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John Marks Welcomes You to The Tannhauser Gate...and I Welcome Him to PF!

06-24-2016 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 85


I have had a long acquaintance and friendship-at-a-distance with John Marks of John Marks Records, and, until recently, a contributor to Stereophile. Music lover, producer, writer, reviewer, audio designer, and a very cogent, trenchant thinker, John is a person that I have a very great deal of respect for.

I first encountered John around the time of the release of his superb recording, Glass Bead Game, back in the later '90s. I was so impressed that I put him on the cover of Positive Feedback, Vol. 8, No. 1, back in the halcyon days of PF in print. He submitted a "self-interview," which we published in that issue.

Since that time, John and I stayed in intermittent contact with one another, normally via his email lists...occasionally by direct emails, in which we would discuss various aspects of history, culture, and the Christian faith. While we did not always agree, we were always stimulated by our exchanges, and by the play of "iron sharpening iron" as we shared our views. This is, as C.S. Lewis noted, the "second kind" of best friendship, the sort typified by sharp interplay, some disagreement, and the fellowship of shared values, if not always of shared historical interpretations. For this sort of thing, I have treasured John, even at a distance.

John and I do share all of the important things, though:  Our common faith, our love for music and the audio arts, our passion for superior writing and clear thought, and our mutual eschewment of the McDonaldization of our culture, both American and global. We also are agreed that both darTZeel and Bricasti Design are exceptional examples of the audio arts!

The great news is that John has agreed to the cross-publishing of his writings from his new blog site, The Tannhauser Gate (http://thetannhausergate.com/), here at Positive Feedback. I believe that John's excellent work deserves a much wider audience in the world of fine audio, and I also think that our readers will benefit from his views, reviews, and meditations. Being the Chief of Police, I have the blessing of making it so!

I therefore welcome John Marks to the Positive Feedback community, and look forward to seeing his cross-published work here on a regular basis.

Dr. David W. Robinson


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[From the launch of TTG in February of 2016; HERE .]

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