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Impressions: The LA Audio Show 2017, My Portraits

07-26-2017 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 92

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback. (Photograph by John Robinson)

As time has gone by, I have become more and more interested in covering not only audio shows or events, but also the people there. And not as photojournalism, but as art.

Real portraits made during the difficulties of audio show circumstances.

Show reporting is commonplace.

Art is very rare.

My portraits are the result of applying my creative vision and artistic insights to the task of exploring both the mystery and revelation that every person represents. These are at the heart of the challenges of true art in photography…to see the hiddenness of each person, but also to recognize the moments of insight that shine forth like sunbeams stabbing through looming cloudbanks.

What Edward Weston called the "flame of recognition."

And, when hiddenness and revelation are evident, to act decisively with the tools of one's art.

It may look easy, but it is actually terribly difficult, requiring real mastery of an artistic medium. Photography is so intensely demanding precisely because you must act rapidly…like lightning…because the moment with portraits like these is so very fleeting. Recognition must lead to an instantaneous act…no hesitation, no fumbling about, no guesswork…because the moment is now.

But, if done well, the results are more important, more lasting, and more transformational, than the snapshootery of show articles.

My photographic portfolio from the LA Audio Show in 2017:

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

A portrait of Marine Presson

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

Wess and Marine Presson:  A portrait

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

Dave and Carol Clark:  a moment

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

Adam Goldfine and Alan Kafton

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

Michael Vamos:  a portrait

LA Audio Show 2017 Portraits

Olu Sonuga and Doug White

Dave Clark, a moment

Carol Clark:  a portrait

David MacPherson

Benno Meldgaard and Michael Vamos:  portrait in black and white

Fiona Joy by firelight

Michael Fremer, a study

Joel Durand and Hervé Deletraz:  a moment

Brian Moura:  a portrait

A portrait of Greg Beron

Rafe Arnot:  iPhone 6+ study

Sarah Grant, Carol Clark, and Marjorie Baumert:  a moment

Russ Stratton:  a portrait

A portrait of Roger Skoff

Dave Clark, Philip O'Hanlon, and Carol Clark:  a portrait

Robert Kelly:  a portrait

Wes Bender and Bill Parish:  a portrait

Dave Clark and Benno Meldgaard:  a moment

Danny Kaey:  iPhone 6+ portrait

David MacPherson:  a portrait

Jeremy and Tara Bryant:  a moment

A portrait of Bruce Jacobs

Holger Stein

Doug White:  a portrait

Ted Denney III:  a portrait

Carolyn and George Counnas

Lee Scoggins:  a portrait

Philip O'Hanlon:  a portrait

Jonathan Tinn and Hervé Deletraz:  a moment

Kevin Hayes:  a portrait

A portrait of Leif Swanson

A portrait of Cookie Marenco

Michael Fremer and Lee Scoggins:  a characteristic moment

Jonathan Tinn:  a moment

Kevin Malmgren:  a portrait

A portrait of Michael Fremer

Carol Clark:  a portrait

All images and processing by David W. Robinson, unless otherwise noted.