable system and state-of-the-art electronics, with the Wilson loudspeakers sounding better tethered herein than I've ever heard them?

You listen!


Which we did. LP followed LP, with each album that I knew sounding better than I had ever heard before. Not to mention the LPs from Louis' collection that I was not familiar with. (Naturally, this ended up costing me more money, as there were some albums that, upon hearing, I just had to own. Out came the iPhone…another purchase made! And another. And another.)

Louis Desjardins and Bill Parish during one of our ne plus ultra coffee-plus-cigar conversations outside on Louis' beautiful deck. The music was pretty intense with the Discovery system; from time to time we had to take a break.

Memories are made of moments like these. Great friends enjoying great music on a brilliant high-end audio system, and then taking breaks to talk music, audio, and whatever.

And if you don't have any idea of what I'm talking about, then brother…you've never lived.

Louis and Ye Olde Editor going at it with their smartphones…

(And another album purchased…and another...)

Louis Desjardins:  a moment in time


Something else you didn't know about Louis…

Before I finally packed things up and headed back to River City, I spent some time in downtown Montreal with Louis and Bill going to a special cigar place. Named "The Haüs of Stogies Cigar Lounge," it provided very a good cigar and drinks menu, and an upper floor outdoor balcony area for doing it all right.

We were served by a memorable woman named Lilli, irresistibly interesting in an Amy Winehouse sort of way, who allowed me to photograph her. A very pleasant capstone artistically, even in the low light…

Lilli. Montreal, Canada, 2022 (photograph and ink outline image processing by Ye Olde Editor)

As the closing emblem of blessing and evidence of a first-rate trip and audio experience, a final study of Montreal, done from Stogies that night…

Montreal at Night, 2022

In sum…

I went to Montreal to hear the complete Discovery system with the new Discovery RS tonearm. Having heard Discovery at Bill's place last September, I simply had to hear Louis' final statement system.

The result? After three days of listening, I have to re-state what I've said before:  The Kronos Discovery Turntable system is the finest TT that I've heard to date.


If there's better out there, I've never heard it, or heard of it.

Given this result, I've decided to give Kronos and Louis Desjardins a special Audio Oasis! Award for the superlative musical experience that I had there in Montreal. Normally this is an audio-show-only award, but I'll make an exception in this case.

Brilliant! I need say no more….