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Impressions: A Note from an Editor's Backside

04-13-2016 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 85

Things can pile up.

From time to time, especially when I get too busy, miscellaneous projects and notes accumulate. They don't warrant a major article, but they are items that I should mention to you. And this is a brief and very different sort of flash for you.


Ergo 21

As a writer and editor, and on behalf of my hindmost parts and my back, I want to thank Steve Gambhir, CEO of Ergo21, for a chance to do an extended try of Ergo 21's ergonomic seat and back cushions for Ye Olde Editor's office chair here in River City. Steve and I met each other at the LAOC Gala banquet last December. He was enthusiastically showing his product line of cushions for office chairs, and grabbed me to take a look at them.

They seemed different. They weren't simply foam blocks, or even the gel pads that I've seen before. Instead, Steve told me that their Ergo21 cushions used "low viscosity liquid" in special cells to provide maximum comfort and improved circulation in the legs and lower back. He claimed that I would notice the difference immediately. They weren't big, and they weren't bulky…good things. They're made in the USA…another good thing. A quick on-the-spot try did seem to indicate that these cushions would be worth trying, and so I took a set back with me to Portland for an extended try.


I have to admit that I spend a lot of time in the cockpit here in my office in River City. My writing and editing for PF, as well as my university work, and my photographic work, means that I spend a number of hours per day firmly ensconced here. My office chair is becoming venerable, like its occupant, and isn't quite as comfortable as it was years ago. Sitting in it for long stretches was causing some pain, and my legs were starting to go to sleep. Not good for editorial creatures such as me!

So I put the Ergo21 chair and lumbar cushions into place on the editorial throne, and gave them an extended try. No snap judgments here…I'd see how the Ergo21's would hold up over time.

The results are in. Over the past four months I've really noticed the difference that the Ergo21 chair and lumbar cushions have made a marked difference in my comfort here as I work. I'm able to work longer without having to stretch all of the time, and I can feel my legs when I stand up. Hallelujah! Writing and editing have definitely been improved by the increase in support that I've experienced.

Yes, I know:  This isn't audio per se.

But here I am, sitting happily in my old office chair, that now feels better than new. I am blissfully listening to an SACD of Chopin:  The Nocturnes 2 via the Oppo BDP-103 Darbee Edition with OpBox PLINK optical adapter to the Playback Designs IPS-3 Integrated with Quad DSD DAC via Skogrand Beethoven speaker cables to the Evolution Audio MMMicro One loudspeakers. No complaints from the ears; no complaints from the rear. 

I can tell you that if you're doing a lot of desktop listening, as I do while I work, or if you're into personal fi/headphone listening in your office, as I am, then the Ergo21 cushions are a wonderful, cost-effective way to extend the joy. They're first in bringing up the rear!

We can debate as to whether this is an audio accessory later....

Highly recommend by Ye Olde Editor's hindmost parts. Don't be an ass! Take both hands, find your backside, and do yourself a big favor.

I have.

Price:  Check the manufacturer's Web site for the latest pricing and specials

Shakti, Inc. – Ergo 21

4 Park Newport

Newport Beach, CA  92660


[email protected]


[All photographs courtesy of Ergo21.]